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  1. I have been using vitalin to bait the river. Its very stodgy, so you can get a lot of particles in it and it still hold together well. I've been using PVA bags with my home cooked particles in, I add some salt, as has already been suggested. The point that I would disagree with is the suggestion to keep the PVA bags in salted water after they have been made up. I did this once and the PVA didnt dissolve at all (at least the bag was still fully intact after an hour or so in the water). I get as much cooking juices out of the particles as possible then add a bit of salt to treat any remaining water.
  2. I think one of the urban banx videos is shot there.
  3. Last night I went blanking again. During the inevitable quiet period I did an experiment of making up a mesh from my salted particles, leaving it for a couple of mins (roughly how long it might be around if I am baiting up etc...) and then dropped it in the margin. It took about 3 mins to burst and there was still remnants left an hour later. This was a lot slower than I expected. I'd left my particles quite sloppy, so there was a bit of juice leaking during this two mins. Being able to leave the particles in their juices seemed, to me, to be one of the main benefits of the salt trick, but it is obviously not to be advised. I think in future I'll go back to my old method of dusting them down in some groundbait to dry them off.
  4. An interesting thing happened to me this week when fishing. I was using some home made particles. I had filled a small take-away style box with some for use in pva bags and had added a tablespoon of salt to stop the pva bags dissolving. I made a few bags up and all was going well, pva didnt dissolve, but had dissapeared when I reeled in. I didnt use all the bags and left a couple in the take away container until the next day as well as some of the salted particles and juice. The next day I threaded one of these mesh bags onto the hooklength and cast out, after an hour or so I decided to re-cast and felt a dead weight on the end. I thought it was a crayfish or swan mussel, but it was actually my pva mesh. It hadnt dissolved in over an hour. I guess that the salt had soaked right into the pva overnight and made it totally waterproof. Anyway, I thought I would post this up in case anyone else tries to salt trick and leaves their pva bags made up too long. I think its fine if you use them straight away..
  5. blankton

    20lb duck broken

    As it happens my meal out was only a jacket potato and salad, so I was glad I didnt miss the chance of a photo for that, I'd have got a better feed off andy52's 20lb mallard!
  6. blankton

