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  1. bigfish63

    Never happened Before!

    It happened to me at 4am on sunday morning during barney,my bedchair would probally have gone as well if I wasn't in it,what a nightmare,i did fish on though.
  2. bigfish63

    bedchair problems

    I used to have a fox stalker bedchair with exactly the same problem,mind you,i'm a 17 stone bloke,so no real surprises there,i used to stuff my change of clothers in a pillow case and jam it in the void,not ideal but better than a sore back,no such problems with my current ss4,deffo try and get your money back pal.
  3. bigfish63

    What is your newest purchase

    Last one in store locally,so I've reserved it and they texted me to collect it which i'll be doing tomorrow,and thanks for the reply bud.
  4. bigfish63

    What is your newest purchase

    A jrc specialist landing net for 18 quid,bargain,anyone got one of these?if so are they any good?cheers From go outdoors but I cant post the link up for some reason.
  5. bigfish63

    Best CARP angler

    Lane and hearn for me,though I rate frank warwick very highly as one of the lads he's class and as a true thinking angler he's way up there,chods,plastic baits,long range flouro's and many bait innovations are the work of frank,he's always got something new that he's trying and will gladly give you some once he's emptied the water lol,and his story's are hilarious,i also cant believe no ones mentioned the grand father of course fishing,izack Walton..........
  6. bigfish63

    Zip Tags

    Or zip tie a small washer to it.
  7. bigfish63

    1 Bait Fishery

    Corn over hemp,all carp love both.
  8. bigfish63

    good way to test my scales

    haha,I know the feeling,the times i'm sat there incapable of tying a rig or even threading a hook because I've lost my glasses,if my arms were 6ft long i'd be ok,anything closer and stuffed.......
  9. bigfish63

    good way to test my scales

    On the subject of guessing a fishes weight,i never get this right,but the best I've ever seen at guess the weight is frank warwick,he gets it right to the oz everytime,amazing to see
  10. bigfish63

    Daiwa basia df rods

    I've got a set of diawa df infinities in 3 1/4lb tc,I may be wrong,but I think these are exactly the same blanks and fittings,anyway,their brilliant rods and do everything I ask of them and are a joy to use,the only reason I can see for the jump in price is the use of the word BASIA,so save yourself some money and go for these instead bud
  11. bigfish63

    Which barrow?

    Add in the £60 fuel to collect from chester and you can forget the bargain smuft,lol
  12. bigfish63

    What is your newest purchase

    Carp zone barrow,£79.99 delivered,the reviews are good,time will tell!!
  13. bigfish63

    Which barrow?

    Lol,the carp zone one,cheers smuft
  14. bigfish63

    Which barrow?

    After reading the reviews I've just ordered this one
  15. bigfish63

    Which barrow?

    Yes,I've been told the same,but cant quite believe that it'll be upto the job for such a cheap piece of kit,i suppose we're that used to paying over the odd's eh,lol