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  1. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    Thought I'd give you an update on this, we've done about 5 successful sessions so far, it's been an absolute pleasure. No problems at all really, she will sit and watch the birds on the lake without giving chase or barking at them, she loves meeting other anglers and always gives them a nice greeting when they come into the swim. Once the rods are out we do a lot of training on the bank followed by a some play time (no swimming or being noisy) she's a bit jumpy around catapults and still hasn't seen a fish on the bank yet, so will have to see how it goes lol. All together though, taking her fishing is the best thing I've ever done, it's completely changed her behaviour. She used to have a few bad habits at home (nipping/biting, thought she was boss basically lol) but after a fishing session she is that wiped out she gets in the door, has some food and heads straight for the bed without being a little [censored] lol.
  2. Yeah mate I'll start off with a few and add another 1 or 2 to each boil and see how it gets on. I see on argos they have a double deep fat fryer for £40, I'll try the hob first and if it isn't up to the job I'll get a deep fryer. I've switched from a coleman to a t4 too, I love using it and not having to worry about fuel getting on everything. I think it's still got some fuel left in it so might use it for some particles. Not sure if it's any use to you mate but they have 10 of them canisters for £10 in go outdoors.
  3. I'll pick one up next week and let you know how it goes. I've only got small pots so won't be able to do too much lol, will it be alright for boilies if I don't put too many in? Me and my old neighbour used to cook up particle on our colemans all the time, great stoves!!
  4. I've been looking at these induction cookers for my shed and was wondering if they'd be man enough to cook particles and boilies with? This is the one I'm thinking about getting https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/kitchen-products/appliances/hobs/tillreda-portable-induction-hob-white-art-40331630/ Any thoughts?
  5. jh92

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Been doing a few short sessions after work this week and baiting the swim up before I go. Decided to do the night tonight so loaded the car and off I went, turned up and the lake is rammed... gutted!
  6. jh92

    Rod Shots

    Rod shots or dog shots? lol
  7. jh92

    Which Boilie?

    Because I don't know if I should try a new bait or start rolling my own so I'm working my way through these while I decide. It's taking longer than I like to get through it but at the same time I don't want to waste it lol. My local say they will try and price match anything you want but sometimes they can't without putting them out of pocket, I don't mind paying a few quid extra because they offer some sound advice when you're in there. I usually crush them up and use it in a solid bag set up and it's taking a long time to get through them. Yeah I got done, it was a 3 for 2 offer that I think I paid £50 all together. I'm more swaying towards rolling my own than trying another bait, I've started to lose interest a bit so it might give me a nudge back into it. It's just deciding on what basemix recipe to use or if I should buy a ready mix one lol £7-8 a kilo is a bit too much for me mate, thanks though!
  8. jh92

    Which Boilie?

    I've struggled sticking with one bait for a good few years now. I've used urban baits, sticky, mainline and nash which I switch between every few session. Once my bait has ran out and needs replacing I'll usually buy one that's on offer that week, could be sticky, mainline etc. At the moment I'm using nash instant action pineapple crush, I have no confidence in the bait at all but I bought 15kg of it so need to finish it lol. Once I've used it I'm seriously thinking about rolling my own, got all the kit for rolling just not the ingredients. I do enjoy going to my local tackle shop for a chat and a browse etc but sometimes I do ask myself why I do it.. if I buy online I get what I want at a cheaper price and I don't have to pay for fuel (travelling to tackle shop and back) lol, as for pubs, stopped going when started charging £4.40 for a pint of cider 😂
  9. jh92

    48hrs Carp Fishing

    I've found food for fishing is quite hard to organise, usually end up taking loads then bringing half of it back lol. What I'll usually take now is a sauce pan, kettle, cup, spoon/knife/fork and cooker. Breakfast is 2 x sachets of instant oats, honey flavour. Don't bother with milk, just bang it in a cup, add boiling water and cover it for 5 minutes. Job done lol. Lunch is a large pot noodle Dinner is a pack of uncle bens rice and a tin of chicken curry, granted it's not the best but it's easy to make and it tastes ok lol. In between meals I drink lots of tea and eat biscuits. So add a few packs of biscuits to the list lol. As for milk I usually take UHT milk, not bad if added to tea or something. I'll take 20 litres of water (2 x 10 litre drums of water) but leave one in the car. coffee and tea bags in little pots, don't bother with sugar because i'm sweet enough. I've tried taking stuff for proper meals but imho it's just a pain in the backside really, so prefer to take easier stuff to make.
  10. jh92

