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  1. gagnaccarp

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    massive dildo , then you are free to go fishing without thinking the milkman is filling his boots !
  2. gagnaccarp

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    nice , looks like a Harley roadster
  3. gagnaccarp

    there's a snake in my swim...

    I think this one shows the action a little better !
  4. gagnaccarp

    there's a snake in my swim...

    I woke up once while fishing the river lot to find this grass snake trying to eat this toad , it eventually gave up and they both jumped in the river
  5. gagnaccarp

    Tommy Robinson

    Good lad , he's ok ! apart from being a hammers fan !
  6. gagnaccarp

    Tommy Robinson

    After talking to a number of customers and friends on this subject over the last 6 months , an agenda has been established , and it led to all those girls being raped , we fear to speak out for being labelled racist ! the racist card has been used to great effect for lots of different purposes , and the inevitable backlash has arrived , the eu is in turmoil and has been for years since Merkel invited the world to join us ! lunacy , can these people not foresee the future problems , the majority of people were not happy with this , and it does not make them racist ! Its hard to imagine how many of our most vulnerable kids were raped by these twisted paedophiles , but what is harder for me to understand , in the muslim community you see time after time ,( but you have to search ) these paedophiles being defended for their actions ! social workers put the figures at over 100 000 since it started with Sikhs first being picked on and forming vigilantly groups to combat them ! When the establishment would rather cover this over , still now to this day ! then people need to act ! I'm not a follower of "love Island " or whatever its called , but today the "witch hunt " reared its ugly head again ,with one of the contestants possibly about to be thrown off for showing support for Tommy Robinson , i found the article online , but , what is refreshing is the online comments for the Mailonline and others , the majority of the comments for the article were backing her and her to be allowed to have an opinion , my faith in human nature restored ! for the moment ! would loved to of read CM 's opinion !
  7. gagnaccarp

    Tommy Robinson

    Racist or working class hero , Has he been treated fairly by the press ? Have the establishment tried to silence him out of fear of race riots or maybe any links to the establishment ? What happened to the enquiry into paedophiles and the establishment , the last I heard was , the third person to chair the enquiry resigned social workers are saying the problem is worse now than when it hit the fan when it was exposed nearly a decade ago years ago why are the whistle blowers threatened with loosing their jobs , pensions and ultimately their liberty this video is shocking , I didn't believe it at first , now I do , I'm sure most of you know my politics and where I stand politically , something is very wrong in this country
  8. gagnaccarp

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    And we can't be knocked out by the Germans !!!
  9. gagnaccarp

    Popping my French cherry

    The locals I spoke too said it had been a very wet spring , the rivers had been very high and my local stream near me flooded twice !
  10. gagnaccarp

    Popping my French cherry

    Also forgot my camera !
  11. gagnaccarp

    Popping my French cherry

    Blank , I only managed 2 short sessions , I saw a few good sized carp in the margins but had none , not even a bream ! I'm back in August with more time so should bag one then !
  12. gagnaccarp

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Ive always had a bike or two , started when I was 10 on a ty 80 , at 17 I had a kmx 125 then a cbr 600 then yam 660 tenere , I enjoy renovating them as much as riding nowadays , I have a bsa c15 with oil carrying frame and modern ignition system that I built 20 years ago , here is one I finished a month ago , not managed to compete on it yet as I pulled my back out 3 weeks ago ,
  13. gagnaccarp

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    fake photo , absolute croc , who would put there name to that !
  14. gagnaccarp

    Thought of the Day pt.2

  15. gagnaccarp

    Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    having problems buying them before , but not now , hope they come by weekend !