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  1. April catch reports.............

    Having trouble uploading the photo for some reason. Managed 5 and lost 1 today, biggest being 19lb 5oz, a few doubles but didn't weigh the rest lol. Things are picking up 😁
  2. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Lost a nice one, not sure if it was a 20 but a good double. It was heading towards a post so I stopped it from taking any more line and the hook pulled lol. I'm getting done by liners though, my alarms are going every five minutes, the problem is is that I'm using worms and not sure if their still on my rig or not lol
  3. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I think the fish are getting ready to spawn, there's loads of crashing/activity in the margins. I've managed 1 about 8lb so far, only been setup for an hour so hopefully have a few more before I leave!!
  4. April catch reports.............

    First one of the year for me. 14lb 4oz 😁
  5. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    On the bank for a few hours hoping to bank one. Thought I'd leave the brolly at home cos the forecast was clear...half way around the lake the skies open up, thunder and lightning. I've set up in it determined to catch one. It's stopped for now but just looked behind me and it seems there's more coming 😂😂 Think I'm gonna wait it out cos the gear is wet anyway lol
  6. I have a saber supra brolly and I don't get on with it at all. https://sabertackle.com/shelters/133-saber-supra-lite-brolly.html The front is a pain to set up properly, the ribs all came out of place when I first set it up (they are held under the brolly with Velcro) When I set it up last I'm not sure how it happened but one of the ribs/spokes came out and punched a hole in the brolly. It's been sat in the shed since. It did the job though and never had any rain come through it, just I didn't get on well with the design lol.
  7. Thought for the day.

    I went for a walk around a local lake today and seen 6 doubles basking in the margin, wish I had a rod with me, I reckon I could of had one with a bit of bread lol
  8. Bait, natural but different.

    Gonna have a guess and say bee larvae/eggs lol
  9. Dogs and fishing

    What breed you getting mate? Hope you enjoy your trip!! We've decided to get a female staffy and have started to look for a puppy, love the blue ones but they seem quite expensive lol
  10. New stove

    I meant carpy not early..auto correct done me lol Cheers mate I'll give it a go 👍👍
  11. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    How did you get on mate? I blanked but was nice to get out for a bit lol
  12. New stove

    I always have a look in go out doors, some of their clothing is really cheap. But do you get it in green to be early or?? Lol Seen these the other day mate, do they work as well as the other tins you use with the t4?
  13. Rod Shots

    I know mate and the left indicator is a lot lower than the rest too, must be why I blanked 😂😂
  14. Rod Shots

    First time using them so left it on lol Everything got caked in mud lol, once I got everything setup and sat down to make a brew I noticed the state of my groundsheet and started wishing I had some carpet lol
  15. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Is anyone on the bank this weekend? I'm doing a 24hr session today, 3 rods out with about 50 baits around them. I'm using the Nash instant action pineapple crush boilies in 16mm, can't say too much about them but got 15kg of them so hopefully they work 😂 good luck to anyone who's out this weekend 👍👍