    20lb duck broken

    After joining this forum last year I havent posted much, but then I havent been fishing much. On saturday afternoon I decided to have a quick session down my local lake. It was still quite badly flooded, and I saw some fish in shallow water. The fish were on what would be the path around the lake, on the wrong side of the marginal reeds. As I might have mentioned previously, boilies and nuts are banned on this lake, although I believe that quite a lot of boilies do find their way in. Because of this I decided to try maggots. I fed a couple of pints against the marginal reedbed and fished a Korda maggot clip against the reeds. After an hour or so, I had a decent take that took some line from the baitrunner. At this point the ticker was pounding. I've not caught a carp from this lake for about 4 years, probably fishing it 30 times over this period. I lifted the rod and leant into the bite, but there was no resistance. I retreived the rig to find that the hook point was bent over. Wether it was a tench, bream or carp, I'll never know. But I was pretty bogged off! It got to 5pm and I had to go home, as I was out for a meal at 6.30. It was a bit of a mix of emotions as I was leaving. I was pleased that I'd at least tempted some kind of bite, but obviously annoyed at missing a bent over hook point and not connecting with the fish. As I was heading along the bankside track to the main gate contemplating another blank a large carp head and shouldered and crashed on its side. I stopped the car and opened the door, only to spook another fish right in the margin with my side door. I seemed to have found some fish and they were actually showing themselves. I quickly threw in a few breadcrusts. The fish here rarely get into a frenzy, but by their standards they were completely on it. 3 or 4 pieces of bread were carefully slurped down just a few feet out from the bank. The rises were completely unlike the rises you might get from a small stockies. Although the fish were all at least upper doubles, they were able to take the bread with a very discreet slurp, not even making a noise. I quickly opened the boot, still with my car blocking the lakeside track. Took out a rod, took off the rig and tied on a size 8 hook. I could hardly tie the knot and ended up having to do it twice, due to the rush. I made up the net and got out my mat. A large piece of flake was squeezed around the eye, dipped in the drink for some casting weight and flicked out 20ft from the bank. A couple more bits of crust were taken, but then the super-wary carp seemed to dispurse. My bait had been in a few minutes and I was about to pack my rods away for the second time, when my line started kiting along the surface. The main lump of my bread was still there, but I guess a smaller bit, containing my hook must have fallen off and begun to sink. A passing carp had then taken it on the drop. I lifted into the fish and this time felt a solid resistance. The fish made a couple of firm runs, but was fairly lethargic, certainly compared to some of the 15lb fish Ive had from this lake in the past. After a short s(censored) I had it in the net. I've had a few 18-19lb fish from this pit, but not for a few years. I knew the average size has increased a bit over the intervening years, but I wasnt too sure if I'd broken my pb or not. Onto the scales and it went round to 20lb 6oz. a quick check of the time and it was gone 6pm and I had to be home and out in 30 mins and it was 20 mins to get home. sod it, I'd waited 4 years....I was having a piccy. I managed a quick selfie, here it is below, but I should have set the bankstick a bit higher I think (it was also the first time in the 4 years that Ive owned it that ive used my bankstick threaded adaptor!) I suppose the moral of the story is about getting back to basics. 90% of the fish Ive caught on this lake have been on freelined floaters. However in a bid to "improve" Ive moved more onto fishing with alarms, bolt rigs, pop ups, particles......etc........ You name it Ive tried it, and yet, another fish falls to good old freelined bread!
  7. I am definitely not too bothered by names. I did have a look on ebay, but hardly any of the adverts contain important information......such as how long the handle is when collapsed down, which surely is a fairly important consideration to people wanting a telescopic landing net handle! The only budget make I would rule out would be linaffe. I had a match fishing handle from these and the thread stripped on its first use when I netted a 12oz skimmer. Let me tell you.....loosing a 12oz skimmer on a canal match in January is probably on a par with loosing a 25lb carp Ive messaged a few of the ebay sellers to check the lengths of their products. Will feed back if I get a response.
  8. I've just brought a set of 9ft nash scopes and a holdall, which are great as they go in the back of the car. The only problem now is that my landing net handle now sticks out the top of the holdall! I am looking for a net handle that is a 2 piece, say 6 to 8ft. The joint needs to be pretty much in the middle, so that the broken down handle lengths (or the longest one at least) is about equal to my holdall (44 inches). I would also like a threaded end so that I could use other nets e.g barbel spoon, rubber net for piking etc. I know nash do a dwarf and scope net, but I am put off for three reasons. 1. the reveiws indicate that they are about as robust as a champagne flute. 2. from what I can tell they do not have a threaded end on the handle, so you cant use another net. 3. It only comes as a set - handle and net and I already have plenty of nets! Ive also heard of the JRC roamer net, I cant tell if this can only be used with their net, or if it has a standard threaded attachment? Also, only seems to be availble as a 'set'. Any recomendations or further info on the above would be appreciated? I dont mind secondhand /ebay etc. I am normally a tightarse, buying a set of scopes was out of character!
  9. I cant see why the EA would ever do this, it can only lead to a drop in income for them. People that fish matches will only buy a licence for one rod, so they will get half the income from these people. Serious carpers (who might already purchase 2 full price licences at present) would likely buy three single rod licences, so again the EA lose money. Unless they made the single rod licence about 75% of the price of the current two rod licence (in which case most carpers would be worse off) I cant see them doing it. In these times of cuts/austerity, I cant see a government agency reducing one of its funding streams.
  10. Thanks for the info. I sent a pm. Its good to hear that the carp arent too difficult.... subject to finding them I guess!
  11. Good to hear from another likeminded soul! I wasnt expecting to get many runs on this topicn Canal-wise the stretches you mention were pretty much what I was thinking of. I know of a couple that have come out in the last year in matches and I have been smashed pole fishing a couple of times. There is a lot of promising looking pegs at Kilby, what with all the moored up boats. There are also a couple of spots at Crow mills, with some nice lilly pads that look promising. There is a fairly obvious looking marina out at debdale, but that is on another club book. Between kilby and debdale I dont know the canal that well, there are a couple of turning bays, but I dont think much in way of permanent moored boats, which I think are probably the major attraction for a canal carp. Cartainly out this way I would be more inclined to be quite mobie, searching out the fish, whereas at kilby/crow mills I think I'd be fairly confident where the fish were. Something that has changed in the last couple of years is the proliferation of signal crayfish. I have some maples and general particles that I was going to bait with, but I think the crays will make mincemeat of these. I was thinking of getting some tiger nuts and/or peanuts.
  12. After catching a carp from the Soar at the back end of last summer, I am planning a bit of a mini campaign for this spring/summer. I've not got a very long attention span for fishing lakes for days on end without catching, I prefer short sessions either early or after work and also the buzz of not knowing what will come out. I am not looking for venue advice as such, as I fish a few matches and pleasure fishing on the canal, so I have a fairly good idea of where the carp should be. I know there are a lot of fish at the loughborough end, but I am planning on fishing closer to home (leicester city) as I want to prebait/fish lots of short sessions and I dont want to spend my time driving across town. Is anyone else local into this kind of fishing....? or fancy meeting up... Part of my preperation involved the purchase of a set of 3 nash scope 9ft rods today for the tight towpath swims.
  13. I believe that Taverham has been quite badly ottered. They have put up fencing, but I think it was too little too late. Blickling hall lake is about 20-30 mins from Norwich. A good feeder water for bream, with the chance of a tench or a rogue carp.
  14. I brought a job lot of old rods and reels at a house clearance auction last weekend. At the bottom of the box was 3 fox euro swingers. I've plugged them into my alarms and the diodes seem to be working OK. The only issue is that the adaptor parts that goes around the bite alarm/bank sticks were not there. I've tried the ones from my normal fox swingers and these do not appear to be long enough. The swinger slides into the dovetail connection on the adaptor, but the adaptor doesn't seem long enough so the swinger is hitting the bank stick. Does the euro swinger use a special adaptor? And does anyone know if they are available as spares?
  15. Hi. In my opinion the rod would cause you problems on somewhere like the Severn. On a big power full river like that you want the rod angled high to keep the line out of the water. I think 11 or 12ft would be better for that. The more line in the water the more lead you need and the more debris you will catch. I also fish with a bow in the line and I think a proper Avon rod let's you read how the lead/feeder has settled better as the tip will bend and you can read what is going on. You might get away with it on a small river where you might be stalking and dropping in the margins etc.
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