    Particle time

    I love the aniseed smell from bucktons pigeon conditioner lol
  11. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    Yeah mate, this weather is a bit of a killer though, hopefully it cool down a little bit soon and i'll be able to get back on the bank with her. To be fair though, it's gave me time to take her for walks around different lakes and look at some swims for us
  12. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    Had the day off so took the dog fishing for the first time... nightmare lol. When we arrived at the lake I got the barrow loaded, hooked the dogs lead on the side and off we went. We had to cross a bridge which she cant walk across because the bottom is like a grid and her feet would fall in between so I sat her on top the barrow, wheeled across and got to our swim. It was going well until I pegged her lead down while I tried to set up, she didn't like being tethered and not being able to get to me, I had to get her to sit, give her a treat, set the rod up, another treat, cast out, treat, set the alarm, treat, and repeat for the second rod. Anyway I got there in the end and finally sat down, the dog had other ideas, as soon as I sat down, she jumped off the chair and started chewing the bark, didn't think that one through. She got bored after an hour so jumped back up on her chair and chilled for most of the day, but she had her moments where she got back down and chewed the bark again. I went to get it away from her and she managed to slip out of her harness...twice. Called it a day after at 5pm, packed up and made my way back. When I got to the bridge I put her on top the barrow to cross it and she thought it would be a good idea to try and get off, she slipped down the side and got her leg caught on the bungee strap, luckily she wasn't hurt. Got across in the end, got to the car and went home. Few lessons from today I've learned is Take solid bags already made and attached to a leader Take lots of chews so she's interested in them instead of stuff on the ground Choose swims easier to get to Don't go in swims that have bark in. Get a smaller harness A fish would of been nice but at least it can't get any worse lol.
  13. jh92

    Too much tackle?

    I'm gonna ask if I can have a look at them in my local tackle shop, they look nice and compact but they're in the packaging still so it's hard to judge the size of the compartments in it by pictures. I've managed to scale everything down except my carp care stuff and my tackle box/bags, these bits are a nightmare for me, I love using my carp cradle because it keeps the fish nice and safe, just it's so bulky and takes up a lot of room. But I can live with that for now lol. Tackle stuff is the worse for me, I've got a tackle box with all my bits in, then a bag for PVA bags, mesh etc. Also keep a few other bits in here. Then a rig wallet for my rigs and a pouch for my leads. You're right you do get yourself in a right pickle with it all with you on the bank, I'm thinking about ditching the box removing stuff I don't use and moving all the little bits into the smaller boxes except the hooks, I'll keep the hooks in the packets and store it all in the bag the PVA stuff is kept in. So I'll be left with the bag, rig wallet and lead pouch. I also had to cut down the pva tubes to fit them into my bag lol. Curious though, what do you store your leaders/leadcore in?
  14. jh92

    Too much tackle?

    Does anyone else find they take too much tackle to the bank? Used to take all my leads (probably a kilo or 2 of lead lol) but now I take 2-3 leads depending on how many rods with 2 spares, in reality the chances of me snapping off twice in one session are slim lol. Tackle box is a nightmare though, I take a fox tacklebox full of bits; all packs of hooks, beads, rings, plastic baits/foam, spools of braid, fluro, mouthtrap etc, basically everything to do with terminal tackle gets put in the box and taken to the bank even though I have a rig wallet full of different rigs, I still bring it all lol. I've found once I've setup, I hardly go into it so why take it all in the first place? lol. Seriously thinking of buying a korda tackle safe and rig safe and just taking the bare minimum..
  15. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    Yeah mate she's getting a lot better though, decided instead of doing a few short sessions to start with, we're going for a 48 hour instead. On a res near me it's dog friendly that has a basic lodge a swim that you can rent for an extra £5 a night, so going to get that for 2 nights. Reckon she will love it. She uses a crate at home so I'll bring one with (got a collapsible one) for if she doesn't settle well at night, she knows the crate is her safe place lol.