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  1. jh92

    December catch reports.

    Had this one within 10 minutes of walking the canal bank lol. No idea how heavy it is but it did put up a good fight in light gear lol. Anyone tried using them bait caster reels? Absolute pain in the ass 😂😂
  2. jh92

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    What a beauty mate, bet you had loads of joy from him. She has a lazy eye mate and yeah she was licking her lips, probably sizing up one of the ducks 😂😂😂
  3. jh92

    Forks over knives

    I eat chicken, pork and beef pretty much on a daily basis, i would say there hasn't been a day gone by in the last few years where I haven't had atleast 2 of them meats everyday lol. I've tried eating less meat but temptation gets the better of me all the time 😂 I do try to get my meats free range from local businesses to support them, one of the perks of living in the sw is all the farm shops lol. If you're into these sort of programmes there was one on nextflix called cowspiracy 👍
  4. jh92

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    It's horrible when they leave us mate our last dog left us last year, still think about her everyday.. Not sure if it's an age thing but she's been a little **** on the bank this afternoon, barking at the twitchers when they get close to us 😂😂 Getting a bit bored of this water now, it's too small for me tbh, hopefully get on the canal or river next session 👍
  5. jh92

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Had the afternoon off work so doing a few hours with the pooch. Rods have been out for about 40 minutes and just had a knock so hopefully catch something by the end lol
  6. jh92


    After watching his programmes in the week me and my mate would be buzzing to go fishing on the weekend, begging our parents for lifts or cycling to the river 😂😂 Such a shame, rip mate
  7. jh92

    What is your newest purchase

    Hi mate it's still in the box atm, hopefully get it set up soon, haven't had much time for fishing recently. It doesn't come with a wrap, not sure if you can even get one for it? It does come with a zip on front though 👍
  8. jh92

    Rod Shots

    I'm guilty of this too, I do it so if the rod was to slide forward the but ring would catch on the alarm.
  9. I've done well using ondex spinners, like chillfactor says, I don't like using full trebles either, I always find they get themselves hooked deep, so I'll cut 2 of the trebles off or switch it to a size 2 or 4 hook. I'll use a wire trace just incase I hook into a pike but a lot of people don't bother and reckon perch are less likely to go for a lure attached to a wire trace. I'm not sure how true that is but I thought I'd share lol.
  10. That's a lot cheaper mate thanks.
  11. I've had 3 delkim eV plus bite alarms for years and never had any problems with them, but with winter coming and wanting to do nights with the door down it's gonna be best to use a receiver. What's the cheapest way to use a receiver with the delkim eV plus bite alarms? The only way I see is with using tx micro transmitters and rx plus Pro mini receiver which works out quite expensive.. Is there a cheaper option? Also, what are your thoughts on the tfg ignite mag runner set with receiver? Seems like a bargain for the price lol
  12. jh92

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Woke up this morning dying from man flu...debating whether I should still go fishing or not lol
  13. jh92

    Bad fishing days....

    I've had a bad experience with a barrow too 😂 we was fishing a reservoir with a wet and muddy path a few years back, on the way to the other side I was pushing my barrow and slipped off the track and the barrow went off flying ending up rolling down the bank with everything falling off. Broke 2 out of 3 rods that day and was probably the most expensive fishing session I've had 😂😂 But my luck returned, I used my mates 5lb tc spod rod as a normal rod and landed a 29lb 2oz mirror 👍👍
  14. jh92

    What is your newest purchase

    Have you had any problems with it yet mate? Not sure how the sizes work but mines a 60" so hoping my 212cm x 90cm bedchair fits under it okay 😂 like you say the spokes come in handy for bits, always used to hang my rigs off of them 👍 Good luck with your jack Russell mate, mine was wild all the way up to the day she left me. Got to admit we've only been doing short sessions at the moment and after everything is set up, it's basically playing and training for the rest of the day 😂😂 she seen her first fish a while back and was expecting her to go nuts, but turned round to see what she's doing and she had bitten through the long lead and had her head in my food bag munching everything 😂😂😂 they are great company if you fish alone all the time though 👍👍
  15. For a while I struggled with bait and confidence using it, a while back I switched to sticky krill and it's really playing in my favour with short sessions. I've bought the pure krill liquid too and what I do is put a few boilies in a bag and a splash of liquid, coat the boilies in it and then add some ground up boilie so it sticks to the outside of the boilies. Not sure if adding it to the boilies is making any difference but it's catching me fish on some of the harder waters I fish on so will keep on doing it lol.