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  1. But you caught fish...why complain, its not about the size it about the day. i match fish and yes it would suit me. I go home every match happy that ive been out, ive got a match here Sunday and if i catch 1-2 pounders all day ill be happy...if i dont ill be happy. ive caught big carp. 24-8 on the waggler and corn, it was an ugly fish. ive caught 7 pounders from my club pool that look so much better. it aint the size mate.
  2. Lets put the record straight once and for all as i live near to both and have fished them for twenty years, the Hundred pool is first on the track on the right, it closed recently due an angler falling of the dam wall and dying(heart attack). Much work was done to this which included pushing the existing wall into the pool which has made it around a foot deep all the way to the island. There has been a carp explosion in there but the average is only 1-3 pound. There are bigger in there with a double being rare. For the purist a groundbait and maggot approach will bring a great net of carp and skimmers with small roach and perch also. i recently had a nice 60 pound mixed bag which was a split with 30 of carp and 30 of silvers. The wash pool is next track on the right and also has had a lot of work done recently, most matches are won was 60-100 pound on pellet waggler and feeder. The carp have been in here years and with it being very deep (12 foot) on the dam wall there are quite a few larger fish in there. A twenty is possible but again is a rare fish. There are also skimmers and roach. I have not fished here though for the last 10 years plus but have a club match Sunday on there, let you know how it goes. Talk of a 40 is utter bollocks. Both are day ticket on the bank and both are owned by the Paynes. Of the two i prefer the Hundred pool as it rewards the proper fisherman. Do not go to either if your looking to catch a PB unless its low. For this i would suggest Larford Lakes..there are also many little gems about that hold a good head of bigger fish. Charlie Edens is one of them, and that is not fished so much now.
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