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  1. Really helpful link thanks !
  2. Hi guys, thanks for your replies, thats great! Not sure about the comment on knowing more just because I am fishing in France, I am going to a http://roseaucarpfishery.co.uk/ which I am told is a great and easy french carp lake, I am hoping the fish practically cue up for my bait I will try a few combi rigs and see how I go, I really want to treat my self to some new gear too, but not sure what to get, and ideas, I want a set of Delks but are they just a waste of my hard earned cash!?
  3. Hi all, I have been out of the fishing game for about 2 years. and how things have changed! I feel like a newbie again ! I was wondering what you guys thought would be the ultimate all purpose carp rig? I normally use standard running rig ideas, or snowmen... but I really feel like a change! Thanks in advance .
  4. Sorry for the late reply, been over in Thailand fishing for big cats, which I would seriously recommend to any of you! I even caught a big king carp, I will post some photos when I work out how too So my hunt for the perfect place to go Carp Fishing in France still continues, thanks for the recommendation of Crete lakes, looks really nice, someone said about Lodge lake, anyone heard of that? I have also heard that Roseau is great too - http://www.roseaucarpfishery.co.uk - so any advice would be great! Also another question... I am going to be sorting out my tackle this year, after th
  5. Hi all, this is my first post! - I have been fishing for years, however due to work and family issues had to stop I am now getting back into it and have to break my PB of 30lb, so can anyone recommend a couple of good venues in France for me? I am taking my dad so It needs to be good for older gentlemen, you know easy access to the lake etc, Also must have food on site. Thanks for the help! Also looking to get new reels, any recommendations for around £!50 a pair?
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