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  1. Couple of Trakker single rod sleeves for marker and spod rod.
  2. 2 Gardner feature leads 2oz&3oz Korda small marker float to replace the one I lent to someone and never got back.
  3. Only one thing , my driving licence been waiting 10 months for DVLA to send me a new one.
  4. Well done looks like you’re on a roll.
  5. Camflex use it all the time no problems at all.
  6. Don’t worry about what any other people say , you just do your own thing.
  7. Got my first one Monday , the second one booked for June.
  8. Gardner can’t go wrong.
  9. Happy new year everyone stay safe.
  10. Stay fit and healthy. More time on the bank.
  11. Wife said do you want a copy for Xmas , my reply was no way ( the clean version ).
  12. You won’t go wrong with them , use them on a regular basis no problems at all.
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