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  1. never had as many bites in my life , went in an outbuilding four days ago and before I knew it i could feel something crawling up my legs , fleas , up to my calf's , I brushed em off as quick as I could , I now have around 100 bites ( no exaggeration ) on each leg , they itch so much its driving me mad ! I nuked em the next day , as I need to work in there !
  2. anyway , ive got 2 mates arriving shortly to do some serious fishing and I have to make their beds up , etc !
  3. banking crash would not of happened if it was not for bank deregulation , your avin a larfff arnt you ! your teasing now , you must be !
  4. Balfour treaty / declaration
  5. I would say Scottish banks received closer to 1/10 th of the total bailout fund ! which was caused by deregulation , going on since the 70's labour and tory via Churchill sold the Palestinians down the river because of what was promised to the jews after the 1st world war under the Balfour treaty its disturbing how way off mark you are !
  6. Gave away an empire ! it had gone after the war, America saw to that by making us open up the empire to trade with them ! the war bankrupted us , all our outposts like India knew we HAD to give them their independence because we were so week after the war ,and we as a country couldn't face another war , and the debt thing , don't make me put the graph up again !
  7. I cant remember over the last 25 years so much biased from the press and media against one party , and its good to see so many people not believing it , the press along with the Tory party have been knocked on their backsides ! and they deserved it ! happy days ! I also think that a softer brexit might be a good thing ! The DUP , that is desperation !
  8. Granted I think we will suffer , that's not labours fault though , that's Mays fault , "load of kids " sounds very Tory , its fantastic that "kids " have got involved with politics ! kids are shaped by their parents and society , any blame lies there !
  9. and that will be after a "coalition of chaos" !
  10. He is going to win the next election , that's going to hurt !
  11. I don't think you can blame it on terrorists , unless that's what your calling the tory party now
  12. Well , what a cataclysmic bells up , for the Tories , I reckon Mays days are numbered now ! arrogance backfiring ! she has made a right mess for us now entering our brexit negotiations , what a plumb !
  13. I have fished the Lot many times and caught many of the Iberian strain up to around 5-6 lb , good fun on light tackle , a few of the lads I know don't talk much about the "big uns " they catch and I am sworn to secrecy ! All I will say is that im spoilt for choice as to where to fish !
  14. So , what do others think of the "untouchable "Murdoch's influence on our political system , and is it a good or bad thing to have such a biased press ?
  15. but , if you are after a beast , go to spain on the Guadiana river system , I saw a report on a guy who caught over 20 , and the average size was 28 lb !