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  1. Well I didn’t blank, caught some skimmers, roach, Rudd, gudgeon and perch. Fished to mid day and by then my girly little hands had had enough of being wet and cold from handling the small fish lol. I had some nice size gudgeon in the net for live bait but i couldnt bring myself to hooking them on the live bait rod. I used a small roach but even that got the better of me so I let him go 🤦‍♂️😂
  2. Cheers pal, if I blank I’m taking up golf😂😂
  3. It’s a struggle aye mate lol the quest for a big perch has already started. Car loaded up and ready. Finishing my coffee then I’m off 👍 gonna fish for some silvers and send one out on a live bait then dropshot/micro lure for perch. hopefully get some action. It’s nice not taking kitchen sink, I could probably carry everything in one trip but taking the barrow to keep everything off the ground 👍
  4. I’ve put on 2 and a half stone since the first lockdown mate I’ve been stocking up on pies 😂😂 I’m now hitting 18 stone on the scales, heaviest I’ve ever been. Diet starts after new year, might as well get Christmas out the way first 😂
  5. To be honest I didn’t get a lot of fishing done this year. I had big plans but with everything going on and with everyone deciding to take up fishing, I didn’t get much done, everywhere has been rammed lol. Been out in the boat and caught some mackerel. Lure fished for perch and had a lot of small ones. I think I’ve had 3 carp this year, all under 10lb. Caught from a hard little water so not bothered about the size. So for 2021 the plan is at the beginning of the year I’m gonna fish for pike and perch. Lures, dead baits etc Tidal carp when it warms up. There’s som
  6. just bought this off eBay, it’s from China so will take a few weeks to come. 14g -52g lure casting weight. It will be interesting to see how it performs 😃
  7. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    Cheers pal hes getting big now aye mate, I remember when you first got him. Time flies doesn’t it 👍
  8. It’s been sold🤦‍♂️😂 never mind I was 50/50 whether I should get it and now I’m liking the idea of a cheap bait boat 😂
  9. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    it’s fully grown now 😂 she’s a great dog I’m always out walking her, we go for hikes on the weekend, it just doesn’t tire out and always want to play or go for walks 🤦‍♂️😂 she’s not a very good fishing dog though, can’t come to the lakes she barks at people approaching the bivvy, so has to stay at home unless I’m fishing canal/river 😂
  10. ordering these little beasts, hopefully I can catch a few on them 😃😂
  11. How reliable is this £200 bait boat though lol if it won’t break after a few goes and it goes straight I will buy it 😂
  12. Well it’s a blank from me, about an hour in and all the rowing boats came along, must be some sort of event going on because there was loads of them... quit early and came on home, what a waste of time that was 😂😂
  13. I know what you mean, I’m fishing a small pond at the moment, I’ve got to be putting baits tight to the island and under over hanging trees. Most of the spots are under 12m so I think it might be a good tool to have 👍 Hmm I think it might be a good deal then, it’s local to me on gumtree mate 👍 only problem I got is if I wait until Monday to contact my local tackle shop to see if I could get a similar deal, the offer on gumtree might be gone lol. I’m gonna see if it’s still available 👍😃
  14. I’m loaded up for a few hours on the canal this morning, hopefully I can catch a few perch. Haven’t done any lure fishing since the beginning of the year so really looking forward to it!! is anyone else doing any predator fishing at the moment?
  15. Just after some advice really. I’ve just seen one of these cygnet 12m baiting poles for sale including the spoon, float/sponge thing and hard case for £90 second hand. Is it a good deal?
  16. I’ve had a few but 2 I mainly remember were on the river. One night when I was asleep I woke to hear lots of footsteps behind my bivvy, getting closer then scratching the back of the bivvy, I dive out to see what was going on, there was like 50 cows behind my bivvy with one licking it lol. Can’t explain how relieved I was to see the cows lol another time me and a friend were doing a night on the river, must of been about 16 at the time, we were outside the bivvys having smoke around midnight, when two men entered the field and started walking towards us, we weren’t sure what to do
  17. What does this mean though, will they keep the stores as they are or will they bring out different products etc? The fishing section at my local go out doors was brilliant, the lads that looked after that section did a real good job and were always there to help or to have a chat with. Also the sticky krill boilies were like £8 cheaper than my local tackle shop lol. I wonder if they will carry on doing fishing stuff?
  18. jh92


    Yeah we think they are as well mate, gonna pack up and leave them to it👍👍
  19. jh92


    Starting to wonder if the carp are starting to spawn again, I’m pretty sure they’ve spawned already, can do they do it twice 🤔 they are crashing a lot around the margins. ive had my rigs with in inches of where they’ve been jumping but not a sniff except the eels. Might try a zig 🤔👍
  20. Another one.. fEELing done 😂😂😂
  21. On the bank with dad, can’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than on the bank, even if we gotta social distance lol 👍
  22. What do you think is the best way to fish these? I’m on a lake tomorrow where these are a top bait. I normally put 2 or 3 all bunched up on a hair rig with a piece of maize as a topper and to keep it all in place. No artificial baits allowed, any suggestions? 😁
  23. Worms half pint of maggots Cork balls pva mesh just went to add the maggots to the rest of what I had over from the other day... they have sweated in the bucket 🙈😂 I’ve mixed in some oats to dry them out but wonder if I should just ditch them and keep the fresh? 🤔
  24. I had a wish advert pop up on me when looking at fishing gear on gumtree...... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂
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