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  1. ....- If your a proper carper and like fishing hard lakes of course its about the size and condition of the fish!! But just for a Social I don't see what's the problem catching little carp as long as there in good condition. I hate seeing fish with pulls on there mouths where people just 'rag' them about. Tight lines
  2. Do you know this as fact? When I spoke to the owner, he said they were still stocking the lakes. There seem to be a lot of lakes that are having the same problem [tongue in cheek] Fish nicked by other fishery - Hopsford just down the road has better stock[/tongue in cheek] This is a fact. Nick the owner of western lawns Is only interested in the money so he's bound to say that he's stocking the lakes with tiny fish. Also hopsford hall has been amazing for years! Matt Hayes fished there in the wild carp lake. There's mineral lakes up the road turn right out of Western lawns and literally less than half a mile up the road alot of big fish seem to have arrived there!
  3. I would recommend anyone living in the west midlands area to have a look at spring pools fishery in the rugby area! This lake is top notch!! Lovely surroundings and only 4 pegs on the lake. Tight lines
  4. I fished western lawns alot a few years back and it was really good, fish were in mint condition and we're some big lumps in pool 1 specimen lake! I've been back recently and Caught fish mone of any decent size and the condition of fish is poor! Also there are no decent fish left in there as alot were pinched by another fishery!! Its a lovely lake though just needs sorting out best bet is to fish hopsford hall fishery just down the road!! Tight lines
  5. You find this more effective than coated lead core? Tight lines
  6. Hi mate, have you tryed rubber coated leadcore it's seems to lie better on the bottom of the lake bed as normal leadcore can sometimes get a crinkle in it and could spook fish as it doesn't look so natural. Hope this helps Tight lines
  7. Welcome to the forum mate. Sounds like you had a great 21st I've still been using a food source boilie as the cold weather hasn't really bit yet. I'll be moving to maggots on one rod when I manage to get on the bank again and gauging it from there. Thankyou mate yes had an awesome 21st birthday with a few new purchases. Yes ive used the source in cold weather previously im fishing a real hard water at the moment and just need a few tips on cold Weather baits I always put a ball of maggots on one rod also. And I've also stopped real oily baits now the cold has hit. Also any good places in the west midlands area for overnights?? Cheers rich Tight lines
  8. My newest purchases; Daiwa crosscast big pits X2 Wychwood signature 3lb tc rods X2 4 stainless steel buzz bars Fox m+ bite alarms X2 Loads of new end tackle Happy 21st birthday for me haha. What baits are paying off for you other carpers now the cold weather is coming in?? TIGHT LINES
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