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  1. I’ve had a few but 2 I mainly remember were on the river. One night when I was asleep I woke to hear lots of footsteps behind my bivvy, getting closer then scratching the back of the bivvy, I dive out to see what was going on, there was like 50 cows behind my bivvy with one licking it lol. Can’t explain how relieved I was to see the cows lol another time me and a friend were doing a night on the river, must of been about 16 at the time, we were outside the bivvys having smoke around midnight, when two men entered the field and started walking towards us, we weren’t sure what to do
  2. What does this mean though, will they keep the stores as they are or will they bring out different products etc? The fishing section at my local go out doors was brilliant, the lads that looked after that section did a real good job and were always there to help or to have a chat with. Also the sticky krill boilies were like £8 cheaper than my local tackle shop lol. I wonder if they will carry on doing fishing stuff?
  3. jh92


    Yeah we think they are as well mate, gonna pack up and leave them to it👍👍
  4. jh92


    Starting to wonder if the carp are starting to spawn again, I’m pretty sure they’ve spawned already, can do they do it twice 🤔 they are crashing a lot around the margins. ive had my rigs with in inches of where they’ve been jumping but not a sniff except the eels. Might try a zig 🤔👍
  5. Another one.. fEELing done 😂😂😂
  6. On the bank with dad, can’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than on the bank, even if we gotta social distance lol 👍
  7. What do you think is the best way to fish these? I’m on a lake tomorrow where these are a top bait. I normally put 2 or 3 all bunched up on a hair rig with a piece of maize as a topper and to keep it all in place. No artificial baits allowed, any suggestions? 😁
  8. Worms half pint of maggots Cork balls pva mesh just went to add the maggots to the rest of what I had over from the other day... they have sweated in the bucket 🙈😂 I’ve mixed in some oats to dry them out but wonder if I should just ditch them and keep the fresh? 🤔
  9. I had a wish advert pop up on me when looking at fishing gear on gumtree...... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. I thought the whole point of this forum was to share knowledge and help others? There’s only a small community here and I reckon creating a private section would only make it smaller 🤔
  11. Managed a few baby chub and what I believe is a brown trout?
  12. I’d claim anything that’s not fowl hooked lol
  13. Anyone going today then? The stretch I was gonna carp fish has got quite a few anglers on so back home now, just swapping over the rods and will be going to a different stretch with the float road, might even try the centre pin as well! Just need to wait for the tackle shop to open to get a pint of maggots 😁 anyone got any plans now the rivers are open again?
  14. Loving it mate best way to start the week 👍
  15. Bank tackle is performing well I ordered I think Thursday night or Friday morning and it was here by Saturday morning 👍
  16. There’s a runs water I fish that has a few weird rules but the most annoying one is no artificial baits. Apparently a carp died, when they did a biopsy it was full of fake corn 🤔🤔🤔This was straight from the bailiffs mouth but not sure how true that really is lol but never had my rigs checked there and must of done over 50 sessions there easy lol
  17. I use a 2.6m sib for sea fishing, it’s so much fun lol If you get one invest in a decent pump, them foot pumps are soul destroying 😂😂I’m waiting on my new outboard motor then I can get back out there 🤪👍😂
  18. I will give it a try mate
  19. I’ve gone for squid and octopus in 15mm white, I’m using sticky krill bottom baits so hopefully a fishy pop up should do well 😁 What drill the bait out and stick some foam/cork in it? I wonder if you could just use a piece of on the rig instead of putting in it, like they do on a zig rig? 🤔
  20. I’ll take a look at Trent baits and ub baits now mate. I will get some proper job pop ups ordered as well, thanks 👍👍
  21. Cheers mate, where do you get your cork ball pop ups from? I’m on the proper job pop ups website now, looking at the squid and octopus ones. Would you use the mega buoyant or standard ones? 🤔
  22. What pop ups are good to use with the Ronnie rig? ive never used one before but want to give it a go. ive got a size 6 Nash fang x hook, with a Korda spinner ring swivel size 11, with a metal bait screw which is on a ring. Piece of shrink tube over the swivel and eye of the hook and a hook head to stop the bait screw going too far forward. I’ve just tested it in a bowl with a 16mm sticky krill pop up and it doesn’t seem very buoyant. It doesn’t sit in the same position when you drop it in. I’m not sure if I’m using something too heavy terminal tackle wise or if it’s th
  23. When I fish a snowman rig say 18mm or 20mm bottom bait with 14mm (I think)pop up I use a size 4 curve shank, have used 6s but prefer 4s with that size bait. Works for me, but I do think it’s always good to experiment a bit 😁👍
  24. But if you were to lay the lead on the work surface, balance the point on your finger so there’s some slack in between your finger and lead, then lift your hand with a bit of speed, it would stick in then surely? Obviously if you do it real slow you could get it to not penetrate your skin? im not saying you’re wrong or anything just trying to get my head around it lol. ive done well with Korda hooks straight out the pack but did find the point dulled really quick while being out in the lake so have now switched to muggas and think they are good hooks 👍
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