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  1. Thought for the day.

    My car is off the road already, had the car loaded and was on my way to a lake for a 24 hour session and the gears packed up on me, wouldn't go into reverse, 1st or 4th. Managed to get it back home safely though. I've got someone checking it out tomorrow so I'll find out more then. Gutted, haven't had it long lol
  2. They've got 10% off this weekend, code is BANKSIDE10 or just check at the top of their website lol
  3. Fishing for river carp

    Can't edit my post but I meant is it worth it at this time of year? I take it they don't slow down as much in the winter as the carp do in lakes?
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Been having a look at a few myself recently, I usually take a cradle and the thing is massive packed away. Best way I can describe it is it's like 4 camping/folding chairs into one bag 😂 I like the look of the fox easy mat. If I can't find anything as good I'll probably get it in a few weeks lol
  5. Fishing for river carp

    Tide times go well with work over the next few days so wondering if it's worth a punt? We haven't had much rain over the last few days so the flow is good
  6. Could you trim down the sides around the top with a Stanley knife? Not sure but might make the lid not sit as tight? Best is probably a throwing stick, it introduced me to a different style of fishing. Worse has to be the saber 60" brolly. Its been nothing but a pain in the ass, takes ages getting the poles right, load of garbage.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Got the chair today mate, it feels amazing and can see it being used on every trip I take lol. Only downside I've found is that the feet/flaps aren't that stiff so they do move when unfolding the chair, so you gotta reposition them before you sit on it...but nothing serious
  8. Throwing stick..

    Cheers mate, would love to know how it opens and what stops it from opening when you cast it out, because wouldn't casting have the same effect on the spomb when hitting the clip?
  9. Throwing stick..

    Never mind I was wrong lol
  10. Throwing stick..

    Any idea when its gonna be available to buy? I think I seen it somewhere else that it'll be out in a few months? Not sure but I'll deffo be getting one!!
  11. Favorite bank side music?

    A rule for me when using my radio is if it can be heard from outside the bivvy it's too loud. Nothing worse than hearing the man's radio/music in the next swim lol. Not just that but I get weird feeling that if it's too loud it can travel down the rods/line and spook the fish. Probably doesn't but better to be safe than sorry lol
  12. Throwing stick..

    How many baits do you put in the stick at a time?
  13. Fished for an hour, got the right hump and came home 😂 set up the brolly, one of the ribs came out of the plastic bit it was supposed to be secured to and punched a hole straight through the brolly skin lol. Brushed it off, carried on setting up and got the rods out. First cast was straight into a tree and ended up snapping off. Second was pretty much bang on the spot but the line went over a little twig hanging off the tree. Must of been the awkward twig ever, couldn't get it off so starting winding it and it didn't give so it was just hanging there, 3oz lead and a small bag of pellet. Ended up melting and all the bait falling out so I gave it a tug and managed to get the rig back. As I was baiting the rod back up all the birds went to where I was trying to fish to and started diving down at the bait, being a pain in the ass. Had enough by then so packed up and came home lol. Boots and barrow wheel got caked in mud too 👍
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Yes mate if it's good I'll be getting their 60" brolly. Just ordered 15kg of Nash instant action pineapple crush boilies 15mm. Not bad for £50
  15. Favorite bank side music?

    I'll usually have LBC playing on the radio some of the stuff people come out with on there is priceless lol