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  1. A lot of this distrust and animosity toward bait companies comes from these Facebook groups, from supposed ex employees or disgruntled hearsay mates from the trade. Don't fall into the trap of believing everything you hear or read. Kev Knight, Gary Bayes, Keith Sykes, Ian Moore, Geoff Kemp, Bill Cottam, Geoff Bowers, Ken Townley, Mike Willmott and many more were all making baits while I was a glint in the milkmans eye. They know what their doing, if they didn't, they wouldn't of survived as long as they have. I've browsed these groups and they all have one thing in common and that's the same animosity toward the existing big companies. They think they know everything, and most are looking for that something special to replace their inability to locate and catch fish, It simply doesn't exist. Rumours are rife and facts are a little thin on the ground, just don't fall into the trap of thinking like them.
  2. Lol some still do Without knowing exactly who uses what, it's not my place to speculate. Some shelfies have a use by date, which tells me preservatives haven't been used or at least inferior products such as sugar solutions have. By inferior I mean these solutions won't preserve a food item for as long as a chemical synthetic variation. You say preservatives are still used, maybe they are, but how do you know without knowing the ins and outs of every company out there, it's all speculation.
  3. Because an angling environment is totally different to a sterile tank, where the only option is the food the student pumped in. Anyone with half a brain knows that too much of one thing may cause long term damage, the conclusions are obvious. Every species from fish to man needs a varied diet, that's not rocket science. I applaud his efforts but the findings aren't really shocking are they? Do you know what, if the date of the experiment was 2018, and conducted in a lake, using the baits we have now, I'd be shocked. Weve moved on a long way since then in many forms and I choose to pit my faith in the companies who tell me their baits are 100% Fish Friendly.
  4. If I was angling in a sterile fish tank, I'd be worried but this simply isnt applicable. You only have to look on the packets for the 100% Fish Friendly logo to see things have moved forward from 2008. Plus you have to take into consideration, the fish your angling for have a varied diet, naturally and unnaturally. How many anglers do you know who use boilie only? How many venues receive boilie only? How many venues receive only one type of boilie? Most waters could happily sustain the fish they contain so surely any bait is a mere addition. The test simply doesn't hold any value in an angling environment. The closest we have seen to this was either Birch Grove or The Mangrove when the fish lost condition through only being fed peanuts by anglers. The simple fact is, too much of any one thing may pose a problem, but this senario just doesn't exist.
  5. Gazlaaar

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    There's me, all set for the winter ahead as regards to bait and plan until I bought a kilo of live system and thought wow. I really like these boilies, perfect for winter fishing, a true birdfood/milk high energy, soft bait. The matching pellets look very good and the Roasted Nut Extract is a belter. I plan to spend all winter where I've been fishing of late, I've not fished for 3 weeks due to getting the house done and dusted, but now I've got some time to get back to it
  6. Gazlaaar

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    I think every aspect has had an impact including predation, if there's nothing to fish for, waters won't attract anglers. I was talking with the lads in the tackle shop yesterday, who all said the local canals and council waters just aren't safe enough anymore, some give up, some move onto more commercial waters purely because they can fish without having to look over their shoulder's. Your only safe if you fish in numbers, some have had their boxes kicked in and bags stolen, some have actually been challenged by groups of lads whilst fishing alone. I think fishing for the younger generations has lost it appeal. Like I said before, the decline in people participating in fishing has been in decline for years, it's not a sudden drop.
  7. Gazlaaar


    I did see that, he could be an argumentative old git but It did raise a smile.
  8. Gazlaaar

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    During the early to late eighties every canal and council lake were full of match/coarse anglers, I know, I was there fishing amongst the grumpy old gits who didn't have time for anyone younger than 150 years of age. All my mates went, and their dad's or uncles or more. Now, the local council lakes and canals just aren't the same, you might see a few over the weekends but nothing compared to back when I was coarse fishing. Yeah, I think carp fishing has a bit more appeal, and as a consequence a few more do it, maybe some of the coarse anglers have gone into carp fishing but you only have to look at the industry as a whole to see its only going in one direction. The industry has been saturated with tackle and bait companies, I just don't think the current situation is sustainable, take a look at ebay, I bet that in itself has done a lot of damage to sales. Simple fact is, money is a bit thin on the ground so new tackle just isn't being bought. I bet most of the particle we all buy isn't from any bait company it's all bought from animal feed shops, purely and simply because it saves us a bit of money. I genuinely just don't think a lot of kids want to go out in the cold and go fishing. Gaming has played it's role but social media has also had an affect.
  9. Gazlaaar

