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  1. I'll agree with that unlike some brand names they seem to have actually tested their gear in the real world before flogging it. First class stuff.
  2. Great result ! Was that 7 bags (?) of Dynamite Robin Red. Just remember its not magic, you have to get the other factors right as well, such as location etc., But I have been using my own version of RR baits for nearly 20 years and still think well of it. BOF
  3. Considering how much this little 200g packet cost I am not surprised that they dropped it from the commercial RR. But as I dont sell my baits its up to me if I crack out the cash for that bit extra "oomph". BOF
  4. Just received 200g of Astaxanthin Red. 😃 For those not in the know, it is a bait ingredient, nowadays missing from Robin Red, that the Carp used to like so much. BOF ;)
  5. Celmanax liquid for my bait making. BOF
  6. Sounds ideal for trips to France to me. BOF
  7. But the clutch on the Spod or Marker reel spool may not be up to actually using it when playing a fish. Some of them are much simpler and can be basically ON or OFF. For those of us that remember the old Mitchel 300 / 410 etc clutches thats what could happen. For those of you that dont remember them the constant jamming of the clutch was the reason John Wilson ALWAYS checked his clutch even years later, and using different reels entirely. But to answer your question, Yes you can use a large fixed spool reel for Spod work as long as the clutch will tighten up so it doesnt slip when you cast. BOF
  8. You will usually only get condensation to excessive levels if a) you cook or make a brew inside your bivvy, b) sleep with your door completely closed, and c) only use a single skin bivvy. In reverse order c) it only takes a few minutes to put on the Winter skin or overwrap (whatever), and it makes a huge difference to the warmth and comfort levels. PLUS, if it starts to rain heavily during your session, its the easiest part of a bivvy to dry off when you get home. Dont EVER pack away a bivvy wet and then leave it till you go again. Mold and rot sets in easily in the damp areas like folds in the cloth. It discolours the material, stinks badly, and is very bad for your health. If you ever come across a striped bivvy that reeks, you wont have to ask what went wrong, you now know. b) Easy to sort out, leave your front door open, (this means you are not groping for stuck zips in the dark when you get a run*, always a good thing imop). It also means you need to set up your bivvy so the door is not facing directly into the wind and rain, yet gives you a view of your rods and indicators. a) I know its tempting in the colder months to lay in your sleeping bag and just slip on a cuppa, but its not worth it. There is a photo going the rounds on the web, of the results of a bivvy fire. Doesnt take a lot to magine being zipped up in your bag with the bivvy doorway on fire and what the results will be. Its not the only occasion its happened, so please dont let it happen to you. Its far better to set up your cooker just outside and to one side or the other of your bivvy doorway and while you are cooking / boiling your brew, you are also getting a view of the lake. Even in the pitch dark (which it rarely is), you can learn a lot from hearing fish crashing or topping in your swim. * One day remind me to tell the story of the 6ft green one armed caterpillar. Hope you are ok with this lot. BOF
  9. bof1

    How many

    Depends on the venue. If its an open water with plenty of room I will use up to 4 rods. However if its one of the tiny mill dams frequently found around here I will use two, or even just the one if the swims are really overgrown. BOF
  10. bof1


    I think a lot of quieter lakes would benefit from bait going in from now onwards, especially if you can get down regularly. You wont need a lot of bait when its this cold, 10 baits or so in each swim put in at dusk (or later) so the stuff isnt just feeding the birdlife. If the fish are moving about a lot you can either add some small particles eg stewed wheat, groats, or pigeon conditioner or boost the quantity of boilies , just dont go o.t.t., at least till the temperatures get up towards double figures. BOF
  11. Try NO THANK YOU! A pal of mine had one of these it collapsed internally (due to the very poor constructional materials) within a month of purchase. With these you really do get what you pay for.
  12. bof1


    And me Dannygooner. Not much chance of getting me away from the fireside in stuff like this. BOF
  13. Good luck with this, (I am a complete novice with this stuff as well, despite owning a Lucky Fish Finder for 4 years now). Of course you could contact Joe Baitboat Jacobs on the Facebook "Bait boats for sale Carp Fishing" page, but he may charge for his advice, (its his business after all). BOF
  14. If the NGT is like the Ridge Monkey job it will turn out a lovely warm Cornish pastie too.
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