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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'm gonna go for a 24mm rolling table and give it a blast. I've also ordered a gardener gun but as big common said about the size it comes out, if I can't do 24s I'll try some 20x24 dumbbells or something
  2. Just curious, what size boilies does everyone use and why? I've been using 16mm at the moment but thinking about getting a new 24mm table and trying bigger baits.
  3. I've got 3 setups, 2.5tc jrc lms coupled with wychwood baitrunners loaded with 10lb line. 3.25tc Nash skylines coupled with Shimano biomasters loaded with 15lb line. Nash dwarf hgun 9ft 2.75tc coupled with Nash h gun fr3 reels loaded with 12lb. I love using the jrc setup the most, had carp to 29lb on them without any trouble, but recently with no transport I've been using the nash dwarf setup because of how compact all my kit is for it. The rods feel great, but have only caught 1 carp with them so far so can't say too much about them. The Nash skyline setup gets used about twice a year at most. Their great for casting but I don't like playing fish on them lol. If I had to choose one to use all the time it would be the 2.5tc rods
  4. Yeah I won't bother with the cheap one then mate. Now it's deciding to get the gun with a rolling table or the gun on it's own, already got a 16mm one but tempted to get a 20mm lol
  5. That's ideal I've got the last week in May off so plan on spending it on the bank lol
  6. I had something very similar from eBay and it broke after putting a few kilos through it mate, I might pick one up later though because at that price you can't go wrong lol. I'm thinking of getting a gardener deluxe xt sausage gun, are these any better than the cheap ones?
  7. No carp for me in the end. My watercraft isn't the best if I'm honest, I spent most of my time watching my baited spot and there was fish showing...but it was little silvers jumping with the odd bigger splash, but it could of been bream? I dunno, but there wasn't any fizzing/bubbles. With the amount of spombs I was putting out, I was using a smallish fox spomb but I can't remember what size it actually is lol. I spoke to some of the other guys fishing it and they were saying its a waste of time with fishing with particles because of the number of bream/silvers in there. Boilie hook baits with a few scattered around it work best apparently, so time to get a new gun and roll some baits? Lol
  8. I've been plagued by roach and bream all night and setting up next to a field full of lambs was a mistake, probably had 2-3 hours sleep all together lol. Do you think I put too much bait out? It's a 80 acre resivour so I thought it might help bring them closer to my baits. I'm here for most of today so I won't put any more bait out just fish over the same patch
  9. Nothing yet mate, I've rebaited the rods and put about 20 spombs of bait out so I'll leave them out for the night now unless I catch. I hit the bivvy with the spomb as well and coated it in particles lol. Sat in the bivvy having a brew and a bacon sandwich now, happy days lol
  10. I've just finished getting the rods out, got one on two grains of pop up maize and the other 2 on pineapple pop ups. I used the marker rod to find a gravel patch that's 9ft deep, clipped up and used some bank sticks to wrap up my 3 rods and the spomb rod. I baited the area with 25 spombs of birdseed and maize (arms feel like their gonna drop off lol) and put my three rods on the baited area. I'll be baiting up again when it's starting to get dark, probably put another 10 spombs out as well. I've never used wrapping sticks/clipping up before so it's probably gonna take a few sessions to get used to it lol.
  11. Cheers mate, I also had a bucket of the same stuff soaking in the shed for about two weeks which I'm cooking up now, once cooked I'll be adding it to the stuff that got cooked last Friday just ain't looking forward to spombing it out tomorrow lol
  12. I made half a bucket of particles last Friday for the weekend but work got in the way so couldn't go in the end. I forgot to freeze it so its been sat in a sealed bucket for basically a week now, should I bin it or will it be okay to use tomorrow? All it is is bird seed and maize cooked in water. It smells vile lol
  13. I've got the drennan red range float reel, its a really smooth reel, comes with a spare spool, quick release handle and has rear drag
  14. Is this for if it gets stolen from your house or on the bank? But no I don't bother with insuring my fishing gear mate
  15. Jrc contact barrow Nash h gun fr5 reels x3