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  1. I use a 7 ft Greys , when i go i will have a little back pack , then my rod will be split in two, but fully set up , just needs putting together ,same with my landing net and pole its all wrapped up in my carp mat which has a bungee wrapped round tight , i might spend an hour or so walking before i find "the spot " unless i have pre baited somewhere ! caught river carp up to around 40 lb on it
  2. My mate chopped a beech tree down last year , so after watching my share slowly rot , i have decided to make my own bbq , just stand on its end and run a chainsaw down about 10 inches , make a small fire on top , all the hot embers fall down , and you are ready to go , just trying to limit the amount of unnecessary trips , gas etc ! i am hoping that being a hardwood i can get at least 10 bbq's out of it !
  3. massive dildo , then you are free to go fishing without thinking the milkman is filling his boots !
  4. I think this one shows the action a little better !
  5. I woke up once while fishing the river lot to find this grass snake trying to eat this toad , it eventually gave up and they both jumped in the river
  6. Good lad , he's ok ! apart from being a hammers fan !
  7. After talking to a number of customers and friends on this subject over the last 6 months , an agenda has been established , and it led to all those girls being raped , we fear to speak out for being labelled racist ! the racist card has been used to great effect for lots of different purposes , and the inevitable backlash has arrived , the eu is in turmoil and has been for years since Merkel invited the world to join us ! lunacy , can these people not foresee the future problems , the majority of people were not happy with this , and it does not make them racist ! Its hard to imagine how many of our most vulnerable kids were raped by these twisted paedophiles , but what is harder for me to understand , in the muslim community you see time after time ,( but you have to search ) these paedophiles being defended for their actions ! social workers put the figures at over 100 000 since it started with Sikhs first being picked on and forming vigilantly groups to combat them ! When the establishment would rather cover this over , still now to this day ! then people need to act ! I'm not a follower of "love Island " or whatever its called , but today the "witch hunt " reared its ugly head again ,with one of the contestants possibly about to be thrown off for showing support for Tommy Robinson , i found the article online , but , what is refreshing is the online comments for the Mailonline and others , the majority of the comments for the article were backing her and her to be allowed to have an opinion , my faith in human nature restored ! for the moment ! would loved to of read CM 's opinion !
  8. Racist or working class hero , Has he been treated fairly by the press ? Have the establishment tried to silence him out of fear of race riots or maybe any links to the establishment ? What happened to the enquiry into paedophiles and the establishment , the last I heard was , the third person to chair the enquiry resigned social workers are saying the problem is worse now than when it hit the fan when it was exposed nearly a decade ago years ago why are the whistle blowers threatened with loosing their jobs , pensions and ultimately their liberty this video is shocking , I didn't believe it at first , now I do , I'm sure most of you know my politics and where I stand politically , something is very wrong in this country
  9. And we can't be knocked out by the Germans !!!
  10. The locals I spoke too said it had been a very wet spring , the rivers had been very high and my local stream near me flooded twice !
  11. Blank , I only managed 2 short sessions , I saw a few good sized carp in the margins but had none , not even a bream ! I'm back in August with more time so should bag one then !
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