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  1. cracker androooooooo !
  2. yes Chiily , hopefully in the near future an alternative to our oil dependent culture will be found and then our meddling in the middle east can come to an end !
  3. targeting kids ! all in the name of Allah , deluded scum !
  4. just ordered my wychwood bed , pick it up Friday along with my fox micron alarms x3 then off to France on Tuesday , on my river on Wednesday ! can't wait !
  5. will be making my way down to decathlon today !
  6. the barbell in the Dordogne go to a very good size , over 20 lb , not so big in the river lot though , different strain , I've not had bigger than around6 - 7 lb , great fun though when you get into them , you might be in a spot of bother if you manage to hook a large carp on barbell tackle though
  7. some stunners there , fantastic looking fish there chilli !
  8. that weeping willow looks worth a go , looks nice !
  9. Well done !
  10. about 2 weeks away for me , just got to finish off a few jobs until I'm on my local French river
  11. think I'm going to get a few 5 kg , compare them against particles over the summer
  12. I'm looking for a large sack of pellets to take down to France for river fishing , can anyone point me in the right direction please ! I'm still doing the particle thing , but just want a different angle if needed !
  13. Think we are down to around 6.5 million daily sales ! people are trying to source their own news , this has "the powers that be " in a right panic ! around a 10 % drop in sales last year ! soon they will control the Fake News outlets to ensure its their version of fake news that gets heard ! makes me laugh how the Americans can call out anyone for illegal interference in an election ! they are the true masters of political interference !, Ah well , rain has stopped , better do some work !
  14. Mr human excrement will be starting his political interference soon , this man should be in prison for numerous things , the worst for me being the systematic hacking of phones for over a decade , the Milly Dowler case being the low point , then Murdoch appearing at a parliamentary committee pleading his innocence , his pushing of Blair and Bush to invade Iraq should be looked into , also why did he meet May ,just him and her , around 2 months ago in America , I think he was the first to be told of the election !
  15. when I sit back and think how they lie , are being constantly caught out for corruption , treat being a politician as just a way of feathering there nest , and at the end of the day we are just plebs they need to persuade , if I had a "eject to Mars and star again " option on my ballot paper ! it would get a big X Except for Corbyn of course , I do think he is a decent person ,