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  1. Snowman set up in Silt

    Don't be unduly wary of silt! On a recent trip to a soft bottomed lake in France, I couldn't get a take off the firmer areas, but if I dragged the rig just into the silt, (tip goes round smoothly and it feels like you are using a 8oz lead not a 2oz), the Carp dug around till they found the bait, (a 20mm bottom bait topped with 3/4 of a 16mm pop-up, fished on a KD rig). By the end of the week I had had the best session I have ever had!
  2. Storing all your Gear

    Don't forget to dry the INSIDE of your stink bags. It's no good drying out, or even treating your nets, unhooking mat, and weigh sling if you put them into a damp stink bag to store them. Don't believe me? Take your supposedly dry Stink bag, and bung your head in it for a minute or so.
  3. Urban/Park Carp Fishing

    "interacting with community and minimalistic tackle...looks good" Mind you he probably started off the night with a full set of class tackle. BOF ;)
  4. Just found another..."Opening my cold weather bivvy, ( been using my open fronted shelter mostly), to find "ropes" of black mould where I packed it away damp" (stupid boy). BOF
  5. Salokinnodrog

    Its my lass's definition of EMERGENCY that has me leaving the phone at home. Todays was, " I've run out of Liquorice and Blackcurrant sweets"...........I rest my case. BOF
  6. Salokinnodrog

    Hells Bells I don't even take a phone with me if I can get away with it. Too tempting for Her Indoors to send me messages starting with "can you just....", what she would do with a full internet connection to me I don't want to know. BOF
  7. I generally run out of steam at 4 nights in the Autumn / Winter / early Spring, (basically whenever there is more night than day), so yes maybe its night length that puts me off Autumn sessions in the UK. Probably because I am usually doing them on my own. BOF
  8. How you choose a Boilie!

    Like someone said any bait can catch Carp once, the trick is to keep catching them. I know, 'cause back in the 80 / 90's an awful lot of my bait recipes did just that, ie catch ONE curious Carp, and then............... nothing ! BOF
  9. How you choose a Boilie!

    Back when Korda Tackle, was nowt more than a distant idea, and Ford's made the Sierra Cosworth, I made my own baits which allowed me a modest catch rate. However I got involved with a bunch of guys on my main water that used a very well known ready made bait and accompanying glug which they got at a much reduced rate. The catches that we had, and the ease of availability, led to me joining in the fun rather than spending hours in my garage rolling my own stuff, (some of which was good, but a lot of it wasn't). So you could say it was catches that led me to it, but these were genuine catches, not fakes (ie catching on Tiger Nuts, but claiming it was Bloggs Bait specials, in the press). Anyway time moved on, (as it does), I moved on, and I'm turning out my own stuff again, A) because the recipe that the firm used changed and it wasn't as good, B) my own stuff works as well, if not better than a great number of the ready made baits, C) because its low price, helps me to use lots of it, and D) because I am probably the only one using the bait, so nobody else is catching "my" fish, and making the fish wary. BOF
  10. Cheshire 30lb

    Its a case of managing expectations here. Ok there aren't too many places that have bunches of 30's waiting for us to amble onto, but if the guy has a pb of 23lb surely he wont turn his nose up at a 25 - 27 - 29? Then by the time he has managed to reach the top end of the 20's list he should know where to move on to improve on that, if only by listening to the gossip around the lakeside and in the tackle shop. BOF
  11. Cheshire 30lb

    To improve on 23lb he is hardly asking for the earth now is he? Your mention of Lymm is good, but how about any of the Commercials that give the guy a chance? BOF
  12. Cheshire 30lb

    I have never known a bigger bunch of secret squirrels than the Cheshire / Staffordshire anglers when it comes to putting information on the net. Its almost as if they don't want any of their Commercial venues to succeed. BOF
  13. Cheshire 30lb

    Oh look, the almost inevitable resounding silence from the Cheshire / Staffordshire lads is here again. Daz, if you are serious about what you are proposing try the Carp tackle shops as near to you as you can. A personal chat with any of the staff will usually get a positive response, and if you are a regular in there you may avoid some of the bull, and misdirection, that some folk seem to delight in heaping on folk who ask for help. BOF
  14. I'm with Phil Dalts here I love Autumn / Winter fishing. BUT...........I hate putting the bivvy into the car wet. Which inevitably happens sooner or later, oh and finding that your gas pressure has dropped to almost zero due to the cold. Which reminds me I need to dig out that big red bottle and get it filled before I get caught out again. BOF