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  1. Burial site on mount of olives next to Daddy assured if she stays quiet !
  2. I cooked for 18 yesterday , what a relief not to burn anything , had to chop the legs off the turkey to fit it in the oven ,barrel of beer from our local brewery , boxing day hangover today . Happy Christmas !
  3. 'i was robbed '! never a more suitable explanation of that saying than what i have just watched at the grand prix today !
  4. https://stundin.is/grein/14117/sociopathic-witness-assange-case-jailed-iceland-after-admitting-lies-and-ongoing-crime-spree/?fbclid=IwAR2qjdgeg8ZfCRSRKrv5JAvkP05WSlWG9PBubvp8jrW-A6Fg48PtLpDMfB4
  5. My response is , you are more likely to die or be seriously ill without it than with it.
  6. Diesel vehicle owners working in or passing through Greater Manachester need to read this... The Government has instructed Greater Manchester to introduce a 'clean air zone' in the city-region to help tackle air pollution. Light goods vehicles, minibuses, heavy goods vehicles, taxis, private hire vehicles, buses and coaches are all included. All having to pay daily charges to use any of Greater Manchester’s roads which are not motorways or trunk routes. This is every council area in Greater Manchester: Bury Bolton Rochdale Wigan Salford Manchester Oldham Tameside Trafford Stockport Automatic number plate recognition will be used and the daily charges will vary from £7.50 for taxis to £60 for buses and HGVs. There is also a sliding scale for when the charges will be introduced for each type of vehicle, ranging from next May to June 2023. Private cars are not yet included in the scheme, but older petrol van's and taxis are included. It's believed that this will hit tradesman and taxis' hard, and they are least likely to understand or know anything about the scheme. It's said vans will have to pay £10 a day from 2023, potentially costing trademan and delivery vehicles up to £70 a week. Maybe it's time for van drivers and taxis' to consider switching to electric in light of these changes, as you can now access up to £4.5k in grants towards the cost of a greener vehicle. You'll save up to £300 a month in clean air charges, whilst saving a packet in fuel costs, especially if you install a home charge point. Home charge points are by far the cheapest way to charge an electric vehicle, whether it's a car, taxi or van. ...costing circa £10 in electric charges for up to 300 miles of range.
  7. Sorry , missed the link of for as crazy goes , this is a winner
  8. As crazy goes , this is the winner ! Highy , get some time off , i'm taking Friday off work and i will be building the bonfire with my nephews and a few lads , cooking the hot pot and black peas , picking the barrel of beer up from our local brewery on Thursday as it's hand drawn and will need to settle , around 60 people usually come , great night !
  9. I think the last bike that i put on here was one i built for trials riding , a fantic , great little bike , a bit lighter and more suited to trials than the bsa c 15 i built !
  10. One day i want to get down to Lewes , 1000's of like minded people having a great time .
  11. That's life finchey, i watch people climbing sky scrapers without ropes , diving hundreds of feet off cliffs into the sea etc , my motorbikes , trials riding , go karting , it's that adrenaline rush i guess , same as going down that winding road over the trough of Bowland on a fast bike , do you wind it on and do the jump or back off , i'm not at the backing off age yet !
  12. I returned from France in September after a family holiday , after i had been in the UK for 8 days i was told that i had to take a pcr test as i had been in close contact with someone on the plane and that a pcr test would be arriving the next day (9 days after the contact ) i didn't need to isolate as i was double jabbed , i would be showing symptoms by then and under the previous rules you only needed to isolate for 10 days after a covid contact , how ridiculous , i told them not to bother , The "Serco track n trace " has been a massive waste of tax payers money , there should be an enquiry into where the money went , judge led and evidence should be given under oath , no chance of that happening any time soon ! £37 billion was it ? that's more than £500 for every person in the UK , what what the cost of the Apple ap which the buffoon turned down as he wanted a "world beating track n trace system " , in his words !
  13. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/598732
  14. We all need to wake up to what is being done to the NHS and soon , John Pilgers documentary ,"the dirty war on the NHS " which i cant find on youtube now , only this trailer , the firesale has been committed by both parties started by Thatcher ,Blair was no better ,we are now approaching the end game sadly and it's a sad reflection of how corrupt our politicians now are and the grip that corporate power has over them , that works against the majority , if anyone stands in their way they get destroyed , as we saw with Corbyn .
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