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  1. Hi guys, long time since I've posted on here, I've been doing a lot of work on improving my fishing and have been to France a few times. im going again in September, it's a big gravel pit with some reallly deep areas (25ft) and I plan to bring my Spod/marker to find some decent spots to fish. When watching carp fishing on TV (monster carp) I notice that they will use the Spod to put out a lot of bait then fish all 3 rods on that spot. Do you guys think that's the best tactic? Or would you suggest two on the largely baited area and then one cast to a feature in the lake with a few freebies? What do you guys tend to do on a large venue (it has up to 70lb carp in there so I want to get this right) just for those that are interested I've decided to bring some of my own tied rigs - 25lb braided hooklinks with size 4 barbed Kurv shank hooks tied in to blowback rigs should be perfect fingers crossed, I'll also be using a heavy inline lead setup on fox camo soft steel mainline (absolutely brilliant line) even better than GT80 Cheers Jason
  2. Screwing boilie table down DIY

    Worked perfectly thanks lads! Managed to roll 3.5kg of my own bait testing it next weekend!
  3. Boilie recipe advice

    Thanks for your reply! I just got a new nozzle cut it to 14ml which rolled perfect dumbells (I changed the recipe as advised and they stuck much better) I then slowly made the nossle bigger with a Stanley knife until it rolled almost perfect boilies I haven't tried gunning out all the mix yet though so that's the next plan thanks
  4. Hey again, I rolled my first kilo of boilies this week using my own base mix, working hard on the recipe with the help from another one of my posts here my next job is to figure out an easier way to roll the baits - I have one of the large boilie rolling tables that does 30 boilies at once, but it needs to be screwed down. Even with the rubber stoppers it's still a nightmare to use - does anyone have any tips for how I could build a little frame without spending a fortune? I've seen a few pics where people have them screwed down at and angle and the boilies are dropping in to a little drawer etc but my wood work skills aren't great! Any ways you guys have got around this would be greatly appreciated before I spend a whole day or two trying to build a box for it to screw down to! Thanks
  5. Boilie recipe advice

    Good shout I'll make sure I spend more time kneeding the mix it didn't break much when making the sausages it was more when trying to roll it I used a 16ml nossle though so it was all squashed when trying to roll, then found it difficult to get it all to stick, I did in the end when I added some more mix and another egg. all trial and error I guess!
  6. Boilie recipe advice

    Perfect thanks, how much brewers yeast would you say? The peanuts were liquified in my mini blender so like powder. Ive taken the Nijer seed off and reduced oils to 10ml hopefully that will help. Should I increase semolina or is that not necessary? Thanks
  7. Boilie recipe advice

    So I made my first kilo, learned a few things: Next time I deffo need to screw my boilie table down as that was a nightmare Secondly I need to order a new nozzle for my boilie gun as 16ml is too big for 16ml boilie table from googling it ahoild be 1-2ml smaller sausage than then boilie you want to roll finally my boilie recipe needs so amending, I had to roll the whole kilo by hand as it kept breaking apart - does this mean I neee more semolina/soya flour in the mix? Here's the recipe, next time I'm adding brewers yeast and swapping milk powder for lamlac: 200g semolina 200g soya flour 100g megablend red (egg biscuit) 200g tiger nut meal 100g CLO 100g milk powder 50g crushed hemp seed 20ml hemp oil 20ml Corn Steep Liquor Peanuts ground 30g Nijer seed 50g Strawberry essence Red powdered dye (preference) 6 Eggs
  8. Baby milk powder

    Thanks for your replies guys, I'm looking at lamlac but can only find 5kg minimum lol if I find anywhere that only does 1kg I'll go get some looks good though as I'm not putting much in it should last ages like you said
  9. Baby milk powder

    Hey everyone, Bit of a random one, what are your thoughts on using baby formula as a replacement to milk protein in a boilie recipe to 50g/kg? im going to use normal milk powder anyway rather than any of the fancy stuff, and thought e.g. Hill organic baby milk at Ā£8 for 800g would have increased protein/vitamins and iron in right? HiPP are the world's experts in organic baby food and nutrition with over 50 years experience Organic sourceContains PraebiotikĀ® (Galacto-oligosaccharides/GOS)Oligosaccharides obtained from lactoseOmega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA & AA)Contains added Omega 3 (DHA) and Omega 6 (AA) LCPs Am I crazy or would that be better than normal milk powder?
  10. Boilie recipe advice

    Thanks for all your advise I'll post a pic of the end result
  11. Boilie recipe advice

    Thanks mate I've checked and it's the active version so I guess coat some on the boilies when they are air drying thanks
  12. Boilie recipe advice

    Oh okay fair enough so I've ordered some CSL liquid so is it not worth adding? Shall I make a glug from it instead? 20ml CSL, 10ml strawberry and veg glycerine
  13. Boilie recipe advice

    Will do in thinking about adding CSL liquid to the mix do you think that would work even though I'm adding natural strawberry and honey egg biscuit?
  14. Boilie recipe advice

    50g-100g bird seed maybe?
  15. Boilie recipe advice

    thanks for your help! So I've taken your advice and added some seeds/Hemp/CLO (crushed seed). I've also used a more natural red which contains egg biscuit and honey, I'm trying to create a strawberry bait so red is just a preference I guess. Here's the amended recipe - do you think there will be enough eggs now? 100g Semolina 150g Soya Flour 150g megablend red (red egg biscuit with honey) 200g Tiger nut Meal 50g crushed hemp seed Mixed whole Bird seed (from pet store) 10ml hemp oil 2oz (57g) Milk Powder 2 Large Eggs 2tsp Corn Grit 25ml Strawberry Milkshake Syrup 500ml crusha!