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    Carp fishing mainly, but in the last 50 years+ I've done a lot of other types of fishing.

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  1. bof1

    How many

    Depends on the venue. If its an open water with plenty of room I will use up to 4 rods. However if its one of the tiny mill dams frequently found around here I will use two, or even just the one if the swims are really overgrown. BOF
  2. bof1


    I think a lot of quieter lakes would benefit from bait going in from now onwards, especially if you can get down regularly. You wont need a lot of bait when its this cold, 10 baits or so in each swim put in at dusk (or later) so the stuff isnt just feeding the birdlife. If the fish are moving about a lot you can either add some small particles eg stewed wheat, groats, or pigeon conditioner or boost the quantity of boilies , just dont go o.t.t., at least till the temperatures get up towards double figures. BOF
  3. bof1

    What is your newest purchase

    Try NO THANK YOU! A pal of mine had one of these it collapsed internally (due to the very poor constructional materials) within a month of purchase. With these you really do get what you pay for.
  4. bof1

    Video from Chilly

    Outstanding !
  5. bof1


    And me Dannygooner. Not much chance of getting me away from the fireside in stuff like this. BOF
  6. Good luck with this, (I am a complete novice with this stuff as well, despite owning a Lucky Fish Finder for 4 years now). Of course you could contact Joe Baitboat Jacobs on the Facebook "Bait boats for sale Carp Fishing" page, but he may charge for his advice, (its his business after all). BOF
  7. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    If the NGT is like the Ridge Monkey job it will turn out a lovely warm Cornish pastie too.
  8. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Do I detect a vast amount of particle preparation about to go on here? That's my way of getting rid of all the green phlegm that seems to be so common these days. I spread Bucktons Pigeon Conditioner, soaked in boiling water overnight, and let the silvers and other Carp clear it off, (I use Bucktons as there are no big grains like Maize to slow the preparation process, even boiling it on the bank).
  9. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Just remembered, when your kids get to the stage when going with Dad should be an adventure its important to make it one for them when the day arrives. Make sure to take a stove and cooking kit with you. Kids are almost always hungry, and cooking a hot sausage sarnie with them will be remembered long after other more important parts of the trip. BOF
  10. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    But its great when they get to that stage ! BOF
  11. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Apparently I have a new hobby, (according to "Her Indoors"), making bait that I don't use "'cause I don't go fishing.." Well you have to do something, I can't spend all the day watching TV whilst waiting for her to get ready. BOF
  12. bof1

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Go for it ! Just don't expect everything to go exactly as you expect. I retired 3 years ago and am actually fishing LESS now than when I was working, thanks to "Her Indoors's" habit of finding "stuff" for me to do, (always immediately of course), and then she grumbles that I don't go fishing! BOF
  13. bof1


    PB list eh! Ok here goes:- UK fish Chub 5lb 14oz. River Swale Worm Pike 19lb 8oz Lomond Mackerel deadbait Mirror Carp 31lb 5oz Yorkshire stillwater Spicy fish and bird boilie. Barbel 11lb 6oz River Cherwell Garlic Spam Foreign Sturgeon 47lb Etang de Vaumigny Spicy Fish and bird Snowman. Wels Catfish 97lb Fishabil Bream livebait. Mirror Carp 46lb 7oz Etang de Vaumigny Spicy Fish and Bird Snowman. The rest like all the sea fish species I have forgotten, or they were too small to register in the first place. BOF
  14. bof1

    Catching at night.

    I was on Klasserie Dam on Freedom day once and the sudden arrival at the Guard hut of dozens of weird vehicles* reminded me of Whackey Races. * Not going to comment on the people, I may want to go back again someday. BOF
  15. bof1

    Catching at night.

    Certainly is Crusian, (thanks Gaz. I am humbled). I'm chronic at taking too much gear, 90% of which isn't used, and after a few hours its always spread about everywhere, making my bivvy look like a right rats nest. Yes, definitely something I'll give a good coat of looking into, that. BOF