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    Carp fishing mainly, but in the last 50 years+ I've done a lot of other types of fishing.
  1. Photobucket.com

    Just think of the millions of angry Photobucket users all rejecting the new terms, and trying to find some way of getting unscrewed, all at the same time. BOF
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Yes I got a Pocket pod, and it just isn't steady enough for me, but then I am a renowned clumsy so and so. So much so I destroyed a proper rod pod, and a JRC chair in the same afternoon once. BOF
  3. Tiger nuts

    Nickname of Eldrick Woods an American golfer who seems to have gone ever so firmly to the nuts side of life since just before his divorce. Didn't know he had a band though. BOF
  4. Herring oil

    I think most of us that used Premiers Fishmeal baits with Nodd oil did that from time to time "back in the day". All you had to do was bang it in and you got the "big flat", but the thing would drift away down wind eventually. Well until the Fish came rooting about, and then they would release another "Flat", (which meant it was time to hover by the rods, HAPPY DAYS! ) BOF
  5. Tiger nuts

    Yes but the fish don't just take a Tiger nut because of how much food value it has. I suspect they take it because they like the taste and the texture (crunch factor), hence my reservations also about over boiling any kind of nuts during preparation. Its a bit like my old Mum's Cabbage, it was years before I found out that you could eat Cabbage that wasn't boiled into a limp green goo, indeed I really preferred it with a bit of crunch. BOF
  6. Herring oil

    I always had reservations about really refined and pure oils either in baits in large quantities or on the surface in the form of a dip, purely because of the fish's inability to detect oil until they have eaten it. The imperfections, (minute bits of fish) clagging up the less refined oils are what seem to me to be the extra attraction of Salmon oil over Hemp oil, or Cod Liver Oil. This is however only my own preference as I have no scientific information to prove this one way or the other. BOF
  7. Tiger nuts

    I have always suspected a background of commercial interest to the original articles attacking nuts. They appeared at the right time to give the high Protein baits a boost and to stick the boot into the use of the much easier to prepare, and far cheaper to buy Peanut, Chick Pea, Tigernut, Brazil nut etc. etc. (Note ready-mades were far from common and the ones that were around certainly could not be called HNV's). BOF
  8. Tiger nuts

    Ta CM, keep on slogging at it. BOF
  9. Tiger nuts

    "brothers in arms friend but we are urinating in the wind. " But without folk like us pointing out the duff info about nuts, those bait bans will be kept on club / venue rule books. Sometimes even being adopted by new venues / syndicates, "because all the other clubs have a nut ban so we should too". It may feel like weeing into the wind, but sooner or later folk may be allowed to use good baits without the hassle of grinding the things down and turning them into boilies. BOF
  10. Tiger nuts

    I do, CM, I do. I have been catching Carp since the 1960's, and was very surprised when Mr Paisley published his attack on nuts back in the day. But I was not surprised when the expert he quoted (sorry, I cant remember his name), about the fishes autopsy, said the equivalent of "hey up lad just a minute, I'm not sure you are right there" or words to that effect. However by that time the nut attack was in full cry, after several editions of the magazine featured the stories attacking nuts, and it was too late to prevent all the bans. We have been living with the consequences ever since. There is a however to all this, if you, (or anyone else for that matter), want to use Tigers, broken Brazil nuts, or even the actual Peanut, then you should soak and cook your nuts. Not for any of the reasons stated in these posts so far, but because cooking the baits breaks down the structure and MAKES THE FOOD CONTENT MORE ACCESSABLE ! BOF
  11. Tiger nuts

    I do. BOF
  12. Tiger nuts

    Well Jamie to try to answer your question properly, "simply put there is no scientific reason to ban Tiger Nuts" . They aren't dangerous, but got lumped in with all the other stuff that got banned during what I call "the great Peanut ban" hysteria back in the 80's. They are not a nut, (which grow in a shell). IF I remember correctly despite their name in the UK, they are a Legume, a bit like a Spud. In Spain where I first encountered them, they are called Chuffa, and are used to make a drink, or you can just chew them, (note, no hydration necessary, just steady chewing). Carp can easily cope with them, even sometimes passing them straight through in their greed to scoff more of them. The "they swell hugely when rehydrated argument" doesn't hold water (joke). Seriously, take a container put some Tigers in, then top it up with water till they are completely covered. Leave them for a while, say 5-6 hours, or even overnight if you wish, and see exactly how much they have swollen. Just like what happens if you put them in a lake for the same period. True they will have swollen a few mm and lost their "wrinkled" look, but unless the Carp have chosen not to crush them in their throat teeth for some reason, they should pose no problem to the fish.
  13. What is your newest purchase

    If you are going on the Severn an Avon rod (1 1/4lb tc) may be a bit under gunned when legering for Barbel. I would see if you can't find yourself a 2lb tc carp rod from "back in the day" or even a 21/4. BOF
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Been using Gardner gear for well over 20 years, starting with their bait making gear. If I have a quibble its because not enough tackle shops stock their stuff. BOF
  15. Bait Bans.

    Agreed. But they do get up my nose all the same when they are based upon jealousy, spite, and stupidity, being based on anything but science. Like the one that was put in place by a northern commy banning plastic baits. Why? Because someone was supposedly hoofing in boxfuls of them as prebait !!!!!!!!!!! The nut bans are equally nonsensical. BOF