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  1. I'm looking for a large sack of pellets to take down to France for river fishing , can anyone point me in the right direction please ! I'm still doing the particle thing , but just want a different angle if needed !
  2. Think we are down to around 6.5 million daily sales ! people are trying to source their own news , this has "the powers that be " in a right panic ! around a 10 % drop in sales last year ! soon they will control the Fake News outlets to ensure its their version of fake news that gets heard ! makes me laugh how the Americans can call out anyone for illegal interference in an election ! they are the true masters of political interference !, Ah well , rain has stopped , better do some work !
  3. Mr human excrement will be starting his political interference soon , this man should be in prison for numerous things , the worst for me being the systematic hacking of phones for over a decade , the Milly Dowler case being the low point , then Murdoch appearing at a parliamentary committee pleading his innocence , his pushing of Blair and Bush to invade Iraq should be looked into , also why did he meet May ,just him and her , around 2 months ago in America , I think he was the first to be told of the election !
  4. when I sit back and think how they lie , are being constantly caught out for corruption , treat being a politician as just a way of feathering there nest , and at the end of the day we are just plebs they need to persuade , if I had a "eject to Mars and star again " option on my ballot paper ! it would get a big X Except for Corbyn of course , I do think he is a decent person ,
  5. Aha , well ! you didn't count on the Daily mirror Chicken being brought out of retirement , to peck her into submission !
  6. the press has systematically been biased from day 1 ! London school of economics made a survey on press bias towards him the results show how biased they are , its a real eye opener ! Murdoch & Co are not people that have the majority of peoples best interests at heart , we are just the majority who need to be guided ! and they will lie and manufacture whatever to achieve this , Corbyn has certainly got a lot of people in power rattled , What is happening is not good for democracy ! So , all considered , and Corbyn being so week , why wont May take him on live on tele , prime time , in a debate
  7. manufactured consent , well swallowed !
  8. Does anyone think Corbyn has been giver a fair chance by our press / media ?
  9. Awesome fish there !
  10. exactly the kind of thing the CIA would partake in !
  11. makes me laugh how America condemns anyone for using chemical weapons , they use depleted uranium and white phosphorous whenever needed , they also supplied chemical weapons to despots like Saddam Hussain to use against Iran , I still don't see a genuine reason that Assad would risk using Chemical weapons , handing America a reason to react . One thing that's for sure though , America does not give a monkeys how many babies die , Look at how American troops killed with impunity in Iraq with ground troops , from the air with 50 cal machine guns and bombing , they even fired on a hotel with tank shells on "unfriendly reporters " or to you and me "independents " you only do that for one reason ! it took the bbc around 1 week to announce that there was a possibility that a stray American bomb could of killed around 200 civilians the week before the chemical weapons deaths in Syria ! after being reported on Al Jazeera and RT for 1 week The bbc is getting more like RT by the day , and I rate Al Jazeera as being less biased than the bbc !
  12. skills .
  13. had me worried then as I spend a lot of time in France ! had to do a quick search !
  14. dair yee go boys !
  15. some of there stuff is very funny, "Danny Dyer" and "horse outside" ! some of the lyrics cracked me up , "dads best friend" was darker !