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  1. Well that was a close one. I've spent the morning tidying the fishing shed up, been avoiding it for months. I put some baited rigs (popups) in ziplock bag then into the bin liner to chuck away. Anyway job done, decided to sit in the sun and roll up, looked up to the of the garden to my dog sat there chewing something, so I walked closer to see what it was, only to see a swivel hanging from its gob, as I went to grab the dog the whole rig fell from its mouth. The little **** chewed through the bin liner, pulled the zip lock bag out, chewed through that and got a rig out, all in the space of 30 seconds or so. Absolutely bricked it, luckily all rigs were there so I know it hasn't swallowed any. Vet bills was going round in my head 😂😂😂 no more rigs being left with baits on, gonna chop them up put them straight into the black bin next time lol
  2. Only one rod for a few hours, couldn't be bothered getting the rest out the sleeves lol. The dog has worked out that nudging the rod with her nose makes a really interesting noise and has to keep doing it... Might have to coat them in mustard 😂😂
  3. Caught nothing mate, was nice to get for a few hours though.
  4. Car loaded up for a few hours tonight, walked round the lake last night and a fews been coming out, so hopefully might bag one!
  5. jh92

    Unfenced lakes

    I've been walking the canal and river a lot over the last few months and haven't seen anything really except a few pike in the margins. Even spoke to a few anglers saying otters are about down there. Anyway I walked a stretched of canal last night and it seemed alive, loads of small fish breaking the surface with a few big splashes as well. Makes me wonder if I should try again down there or not. There are still fish there but so are the otters lol.
  6. Fair play mate hope it goes well 😂👍 Had anyone seen some of the new stuff done by ngt? I was down go outdoors yesterday and some of their luggage stuff looks the dogs. I really like the look of the ngt xpr ruck sack. Might be on the to buy list for when I next get paid 😂
  7. Car tax, car insurance, pet insurance, phone bill and vet bills goes out this week. Hoping to have 40 left over to buy my permit for the canal and river 😂
  8. jh92

    2019 Plans

    Yes mate I'm hoping by summer she will have calmed down a little more. We do short sessions at the moment, if they are too long I find the dog gets bored as hell and turns into a menace 😂 I forgot to mention, invested in a kayak last year and did some sea fishing in it, loads of fun, I'll be going out in that too this year targeting wrasse and whatever else comes along 👍
  9. jh92

    2019 Plans

    Planning on doing a lot more fishing. I got a car last year and the plan was to do more fishing but I ended up getting a puppy just before the summer which messed it up a bit lol. I managed to do some fishing but not as much as I wanted. Now with the beast trained I'm hoping this year will be a better one 😂 Spending a week on a big res at the end of May, got a little cabin in the swim too, can't wait lol.
  10. Funny you say that, over Xmas my 5 year old niece was around ours and I set her up to watch a video on YouTube using the laptop. Anyway about 5 minutes later I can hear her saying the screen won't scroll down so I go in and take a look... She's got her finger on the screen trying to drag it down like you would with a tablet 😂😂
  11. A kettle and a mountain of lynx shower gel lol
  12. Just wondering if anyone has been doing any evening sessions? With it getting dark so early I've lost all motivation to go after work because of the extra gear I'd have to take and packing away in the dark.
  13. Had this one within 10 minutes of walking the canal bank lol. No idea how heavy it is but it did put up a good fight in light gear lol. Anyone tried using them bait caster reels? Absolute pain in the ass 😂😂
  14. What a beauty mate, bet you had loads of joy from him. She has a lazy eye mate and yeah she was licking her lips, probably sizing up one of the ducks 😂😂😂
  15. I eat chicken, pork and beef pretty much on a daily basis, i would say there hasn't been a day gone by in the last few years where I haven't had atleast 2 of them meats everyday lol. I've tried eating less meat but temptation gets the better of me all the time 😂 I do try to get my meats free range from local businesses to support them, one of the perks of living in the sw is all the farm shops lol. If you're into these sort of programmes there was one on nextflix called cowspiracy 👍
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