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  1. Been to france a few times now (cas en lac last 4 years) so we are thinking of a new challenge.if you could let us know a few basic things such as head of fish, depths,difficulty, favoured swims, poison chat, crayfish etc .there will be six in our party and thinking of going early sept.any info is much appreciated. Cheers alan
  2. Has anyone fished chateau lake .thinking of booking for sept any advice or information would be most welcome.
  3. you should shop around.last year we paid £90 return dover to boulogne for a van 3 persons on bank holiday weekend in august.
  4. Has the ferry operators jumped on the same bandwagon as the airline operators for 2011.The prices are ridiculous next year!
  5. we fished it exclusive at end of august.weather was good and warm so the fishing was a little slow.most of the fish were caught at the island end of the lake.there is a good head of fish 20lb-40lb with a few over 40lb up to 56lb with no pasties or poisson chat present.the lake is excellant and paul and vinny the bailiffs are great.we have rebooked for august this year.there were unhooking mats already there (ask? about)also i would strongly reccomend you ordering your bait of paul.he rolls it fresh and i think all 6 of our party caught all there fish off his bait.no i dont have shares in cas e
  6. hi fatfish,could you give us more info on baiting tactics.are there bream present and if so would i be wasting my time fishing with maggots and sweetcorn. thanks alan
  7. many thanks for your time and help looking forward to going.i,ll pass your message on.
  8. we have a party of 6 exclusively booked on CAS EN LAC for the end of august beginning of sept and would welcome any help and tips from any members that have fished the lake previously.
  9. we booked with CCFH so whose responsability is it to make sure you get what is described in the brochure.the ironic thing is they advertise pest control and the last thing we expected was their own lake infested they also sell carp enough said!i think there is a video on u tube of lake being drained but the big fish must have slipped the net.we had 3x30s out of 300 fish so make your own conclusions.sorry if it seems doom n gloom but honesty is best policy.try mirrorpool fisheries next year
  10. we fished it last august and it was a rip off.the lake and facilities are excellent.we were not told it was riddled with poisson chat so all our expensive boilies were useless it was also full of small carp ,our average was about 10-15lb out of 300 fish (there was 8 in party).there was no other people on any of the lakes so this seemed a little odd.the bailiff said it was to be drained at end of year great for us! you cant use bait boats but you can HIRE a rowiing boat of them.take a couple of the jumbo tiger nuts sacks(25kgs) and ask hte bailiff to prepare them for you and fish those they lov
  11. we fished it 2 years ago.unless it has changed dont believe the brochure you can only fish half the lake because the french own half of it.the use of the kitchen is a no go,you have to share the showers with the holiday homes next to lake and pay for them,there are only a few swims i was doubled up on a postage stamp with no other choice.it may have changed now but ask.you need a bait boat particle mix off bailiff is good and try popup plastic sweetcorn my son had 2x50 2x30 2x20 on the same day from the overhanging willow swim to the opposite island you will find this swim easily due to lack o
  12. could you let me know the depths and what the lake bed is like please?also there is no power?
  13. it is excellent,really tranquil.lodge is a little dated but there is all you require cooker,fridge,leccy,bait freezer,pots,pans,good amenities,an old white duck that follows you all about and plenty of karpoos.we are hoping to return soon it is by far the nicest lake we have fished(so far).if you have first pick go for swim 11 (you will see and read why when you get there).you need to find the old river bed that flows to a great drop off at the dam wall.the inlet is at the other end of lake so the drop pulls all natural feed along the old bed.there is a graphic drawing of lake depths to help y
  14. thanks for help.have fished millstone a couple of times so if it is half as good we,ll be well happy.by the way i love b5 but the fish in france dont seem so keen on it.
  15. thanks for your reply.did you use boilies on the zigs and what does the lakebed consist of?i understand we all fish off the same bank into a triangle shape lake,have you any idea of depths please?
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