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  1. 1 of 7 perch from a tiny jig. Must admit it was good fun, I thought i was only half hour, turns out I was an hour and a half 😏😂
  2. Can’t help but notice you’ve got a nice collection of lures there...what lures/brands do you use? I’ve got my rod/reel/braid/leader sorted but now it’s the end tackle lol
  3. Got myself a shimano sienna 1000, nice little reel, feels nice on the rod 👍
  4. Never used a bait boat or a deeper but I’m considering getting them in the future, I think a deeper would be more use but I do fish small lakes sometimes where a boat would be handy lol. I think anything like that for fishing is amazing... my dad on the other hand hates it all, calls it cheating and I’m sure I’ve heard him say something like “might aswell chuck in a stick of dynamite and blow them out the water” 😂😂😂
  5. Ask on the other carp forum mate there’s more members so you’ll probably get more replies 👍👍
  6. Hopefully get on mine on Monday, that is if it’s calm, I’ve been walking it over the last few days and it’s really muddy and rough lol. The first thing I’ll be doing is trotting a float 👍
  7. I’ve decided on getting this rod here https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/shakespeare-agility-lrf-rod?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_py228jh4gIVCLTtCh2gOQcEEAQYASABEgJdV_D_BwE The 0.5 - 7g 6ft one, just looking for a reel now lol. I’m gonna check out the ones you’ve said 👍
  8. I’ve been pretty good this year, no major purchases...that I remember anyway lol. 5kg of sticky krill 16mm boilies My rebate has just came through so a new fishing kayak and god knows what else might be on the cards 😂👍
  9. I’m gonna go to the tackle shop today and see what they got, hopefully they can set me up with a deal lol
  10. I take my dog with me so I give the swim a good go over picking up rigs and discarded line before we fish. Fires me right up when you see 20ft of mono just chucked to the side when it takes a few seconds to wrap it up and put in a bag. I would say in the last 3 sessions I’ve picked up a couple rigs and over 100ft of mono from different places. I salvage everything I can from my rigs and have started to do it to the ones I find aswell lol
  11. Will do mate, just after something cheap to play with really lol
  12. I left maize soaking for about 2 weeks and it was the best looking maize I’ve seen.. about 3 times the size and would squish in between your fingers, I boiled it and completely ruined the batch, it blown basically all the kernels so no good for a rig. I do wonder if you soak it for long enough, do you really need to boil it?
  13. Can anyone recommend a cheap drop shot rod reel combo? Not after anything expensive, just something I can use to catch a few perch lol ive got a 7g+ rod but the tip is too stiff for the small lures
  14. Cheers mate we’ve packed up now and baited up the 2 spots with a half a bucket of particle on each. Home now and gear unloaded, putting the bigger gear back on then off to a res later for an over nighter then back home in the morning, unload, load the kayak and fishing gear on for a few hours kayak fishing, then back on the canal for a few hours tomorrow night, maybe Sunday morning... busy busy 👌😂
  15. Yeah mate she’s just over a year old now, and loves fishing life..gets all excited when the fishing gear comes out 👍
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