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  1. Looks like you've been busy Chilly , thanks Yonny , i have just bought 2 packs of size 2 , i have straightened and snapped quite a few over the years ! when they arrive i will test them against the apex hooks in the "vice test " can't wait to get back to the rivers , been a few years now since i have a proper go at em !
  2. My bits have arrived for this years attempt at catching a French river monster , these seem to have the potential to stay straight and not snap , has anyone got any experience with them ? i wouldn't mind them in a size 2 though a 4 is as big as they come
  3. I use a 7 ft Greys , when i go i will have a little back pack , then my rod will be split in two, but fully set up , just needs putting together ,same with my landing net and pole its all wrapped up in my carp mat which has a bungee wrapped round tight , i might spend an hour or so walking before i find "the spot " unless i have pre baited somewhere ! caught river carp up to around 40 lb on it
  4. My mate chopped a beech tree down last year , so after watching my share slowly rot , i have decided to make my own bbq , just stand on its end and run a chainsaw down about 10 inches , make a small fire on top , all the hot embers fall down , and you are ready to go , just trying to limit the amount of unnecessary trips , gas etc ! i am hoping that being a hardwood i can get at least 10 bbq's out of it !
  5. And we can't be knocked out by the Germans !!!
  6. The locals I spoke too said it had been a very wet spring , the rivers had been very high and my local stream near me flooded twice !
  7. Blank , I only managed 2 short sessions , I saw a few good sized carp in the margins but had none , not even a bream ! I'm back in August with more time so should bag one then !
  8. Ive always had a bike or two , started when I was 10 on a ty 80 , at 17 I had a kmx 125 then a cbr 600 then yam 660 tenere , I enjoy renovating them as much as riding nowadays , I have a bsa c15 with oil carrying frame and modern ignition system that I built 20 years ago , here is one I finished a month ago , not managed to compete on it yet as I pulled my back out 3 weeks ago ,
  9. fake photo , absolute croc , who would put there name to that !
  10. having problems buying them before , but not now , hope they come by weekend !
  11. I'm only down for 5 days , hopefully I will get enough time to catch one ,I will be happy just to get my line in ! I will be going back later in the year for a family holiday and hopefully another go ! Are you driving through the hell hole Paris maze ? I try to avoid it like a bream ! I usually spend the first few days after my arrival mapping out the river on my kayak , studying the new fallen trees and the new resting up places then introducing my baits .so , no hanging around this time ! Just getting my excuses in for the blank !
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