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  1. September Catch Reports

    nice fish there , well in !
  2. builders van

    yes , the Nissan does look nice , think I need to visit some garages this weekend !
  3. builders van

    not got the cash for new , and I don't fancy on the never never , looking around 2009 - 2012 ish or low miles and a bit older ! the hiace would be top for reliability , just seen one with nearly 300 k on clock and will carry 1050 kg !
  4. builders van

    Hyundai does look nice ,maybe a touch to big , the proace mpg wins by around 15 mpg , pretty good ! the fiat doblo does come out well in a lot of the reviews , never considered the hiace , will have to have a look !
  5. builders van

    After the death of my beloved Isuzu pickup in France , I have returned to the uk to search for another van so I can return to try and catch a few river carp and bring my tools home to fund next years trip ! I'm considering a box van , used , and I'm hoping a few on here have experience with the vw crafter , Nissan nv 200 , or similar , reliability is top priority for me the price of pickups now has gone crazy I bought mine 3 years old 9 years ago for 4.5 k and if it was in good condition I could of sold it for the same ! so , it's cost me £ 10 per week ! and no problems , so I cant complain as it had a severely hard life ! including a tree falling on it when I was fishing on the river Lot ! so if anyone can recommend what they think is a good builders van id appreciate it !
  6. September Catch Reports

    again , some crackin lumps there !
  7. September Catch Reports

    some crackin fish there !
  8. North Korea!

  9. North Korea!

    government backed corporate power , I see it as a big game of chess , and America are slowly loosing it to China , Russia and Iran , and what we are witnessing is a trade war against said countries
  10. Thought for the day.

    recently added to the night fishing sections on my permit . peachy !
  11. Thought for the day.

    went for a short evening session on Monday evening after staying indoors with a stomach bug for 2 days got half way there (around 1 mile ) when my engine started knocking then immediately ceased ,locking up my rear wheels , looks like one of big ends has gone and bashed the block hard enough to break the oil seal , the engine did free up , but the noise it makes when being turned over is painful to listen to , I got towed back to my barn by a local , that was fun with power steering and power assisted brakes ! Being stuck in rural France with no transport isn't great , no fishing ! going back home on Friday to buy another van , then return , then go Fishing !
  12. Thought for the day.

    Carp fishing in France is quickly becoming more accessible , especially for night fishing on the major rivers , the Dordogne and the lot having some cracking sections opened up for night fishing , not to far for me ! paradise for anyone who dangles in the rivers , been there for 6 weeks but not managed much fishing , just had a constant flow of friends n family visiting , had a depressing number of hook pulls though ! I am looking forward to having a bash at the huge Dordogne barbell ! get the Frolic out !
  13. Thought for the day.

    never had as many bites in my life , went in an outbuilding four days ago and before I knew it i could feel something crawling up my legs , fleas , up to my calf's , I brushed em off as quick as I could , I now have around 100 bites ( no exaggeration ) on each leg , they itch so much its driving me mad ! I nuked em the next day , as I need to work in there !
  14. Snap election Thread.

    anyway , ive got 2 mates arriving shortly to do some serious fishing and I have to make their beds up , etc !
  15. Snap election Thread.

    banking crash would not of happened if it was not for bank deregulation , your avin a larfff arnt you ! your teasing now , you must be !