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  1. Not sure what to make of this ???https://www.facebook.com/C.love8888/videos/190878136411003
  2. Usually have a bommy at my house and fireworks , this was a photo from 2 years ago , the biggest rocket that you could buy , nailed to the fence after many pints of fine ale , you just make out a few of us sat right in front of it as it exploded , nobody was injured in the taking of this photo !
  3. Also , regarding the barbel , i remember a session i had around ten years ago when i got them going on frolic , i made my own boilies from frolic and chucked some frolic ground bait in that had soaked overnight in water , both rods were going constantly for over an hour , i lost count of how many i caught but , i think they are called "iberian barbel " i have never caught one over around 4 n 1/2 lb on the Lot , fun though on light tackle , the dordogne river is the place for good size barbel , up to 20 lb on there !
  4. Yep , your mate sure knows what he is doing , some crackers , dedication paying off there ,The Lot is a magical place for fishing , how many cats are there now , it's been a few years since i got to the Lot ,the last time i went i got beaten up by a big cat , i have been just fishing on my local river for the last couple of years , only managed a few short sessions though this year , next year i'm going out for longer so i am hoping for a few more sessions and should manage a trip to the Lot again .
  5. Hi pelamid , i haven't spent the time to do any serious fishing in France for the last 3 years , how has the restocking of the Lot gone , are you noticing any increase in numbers yet , i fish around figeac down to St cirq Lapopie ,when i get the time .
  6. Sorry , i'm a capitalist at heart , democratic socialism is what i aspire to ,like what the nordic countries have succeeded in achieving ,a great standard of living with more state ownership of national assets like our nhs , rail post and our energy companies , communism has never succeeded ,might of been different if the USA had left them alone but to me it just takes the incentive to achieve away ! these socialist nordic countries achieve everything that is important to me , good pensions , more than double that of the uk state pension , better schools and year on year they are the east corrupt countries in the world with good health care , the UK is going down hill , our capitalist system needs resetting , by spring i'm sure that the majority will agree with me , if they don't already
  7. Over the last 10 years i have searched for the strongest hook available ,i have straightened and snapped so many on french rivers ,sadly i didn't have long enough this year to test them on any serious carp in france but in my vice test , this rates very highly , ape-x continental 2xx by ridgemonkey , i use the straight point but they do a curved hook also ,
  8. Still , sadly , for a lot of people , if it's not been mentioned in the press or media then it's not true or not happened , people need to start thinking for themselves and stop reading papers like the express sun and bbc , certain things only make the media when they are blatantly obvious and sometimes not even then , and as we have seen over the last week with regards to the fuel crisis , people are very easily led !
  9. This is kind of my area , the deeper you get into this the more you understand that there is nothing you can do to change things , Corbyn gave them the fright of their lives and they have made sure it can't be repeated , the only chance is the formation of another political party but the propaganda against them would be relentless , things could change when the Chinese economy surpasses that of the USA which isn't too far off now as the green back is dumped for the yuan and the markets around the world plummet as our debt levels become unsustainable , inflation is far higher than has been admitted for years causing hardship as wages don't buy what they used too and when the inevitable happens and interests rates go up , that's when it goes boobies up ! Corporate power and the odd oligarch here and there have created the perfect environment for themselves , by corrupting our political system , it has to be completely obvious to everyone now ! But we can still go fishing !
  10. Looks like you've been busy Chilly , thanks Yonny , i have just bought 2 packs of size 2 , i have straightened and snapped quite a few over the years ! when they arrive i will test them against the apex hooks in the "vice test " can't wait to get back to the rivers , been a few years now since i have a proper go at em !
  11. My bits have arrived for this years attempt at catching a French river monster , these seem to have the potential to stay straight and not snap , has anyone got any experience with them ? i wouldn't mind them in a size 2 though a 4 is as big as they come
  12. I use a 7 ft Greys , when i go i will have a little back pack , then my rod will be split in two, but fully set up , just needs putting together ,same with my landing net and pole its all wrapped up in my carp mat which has a bungee wrapped round tight , i might spend an hour or so walking before i find "the spot " unless i have pre baited somewhere ! caught river carp up to around 40 lb on it
  13. My mate chopped a beech tree down last year , so after watching my share slowly rot , i have decided to make my own bbq , just stand on its end and run a chainsaw down about 10 inches , make a small fire on top , all the hot embers fall down , and you are ready to go , just trying to limit the amount of unnecessary trips , gas etc ! i am hoping that being a hardwood i can get at least 10 bbq's out of it !
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