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  1. Hi muscle...sounds good...could you pm us the details of the waters and the joining costs? Cheers!
  2. Farnham seems like great value for money but they seem to have quite a hardcore following which is a little off putting...lightwater sounds good,just down the road...is that with lightwater angling club??
  3. I looked into WADAA but they are quite pricey for what they offer...but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Duh....would help...I'm in woking surrey...sorry
  5. Hi Guys, I'm relatively new to the carp scene and am looking for a water or waters to fish close to home (about 30 mins max drive). I'm looking for somewhere where i can hone my skills and also get a few runs in the process to keep me motivated. Do i go day ticket or join a local club? decision! decisions! Money is in an issue and if i do join a club then obviously value for money is a priority. I know its a big ask but im keen to go somewhere not too far early morning and be back some days to do the school run!!Any suggestions would be welcome chaps.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys....i do have one question and that is im trying to locate a number for Walton Angling Society...i've got the address off here but no number..they own a few ponds about 5 mins from where i am based and would love to fish there..any help would be appreciated...thanks
  7. Hi Does anybody have a contact number for Walton Angling Society..i've found the address but no number. A pm with the number would be great..thanks
  8. Hi all, I've just joined the angling world a few years ago and now after a brief fling on the canals fishing the silvers with my 2 young boys i have taken the steady steps into the Carp world and all i can say is what a buzz! Thought i would join the forum to learn from the experts and hopefully expand my own knowledge..
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