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  1. See if you can hold of a ex-army or ex-navy goretex suit, not only are they waterproof, but they are also very thin, light and pack away small. Check your local surplus store
  2. 2 x Shimano XTE 10000 reels Fox Stalker+ pod Prestige bivvy table 10 x pkts of Korda Kaptor hooks, various sizes and patterns Now to get out there and christen it all !!!!
  3. Or if you were night fishing, you'd block the end up with a bit of groundbait or mud and push a Starlight in. (Couldn't afford isotopes, they were strictly for the rich kids) And has been said, you'd fit them between the 2nd and 3rd eye on your split cane (fibre glass for the rich kids) rod !!
  4. A pair of XTEA 10,000's in mint condition, boxed, oil, spools etc for less money than a new ST6000RA !!!
  5. I found these in an old box the other day, best bite detectors ever !!!!!!
  6. Unfortunately not, I was on my own and don't take pics of fish on unhooking mats or in nets
  7. I think its a case of working out what it would cost with the standard plus's and the transmitters (and receiver) for each one and see if it is cost effective. I know that there are a lot of places that are selling a set of 3 Delks with £100+ off. But thats if you wish to buy new.
  8. I bought a new set of TXi's last month, my first set of Delkims, and I am most impressed. The sensitivity is spot on, and they seem to be really quick and easy to set up. I love the sound of a screaming Delk in the morning !!
  9. I took my lad to my local lake last week. He hadn't been carping before, and had only ever caught small silvers. In the 6 hours we were there he caught 3 doubles, the biggest being this 12lb common Two days later, I netted a 25lb common from the same peg, a new PB, and was told by the owner/baliff that it was the biggest carp to come out this year......so far. I know that there is a 35 in there, so I'm going to keep trying !!
  10. I don't wear camo, 25 years in another job was enough for me !! I was fishing at a local lake last year and a bloke arrives, all camo'd up, the hat down to the boots and everything in between, including the polaroids !! He then drives to the spot he wants to fish and parks his BIG WHITE TRANSIT VAN right on his peg !!!! What is the point ?? And why is it when folk attend fishing/carping shows that they feel compelled to wear camo ? Or the same stuff that they wear at the bankside ?
  11. I was never bothered about a barrow, until I bought one, and what a difference it has made !! I'm no longer knackered by the time I get to the bank after carrying mountains of gear in relays from the car. Well done Phil, a worthy purchase !
  12. At least I was getting paid for that I've been the highpointman on some of the best RAS' s in the world lol
  13. I do not fish in the rain, absolutely not. I generally check weather forecasts before I set out and if it states that it will rain a t a certain time, I'll be packed up and gone before then. I spent 25 years getting wet on some of Her Majesties finest warships, and I had no choice whether I got wet or not, now I have the choice. I am semi-employed now and therefore can fish more or less when I want
  14. I only buy my PVA from there too. They always seem to have good deals on, and as Newmarket says, they end their auctions at silly times and you can pick up some right bargains.
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