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  1. Thanks for the replya lads. Helps allot.
  2. Been on there mate. All about the titian bivvy now. Can't even find a site that sells them that lists the parts you get.
  3. As the tittle says I've never tried. And that's using a chod rig. I have the Korda chod rigs (since coming on here I see Korda hooks ain't great ). Now what I would like some info on is why would I need to be using a chod? Also is it a pop up only rig? I'm a method feeder man ATM. Using sweetcorn and meat. And id like more of an arsenal to try harder waters. If it sounds like I'm talking rubbish please say, I only wanna learn and get better. Cheers.
  4. Yeah Ian. I'm new to carping. But I sat back and watched other people at it first. I've never had to "strike" a fish. Baitrunner off and I'm in. I let em run abit and they do all the work for me.
  5. Cheers guys. Is there a forsale section on here? Can't seem to find one. Prob just being blind.
  6. I'll have to post some pics up from my last session. 11 fish and only 2 had good mouths. I'm glad the one that did was my biggest.
  7. This happens to me on my small venue in Leicester. I don't usually catch till they bog off. On the thread itself " nah mate you keep driving your street quad around the lake..... And without fishing gear!" (edited to remove a censored NG)
  8. Hey guys. After abit of info of poss. I've just landed myself a Nash hooligun 2 for free!! Only problem is the elastic has gone in 2 of the poles. Simple fix, but I don't know what lenth they should be now they are apart. I have a feeling I'm missing one section. The 2 that are ok, one has 8 sections, and the other has 9. Any info would help allot, thanks in advanced. Lee
  9. Cheers pal. Hoping to broaden my skills with what I've seen so far on here after a quick mooch around.
  10. Hi all new here. Looks a great forum.
  11. own brand corn, spam. Had me 7 fish last sesson.
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