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  1. Fishing for river carp

    I've had to find a new swim, the one I was fishing was on a pretty high steep bank and when it rains it gets a bit ropey. I slipped, took out the rods and nearly ended up in the river last time, so I don't fancy fishing there again lol. I've spent the last 2 days searching the stretch for a new spot and I must say its been difficult, the banks are that high in most places it'll be pretty much impossible netting a fish. But anyway, I've found a spot about 3ft above water level with access getting down to the water if needed, and a little bit down stream on the far bank is a water outlet where water gets pumped into the river from a water treatment place, and from my doing a bit of searching online I've found some photos of carp that's been caught there (you can see the outlet in the background) so I'm planning on giving it a go down there this weekend. I haven't prebaited it at all, but hopefully get down Friday evening and put some bait in, maybe fish a few hours, then go back Saturday put some more bait in and fish for the day and maybe the same for Sunday. Not sure how much bait I should be putting out but friday I'll put about 5kg of boilies, maize, pigeon conditioner and vitalin in, then I'll put out about half that on Saturday and Sunday
  2. What is your newest purchase

    20kg bucktons pigeon conditioner 1kg wheat germ Pack of atomic gunsmoke sabre hooks size 10. If you look on angling direct the size 10s have been reduced to £2.50
  3. Thought for the day.

    Sorry bud I didn't see your post before leaving this morning. I've been told there's decent size chub and barbel on the stretch but haven't had any luck hooking a bigger one yet. I float fished over maggots and had small 6 small chub all under 8oz I would say, a gudgeon and a few minnows. I'm gonna pop back tomorrow and try fishing the bottom with small bags of pellet and meat to see if I can hook something bigger
  4. Thought for the day.

    With the rain forecasted today, I'm wondering if its a good idea going to the river float fishing for a few hours. We've had some rain over the last 24 hours so the water will be flowing faster and will be more coloured. Worth a go?
  5. I've been using Korda hooks for the last few years but recently I've upped the size to 6s and 4s. They were really sharp when I took them out the pack, but after I caught a fish I noticed the hook point had lost its edge, I wouldn't say it was blunt, but it wasn't as sharp as it first was. I had to make new rigs because I didn't feel confident using the same hook again and it feels like a waste of braid having to make a new rig after each run/take. What file should I get for this? Or should I use different hooks?
  6. How to fish this water

    Learn something new everyday mate. I know a laser pen is stronger than head torches, but do bright head torches have he same effect? I was speaking to my dad about these drones and using them for fishing, don't you have to take a course or have lessons before you can use a drone now? I do like the idea of them though mate I'm not sure mate but boilies spread over a large area worked well for me too. I'm going to stick with this approach and try it on a few lakes Back to the problem with back leads, if I'm fishing at 40+ yards, will my mainline start to lie flat across the lake bed? I'm using daiwa sensor, or would I be best off with a fluorocarbon mainline? I was thinking if I fished my lines slightly slack it may help get the mainline down.. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Glug.

    Isn't it cooked at something like 20 degrees for 40 hours? I've had a look online but can't find much on making it
  8. How to fish this water

    I wish lol Cheers bud, I'll probably stick to spombing in the day and throwing stick in the night. And yeah I had a look at some boats last night on angling direct... Roughly £500 for their cheapest boat lol I'll give that a go next time mate. Someone on there suggested a laser pen? But it got me thinking, that would only work in the dark? Lol
  9. Do you cast with the reel seat in your left or right hand? I found when I was using the handles on the left, I would still have to cast with the reel seat in my left hand lol
  10. How to fish this water

    I wonder how much you would go through if you was sing 30 baits at a time mate lol Maybe one day mate but they are really expensive and I'm not willing to invest in one yet. I'm fishing at about 90 yards at the moment mate using 9ft 2.75 t/c rods with small reels and I'm struggling to get it further. The carp are close to the far bank, and usually stay around there because you can't fish from that bank. Next time I go I'm taking my 13ft 3.25 t/c rods with big pit reels and hopefully get it closer to the far bank. I normally use one of my 13ft rods for spombing but if I'm using all 3 next time I might just use one of my beach casting rods with a spare big pit reel. It might not look the part but it will certainly belt a spomb far enough lol
  11. I don't know mate, I'm left handed but when I was younger I would use the handle on the left but would have fish landed for me, but as I got older and started fishing on my own I found it easier playing and landing with with the handles on the right lol.
  12. How to fish this water

    I will give it a go mate, maybe not so many to start with though lol. I'll use up the rest of my tape first and then look at trying the kryston meltdown. Same as where I was fishing mate, as soon as you pick the stick up they will start flying towards you lol! I'm fishing at about 90 yards on the reservoir I'm on at the moment, so next time I'll give it a go without back leads. Thanks for the help mate
  13. Thought I'd update this, I've managed to get the handles on the other side. What I done was popped the plastic washer out, lined the handle up with the hole and wiggled it side to side with a lot of force. This made the opening bigger and it went through, I tightened it up and it all seems sound, nothing is catching or loose, so should be fine. Probably not the best/correct way to do it, but it worked lol
  14. How to fish this water

    Yeah mate but the problem is I can't help but think if the line isn't pinned down on the bottom, fish could swim into the line easier and spook because of the angle of the line going from the rod tip to the lead? I was so mad at the seagulls but at the same time I did find it pretty amusing because these birds new what they was doing. They would sit on the far bank from dawn till dusk just waiting for anglers to bait up!! I think using a spomb/spod will be okay because a lot of anglers use it to get bait out and still catch, I wish I took mine but it got left in the shed lol I've never seen anything like that before mate lol is it awkward to cast? I will give that a try if I forget or can't use a spomb next time. I do have a question though, when making stringers, do you use PVA string or PVA tape? I used string a few years a go and I found that the boilies slide up and down on it? Maybe I was using the wrong thickness but tape worked better in the end lol
  15. How to fish this water

    I thought it was going to be bad session because things weren't going to plan as soon as I got there. As I was strapping the bungees down on the barrow, one came loose and cracked me right across my back.. It stung for ages lol. When I got to my swim I found a nice patch with the marker and went to throw some boilies out with the stick, as soon as the first one hit the water about 20 gulls flew across the reservoir and started nailing every boilie. I swear they was getting them before they hit the water. So I gave up and waited for them to fly off and they did, but to the far bank. That was it then as soon as I would pick up the stick they would fly over straight away. I stopped baiting up, chucked the rods out to the marker with a stringer on each and waited for it to get dark. When it was dark I couldn't really see that much but still chucked out roughly a kilo of boilies with the stick around the area the marker was. Worked like a charm. I landed 2 and lost 1 at the net on the first night. One was 12lb and the other was 15lb 8oz. The one lost at the net was much smaller so I wasn't too bothered lol. On the second day i banked a 21 1/2lb common. What a cracking fish, it was my first 20 of the year too. It pretty much went dead after that, I couldn't get any bait out till it was dark and when it was I chucked out roughly another kilo. I had a drop back early hours of this morning which the back lead got snagged on something under the water, I'm pretty sure it was a stump. I lost the fish but luckily I didn't get snapped up and managed to get my gear back. I didn't catch anything after that but enjoyed the rest of today lying on the bank catching some sun lol. Big thanks to all you lads that helped me!!