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  1. Right guys, just after any info people have on the two specimen pools. Iv fished Stuarts pool a few times but thinking it's time to give the specimen pools a go. Anybody fished it lately..? Any certain baits workin well, and I'm abit unsure of which pool to fish Thanks
  2. Unsure of the true name but it runs through Kidderminster and stourport
  3. Just a quick one guys... I know there is carp in and around a certain area of the canal in the warmer months, anybody have any idea if they stay to the same areas in the colder months or tend to travel a lot..? Or are more likely to be found in certain areas, only fished for them in the summer with a mate who pulled one out at around 7pound, and what a fight it put up...! Thanks for any help people ....! Dan
  4. Thanks Ian I shall do some research on the place
  5. Tbh there's nufink better then getting your rod, and a few bits n doing some stalking/ trotting on the river stour, and I love my river fishing for barbell n chub:p just sumfink attracts me to having carp out the River... Hmm
  6. Yet to even try tiger nuts... Hmmm
  7. Really want to have a good crack at river carping, I love river fishing but the last few years Iv found it's been really hard fishing (match style). I live in Kidderminster so if anyone has any ideas of any spots on the river seven..? Hears there's some good carp in there, Iv also heard of a few rumours of there being carp in the river stour...? This I find hard to believe but who am I to say they aren't. Any help please guys
  8. Sorry for the late reply, Started the day on single 15mm white choc boilie which ended up landing me 5 fish, nufink of good size but was still a good day, didn't have any luck on red maggot/corn/ pop up. Learnt a lot about this pool from the session and think next time knowing we're the fish seem to hold in the colder weather I should be able to bag a few more Thanks for All. The replays guys
  9. Well will be hitting the pool Saturday, few ideas to try.. Will post back with results
  10. Okie thanks for the info... oh I do like a good zig rig;p
  11. I will certainly do my homework, what areas would you normally look for on a sunny winters day e.g would they move into to shallower water..?
  12. Do think I'm ready to go down the road of making my own boiles yet ha.. Might give it ago in the summer I think, Thanks Newmarket I'll have a look on there website. Think it might be time to experiment with a few different flavours, anybody think much of mainline products..?
  13. Iv had great results on white choc boiles, do you think there alright to use in the colder weather..? Think I might give the snowman setup with winter frenzy boilie.. Ye hopefully will get abit of action on the alarms
  14. From what Iv read trout pellets are a no go in winter but I have never used them. Think I may try on rod with a nice big bunch of red maggots, other rod I think I'll stick with a bookie that has been working for me all year. What flavour are those oddysey boilies ..?
  15. Soo.. What baits are people turning to now the temperatures started to drop, Haven't done much winter carping for a few years due to a few reasons. I use to fish red maggot a lot in the winter, have things changed much..?
  16. Just a quick one guys.. In the summer i fished the washpool twice until we had to move on both occasions due to there being matchs on. We were told we could fish a pool that has a no fishing sign there, on both occasions we had a good 15 fish between us fishing on the top and bottom. I know there is stories of there being big fish in this pool but then on the other hand Iv heard there isn't, our beat fish was around 14 pound. Anybody got any idea of the biggest fish on the pool or if There's anything bigger then we bagged..? Thanks ..!
  17. I fished this pool in september twice, we got moved twice aswel down to there being matchs in. In the short few hours we fished there we had around 6 fish of a weight between 5-10pound... fish were in poor conditio though. Give it another go, white choc boile or a good chunk of meat
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