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  1. im thinking the same ,
  2. i watched the documentary on Russian hooligans last night , anyone planning to go next summer !
  3. looks like trump is trying to put Iran back on the menu , numpty , i think if i was a middle eastern leader with Trump in power , i would want all the weapons i could get my hands on !
  4. thought this would of been a thread on the paedophile ring in Rotherham getting sent down !
  5. i have been out watching the hunt on the moors between Bolton and Blackburn and not encountered any savage dogs , they seem well fed and well looked after , our hunt dates back to the 11th century , James the I st enjoyed it so much when he visited he knighted his cut of beef that evening sir loin , look where we would of been without fox hunting , i couldn't imagine , no sirloin ! our heritage is constantly being eroded , yes , they might look cute , but i think their numbers should be controlled ! hunting , lamping by experienced people i think is fine ! however they have been fighting back !
  6. a motion detecting light on a metal pole , light things up at night , maybe for security also , i hate having a light strapped to my head all night , has anyone tried one ?
  7. camouflage netting ex military , for when im fishing the margins and could do without some numpty pecking my head just when some beast is closing on my bait !
  8. so , if you were going to make sure no terrorists are going to enter your country , " Until we work out what the hell is going on " you would stop visas for said countries ,Syria , Iraq ,Iran ,Lybia ,Somalia ,Yemen and Sudan so 9/11 , 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudi nationals , who have no visa restrictions , i think he has already decided whats going on , swallowed by the media without contradiction ! oh dear !
  9. arrived today , look ok for the money , thick rubber , don't think they will be on for long when its hot ! looking forward to some serious peg clearing next year !
  10. i think if there is not a huge feeling of discontent among the brexit voters , i smell a shafting on the horizon !
  11. hmmmm , doesn't sound promising ! but i will still get that feeling that i could catch something ,
  12. as above !
  13. just bought some , im sick of going chest deep in stinking silt in just my wellies !
  14. got it ! this guy is a genius a corrupt media explained , how and why ! our world would never be the same if everyone watched this , with open eyes !