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  1. How often do you check your hooks?

    I never used to pay much attention to my hooks / rigs and would use them every session until I needed one with a different hook or hair size. When I first joined on here I learnt how important it was to check them and I've been checking them on every cast since. I still use them for multiple sessions if I think it feels sharp enough though.
  2. Fishing for river carp

    I blanked, fished from low tide till the high tide flooded my swim.. It got a bit hairy when it started creeping behind me in the reeds so called it a night and packed up, on the way back I had water go in over my wellies so had cold wet feet on the way to the car lol. I'll try high to low tide next time Was a good experience though, its quite the sight seeing logs get pushed up the river when it should be flowing down lol.
  3. Not really just autumn but the next few months in general is it stays dark for so long, pretty much always wet/damp and its usually cold lol. Gonna have to get myself some proper clothing for the next few months
  4. Fishing for river carp

    I loaded all the fishing gear up this morning, 2kg of boilies rolled and a bucket of vitalin, pigeon conditioner and corn ready. Hopefully get down there about 1pm. Low tide at 2pm and high tide at 8pm. Hopefully stay there till about 10ish..unless it gets too cold lol
  5. Head torch

    Cheers lads I'm going past Sainsbury's on the way home from work so I'll see what they have in there. If they don't have anything I'll order the energized one
  6. Head torch

    I was looking at spending around £10-15 on one mate so thought the esp one might of been a good choice and could earn a few points on angling direct lol. I've just had a quick look at the petzl ones and I think they might be a bit out of my price range, but I'll keep looking I might find a cheaper one. If I remember rightly you said I would want one with a red LED light setting?
  7. What head torch should I get? I've been using a cheap one that's too bright imho. Would one of these do? https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/esp-stash-light Has a red LED and a few settings for the white LED. Any thoughts?
  8. Coated or Uncoated Hooklength ?

    Cheers mate I'll steam the whole rig this time, do you do it on every cast or will just the once be ok? I usually use an inline or heli setup for most of my fishing, I'm too tight to use leadclips because of how many leads I loose lol
  9. Thought for the day.

    Hope so mate I finish work early Friday so going for a 48 hour session! We didn't bother going last weekend because of the weather they said we was gonna have, which in the end didn't come to anything so just gonna go for it this weekend lol
  10. Coated or Uncoated Hooklength ?

    I've been steaming the tubing around my hooks for years but never thought about steaming the hooklink while its pulled tight..if its been steamed, will it reduce tangles when casting? I've noticed I've had the odd tangle when giving it a big chuck with a heli setup, another vote for esp tungsten though, been using it in 20lb soft, lovely stuff. But like you say it isn't the cheapest so I don't like wasting much of it lol
  11. Fishing for river carp

    Yeah mate I took the rubbish with me and went back today and from what I can see no one has been there since. Well there wasn't any rubbish anyway. You'd have thought people would take extra care with rubbish etc so it doesn't look like you've been there lol. I had a bag of layers mash that's just gone past it's best before date so I balled it all up and chucked it in, hopefully they'll have it. Gonna give it a go a few nights this week after work I've been chucking some boilies in the mix so the small fish don't nail it right away mate. But yeah like you say atleast they've put some bait in the swim lol
  12. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    There's a trout reservoir that has some old carp in apparently, but being a trout venue, fishing for the carp isn't allowed. I've been so tempted to sneak on there in the night and try fishing for them lol.
  13. Fishing for river carp

    I done what you said mate, but I've been baiting up every 2 sometimes 3 days and haven't fished it yet. Because of the foam/bubbles or whatever it is you struggle to see the bottom, but I've kept the bait going in. Anyway, went down there after work to put some more out and when I got to my swim I've noticed someone's been there fishing!! There were empty packs of sticky baits boilies and halibut pellets. I've kind of lost my confidence wanting to fish it now lol
  14. Fishing for river carp

    I've had to find a new swim, the one I was fishing was on a pretty high steep bank and when it rains it gets a bit ropey. I slipped, took out the rods and nearly ended up in the river last time, so I don't fancy fishing there again lol. I've spent the last 2 days searching the stretch for a new spot and I must say its been difficult, the banks are that high in most places it'll be pretty much impossible netting a fish. But anyway, I've found a spot about 3ft above water level with access getting down to the water if needed, and a little bit down stream on the far bank is a water outlet where water gets pumped into the river from a water treatment place, and from my doing a bit of searching online I've found some photos of carp that's been caught there (you can see the outlet in the background) so I'm planning on giving it a go down there this weekend. I haven't prebaited it at all, but hopefully get down Friday evening and put some bait in, maybe fish a few hours, then go back Saturday put some more bait in and fish for the day and maybe the same for Sunday. Not sure how much bait I should be putting out but friday I'll put about 5kg of boilies, maize, pigeon conditioner and vitalin in, then I'll put out about half that on Saturday and Sunday
  15. What is your newest purchase

    20kg bucktons pigeon conditioner 1kg wheat germ Pack of atomic gunsmoke sabre hooks size 10. If you look on angling direct the size 10s have been reduced to £2.50