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  1. gagnaccarp

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Ive always had a bike or two , started when I was 10 on a ty 80 , at 17 I had a kmx 125 then a cbr 600 then yam 660 tenere , I enjoy renovating them as much as riding nowadays , I have a bsa c15 with oil carrying frame and modern ignition system that I built 20 years ago , here is one I finished a month ago , not managed to compete on it yet as I pulled my back out 3 weeks ago ,
  2. gagnaccarp

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    fake photo , absolute croc , who would put there name to that !
  3. gagnaccarp

    Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    having problems buying them before , but not now , hope they come by weekend !
  4. gagnaccarp

    Popping my French cherry

    I'm only down for 5 days , hopefully I will get enough time to catch one ,I will be happy just to get my line in ! I will be going back later in the year for a family holiday and hopefully another go ! Are you driving through the hell hole Paris maze ? I try to avoid it like a bream ! I usually spend the first few days after my arrival mapping out the river on my kayak , studying the new fallen trees and the new resting up places then introducing my baits .so , no hanging around this time ! Just getting my excuses in for the blank !
  5. gagnaccarp

    Popping my French cherry

    some cracking lakes down there , if you are flying to Limoges you will see some of them as you come in to land ,i've never fished them as I'm a river man , but I have often spoke to the groups coming back or too at Limoges and they usually seem happy , I'm flying down a week on Sunday , I cant wait to get back on my river !
  6. gagnaccarp

    April catch reports.............

    pulling out some nice fish there !
  7. could be handy ?
  8. gagnaccarp

    Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    good price , think I will give em a try !
  9. gagnaccarp

    Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    Its that time again , the search for this years hooks !
  10. gagnaccarp

    the z word

    seems to be rearing its ugly head again recently ,(not that it ever went away ) Mrs Priti Patel and a secret meeting with Netanyahu !
  11. gagnaccarp

    Hook file

    one of the most important items I take with me , used to take part of my broken oil stone , I now have a lovely fold up jobby ,
  12. gagnaccarp

    Cabanac (River Lot)

    did anyone manage anything on the Lot , i've just returned from France , I have a mate who has been on the lot for 5 days but not caught, he met two friends who have been there for 12 days without catching , think he was near Cregols , I tried Tremolat on the new night section of the Dordogne for 2 days but blanked , a lot of weed coming through , I couldn't fish at distance ! I've also heard a few reports of dogs dying after swimming in the Lot ! maybe algae !
  13. gagnaccarp

    October Catch Reports

    nice !