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  1. this would also allow me to cast without the hindrance of a big bag I do have some PVA nuggets which I have never used, planned on using with my zig rigs but maybe I should use on the hair Thanks for the helpful advice
  2. did you find the knotless knot an issue with IQ2 ? What BS did you use 12lb ? I have 12lb and 15lb, might have 20lb as well ?
  3. PVA bags was my go to feed method at other venues but where I fish now there is a large stock of near record size roach, a lot of bream too so pellets etc is gone before the carp see it. I could stick boilies in the pva bag but now I tend to use stringers and fish over a bed of boilies put out via cat or stick. Its been nice not using the PVA bag as I can cast further but now finding that the bag was serving a good role of keeping tangles at bay as well as adding free bait. I could carry in with bags with boilies in but trying to avoid that
  4. I think I have the reasons why I had some problems My hooks are ESP Long shank size 6, used these a while with blow back style hairs ( silicon or ring on hook ) The hooklink is Coretex from Fox coated and the hair and the first 1" behind the hook has the coating stripped off The tangles are not from wrapping around the lead so much but the hook tangling with hooklink itself if that makes sense Yes i could wrap in PVA nugget or stick in a bag, my venue doesn't lend itself to PVA bags so maybe the PVA nugget is the only solution apart from Mono or Fluro as an alternative.
  5. No issues of knotless knot strength ?
  6. Had a few issues with braided hook links today, yet the Fluro hook links on my other rods with supple hairs never tangled Thinking of making up some mono 12lb hooklinks and using a mono hair would that work well do you think and would knotless knot in mono be strong enough ? I also have some IQ2 in 12lb and 15lb Fluro but that may be too stiff especially the hair Should I ditch the coated braid for mono or IQ2 ??
  7. yes I have those FOX I think, they also fit nicely in the FOX inlines However they don't fit the Korda clips very well nor do the other Qwik Clips I have. Its seems as suggested the Korda clips only suit a size 8 swivel and they then click and lock Can you guys recommend a good lead clip / qwik clip match maybe the Fox ones Bear in mind I want to slide anti tangle sleeve back over it when the hooklink is attached to avoid getting tangles
  8. Guys your suggestion of using a quick clip in the lead clip doesn't seem to work, the clip is designed to fit the swivel and click and hold the swivel, thus allowing the lead clip to work when trying to shed the lead Gave up and still stumped how to make a better job However I have ordered some longer anti tangle sleeve for the hooklinks to slide back over the swivel and clip, that might work ? What did I do wrong ??
  9. Its exactly like the pic, worried about too much hinging and risk of tangles any ideas ?
  10. Was planning a change of rig today, running to semi fixed set up However with all my bits and bobs I couldn't get an anti tangle proof hooklink to leadclip swivel connection Lead clip has swivel, to this I have quick clip but then too much metal and could tangle, do not want to rely on PVA The only option would be to tie my hooklinks every time to the lead clip swivel, that's seems crazy but would work What am I missing ? What I need is quick clip on hooklink or leadclip but a sleeve I can pull back to stop risk of tangles in flight etc any ideas ??
  11. yep he is still there and its easy to Block and add somebody to restricted access on FB
  12. I had seen this before too, a good rig
  13. My current venue has a clay / sandy lake bottom, do you think having a contrasting colour is better than a colour that gets lost visually on the bed ? Talking about bottom baits not pop ups !
  14. That is very true and the reason this is called a Forum, everybody can express an opinion right or wrong. The website for NS is a superb job, people can make their minds up if its the venue for them after they have looked etc, some people want different things from a venue which is good or we would all be trying to fish the same places I do think the website should show membership rules and prices to join, that way people could decide before sending in an application, just my opinion My membership comes to an end at NS soon but I am still not sure if I should renew at this stage a
  15. I think Newmarket was pointing out it sounds like we don't need to advertise for any members and before we had a ban on publicity, now we are promoting the venue and looking to attract members There is no shame to state you need more members, if you didn't I don't think the website would of been launched or the request to add your name to the list. Nice website but be careful of sending mixed messages I think was his point, you cant have it both ways Private no publicity, now publicity is out there because you need more members I think and nothing to do with waiting lists Sadly t
  16. good advice I will do that I think Seems like full license is £27 whenever you buy it, doesn't seem fair should have pro rata rate or be 12 months from date of purchase, robbing wotsits
  17. you mean live it until March, leave the third rod in the bag ? The rod license system is very poor about time they voted on allowing 3 rods with 1 license
  18. 3rd rod setup added, rod, reel and Delkim all ready for the POD Now what to do about the second license, do they price pro rata as I think they expire March ?? Not happy fishing without correct licenses
  19. wow Nick Your POD is on stilts !
  20. The places I fish now are harder and larger and I often felt I needed the third rod as an explorer rod or drop one in the margins It will allow me to cover more area and up my odds of a catch Also I can test different rigs etc on the extra rod Decision time all on pod looking tarty or spread around on sticks looking messy but maybe catching more
  21. mmm, that's got me thinking, maybe dig out the stainless sticks I agree having the rods point to the bait is always better, something that is not suitable on buzz bars or pod May try this idea instead
  22. Just added a third rod to my set up, only fished 2 max before So I was happy with 2 rods to go opposite side of the other rod to land the fish. What happens now with 3rd rod in the middle any tips to avoid tangled lines ? Also which rod do you tend to fish the margins with left middle or right and why ?
  23. You can get grants I believe towards otter fencing, sometimes its too late such as West Stow that suffered and had to fence after the event Nothing worse than seeing your water and fish stock slowly destroyed, members will take years to come back and this can ruin a business If your venue is close to a river its game over or will be in the future unless something is done to control them Some years back all you heard was cormorant problems, now its otters
  24. Thanks for the good advice I will let you know if it remains tangle free !
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