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    I think angling reached it peak over ten years ago, you've only got to look outside the box to see angling is a declining sport. The EA have been pushing the initiative with getting kids into fishing for free, Country File has even promoted this on one of their programmes not so long back. Forums are shutting down one by one, there just isn't the interest out there anymore. I predict the bigger retailers like Angling Direct and Fishing Republic will start to close a few of their stores to try and thin out profit loses, I presume they'll end up scaling all the way down to their head offices and just working with online sales. The number of kids just aren't there anymore, the rise in online stuff has sealed that. One of the club's in the Cotswolds lost half of its waters a couple of years ago, you'd expect they'd find more but the decline in members has halted that idea. I think companies who already have their fingers in other pies will be ok, like ccmoore who also retail pet feeds. To many fingers in the tackle trade has had its affect, their all taking a slice of that ever decreasing pie, Nutrabaits, Kryston and others have suffered, mitchell, shakespeare, and the like have all been bought out by bigger conglomerates. Yes banks will be clearer, but gear will also be harder to purchase, nearly all the little independent shops are gone which just leaves the mail order only companies. I think it'll end up as it was 10 to 20 years ago, just a few tackle and bait retailers to hand.
  10. Gazlaaar

    What is your newest purchase

    10kg Groats 2.5kg Tigers 1ltr Roasted Nut Extract 3kg Milk & Nut Crush Bag Mix 1 Tray Evaporated Milk Not a boilie in sight
  11. Gazlaaar

    Lo pro vs tempset brolly

    The bedchair is a fox r2 standard, I think it's 900mm wide, or there abouts,
  12. Gazlaaar

    Lo pro vs tempset brolly

    Make no mistake it is low, so if your the type of angler that likes a bit of space the lo pro probably isn't the one for you. Both the mozzi mesh and wrap arent whole wraps, but I only use the mozzi mesh as I can't stand mozzi's buzzing around my ears when I'm trying to sleep. Now their gone it'll be full open front for me until next summer. I'm one of those anglers that packs up just before first light during the winter months so it's important my shelter packs up, packs down and easily fits into my quiver without any hassle, it's an important aspect when packing up in the rain. The thing I like about brollies, is there up and done, pram hood style bivvies need setting up on the ground so there all ready wet before you've started. I'll even go as far to say it's made moving mid session so much easier and lighter. I like it, it could do with a vent at the back but that's it, otherwise it's great for me.
  13. Gazlaaar

    Lo pro vs tempset brolly

    I have the lo pro, I really like mine, It's not the biggest brolly on the market but it's light, easy to pit up and take down again, perfect for my over nighters. I use storm poles with mine although there's no real need to be honest I just like the extra stability they provide. If you can go and see one in the flesh, it's the only way you'll ever really know.
  14. Isotopes I don't know about anyone else but I find them very handy. My indicator bodies are the older solar lite flo jobbies, the isotopes are housed inside different coloured bodies, red, yellow and green. At night I have all of my indicators level, so I can see which one has moved out of position if I miss the LED on my buzzer. Plus on a number of occasions both LED's on my buzzers have lit up at night on a take. The indicator confirms which one is moving
  15. Solar quiver lock for me, hangers for general short range to medium range work the springers for medium to long range. I got the presentation set a while back for peanuts, to my mind there hasn't been any better since, they cover every situation I find myself in. The hinged hockey sticks are a great purchase as I can really tighten down the springers for long range or if im fishing a far margin or snag, I do also have the swinger arms, but never felt the need to use them. Currently, I'm not using any kind of indicator at all as I'm fishing so close in. Generally, the further I fish the tighter I want my lines, there are exceptions of course as mentioned above, far margins, snags, weed etc.