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  1. Gazlaaar

    It's what it's all about

    I have watched all 5 chapters of reflections, I enjoyed all of them, no reel plugging just good old fashioned fishing. The Martin Bowler chapter trumped the rest for me though. I'd be happy to buy these on dvd if they ever came out.
  2. Gazlaaar

    Marker / Spod Braid

    I have been using Daiwa JX4 braid in 32lb. It' been great so far, it's a 4 strand braid so you get a nice round profile which helps reduce wind knots, plus it has a bit more of a rigid feel than most others, anything too supple is prone for line slap, catching your rings and not casting great. I looked at what the American lure fishermen were using and this came up with some great reviews.
  3. Gazlaaar

    It's what it's all about

    I've always struggled to get across to normal people what makes us go fishing. Now I can just show them this, it's perfect.
  4. Gazlaaar

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Yesterday's session Well what can I say I found a group of fish after hours of looking, got everything done really quietly, so quietly the fish were milling over my 2 margin spots. Of course I was rubbing my hands together. I watched them for an hour or so when from nowhere appeared several fishermen. Right behind my bivvy, baring in mind I was the only one fishing. 3 old boys and the rest around the same age as me I suppose. They thought nothing of laughing and joking calling eachother this and that in raised voices, in full view of the very fish I was fishing for. I actually watched all of the fish slope off, and then stepped out of my bivvy. Not one for confrontation plus I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, I explained to them all that these fish were very finicky plus I was only fishing a couple of yards out, at which point they all looked very apologetic and moved on. I waited another hour but nothing returned, so I went for a walk, found a couple of fish, set up, in the usual manner and sat back with all the days events a distant memory. Then the nasty little critters moved in, all night long, bleep, bleep, bleep, I didn't get a wink of sleep. So to sum up yesterday's session, not the best but at least I was out trying and as for crayfish, hate them lol
  5. Gazlaaar

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    There you are
  6. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    Nick I agree on the heavy baiting (they'll come to me) syndrome. I'm regularly astonished how much bait people put out, the more you use the less likely you have a chance of a fish. Jim Gibbinson wrote about no more than 170 grams of free offerings per rod, which compared to today is absolutely nothing. There's numerous examples of the same thought.
  7. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    I've never seen it, a bit like cage feeder fishing only a spomb.
  8. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    Actually, I wonder if anyone has ever thought of attaching a hooklink to a spomb, set up. When the spomb opens it would release you hookbait in amongst the free offerings. Length of rig would depend how deep you want to fish. The set up could be like a heli set up, but instead of a lead, you have a spomb.
  9. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    Their behaviour isn't too dissimilar to boating lakes. Normally the moorings are off limits to anglers and you'll often find fish in these areas even when there's a lot of noise and disturbance, purely because of the lack of angling pressure. I'm not surprised to see the fish seem happy being in amongst spodding. The less of two evils I suppose, and they do learn by association.
  10. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    Problem is yonny, how do you get the fish to feel safe in such a busy environment? I bet the margins are ignored
  11. Gazlaaar

    Would you rather........

    Use the other anglers yonny, it's a sure fire way of getting onto fish. Most anglers even after finding fish ruin for themselves by making too much noise. Sneak in sneak out, or do both, when the crowds get to you, go back on your syndi for a few sessions. At least you have a choice, that's the great thing about my ticket, there's a few waters, some harder than othere but I have choices
  12. Gazlaaar

    frozen or shelf life ?

    The biggest and best ingredient of any bait, whether it be boilie, particle or plastic is the angler.
  13. Gazlaaar

    It's About Time

    Lovely music and the voice of Bernard Cribbins
  14. Gazlaaar

    frozen or shelf life ?

    Personally, I think if a bait is good, it's good irrespective of it being frozen or shelf life. Jim Gibbinson 1, some anglers who use baits complying with HNV theory are very successful. 2, some anglers who use baits complying with HNV theory are very unsuccessful. 3, some anglers who use what, according to HNV theory, are poor baits, are very successful. 4, some anglers who use what, according to HNV theory, are poor baits, are very unsuccessful.
  15. Gazlaaar

    What is your newest purchase

    I've had a mess around and set it up a few times now, I presumed it was meant to be flat fronted but it's meant to fan out at the bottom, a bit like the old jrc stealth. It's alright @yonny it''s quick and easy to set up and pack away. It has a single opening with two zips, so it zips open from the bottom and the top. Additional pegs are supplied, yeah, I'm pleased now I've worked it out.