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    I think if your going to campaign a particular water you should fish it all year round. Itll give you a better understanding of a water. It can be a little bit of an endurance test but the thought of catching that one winter fish still outweighs whatever mother nature throws at me. This winter has been the toughest yet and it has led me to questioning my drive at times. I'll usually spend the colder months, plumbing and generally markering around ready for the clocks moving in March. Waiting for signs of the bottom turning over, Swifts scooping up the first hatch of the year all play a role and give vital clues to fish waking up. Carp do feed during the colder months but it can be very sporadic, watching the weather helps, low pressure, warmer temperatures, sunny days. I've always said I'd rather fish on a wind at the beginning of winter than at the end. As winter takes hold, the middle of lakes are a good bet if you can reach them, or on a wind but at the back of it. In truth, I enjoy fishing all year round, sometimes I wish I could pick the better days but you make the most of what you have and don't waste your life waiting. Just get out and do it, we'll all have those dreadful sessions but it makes those better sessions much more sweeter. Baiting wise, I'll just use a little less, this winter I've been applying my bait all the way through, 7 bream and no carp as of yet but I'm sure the hard work will eventually pay off.
  2. Unfenced lakes

    Steve I do share your thoughts to some degree, nature will find an equilibrium, but at the cost of many a fish. You say, maybe fishing will return to the way it was, maybe it will, I'll certainly still be fishing but as Kev suggests, I want a chance of breaking my PB, or at least replicating it. Plus, I don't want to feel imprisoned inside a fenced fishery. Other animals depend on water and fences will stop this. I think the only way forward to to get Fishery Owners, Managers the right to deal with what ever threatens their livelihood. Many don't want to see the word CULL, but let' face it. Simply moving an Otter somewhere else doesn't solve the problem. Maybe the word CONTROL, would be a better phrase. I'm not being funny, a fence is only as secure as the anglers who fish, I've seen many an angler leave gates wide open. I've heard of fenced fisheries been wiped out by animal rights cutting holes in fences. The PAG are doing what they can but fighting any governing body takes years and it could well be to late. Carp fishing now feels like a battle against time, it's something I really don't like but that's just the way it is. Some of the waters in the Cotswolds will never be fenced because their nature reserves, these waters are some of the best around but for how long?
  3. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Do both, keep a smattering of bait going into the spots you know but keep an open mind. Don't count your chicks and all that That's what I'm doing, I've picked a central swim on each bank, so depending on what the weather is doing, or what I see, will dictate where I go.
  4. Myth or Truth

    I work on the premise, if it makes sense, your not to far from the truth.
  5. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Half the battle is keeping out of the wind or breeze at this time of year, I'll always try to get the back of my brolly facing any wind. Those trakker mattress toppers are good fella's, Yonny How are you finding the low pro? Any better than the fox supa?
  6. Myth or Truth

    Jonno The way I see it, smell and taste are 2 of the same thing in fish. Smell for long range, taste for short. Imagine yourself swimming in a pool, you swim through a cloud of Ribena, I bet you'd taste it. Much the same as fish, plus don't forget, unlike us who need to take breathes, fish actually filter the water through their gills, and there's only one place it enters a fish, and that's through the mouth. Ignore what you've looked up so far but look outside of the box at evolution. Evolution dictates everything and very rarely gives us more than we actually need. As water passes through, don't you think Evo herself would of supplied a carp with taste buds at the same time, killing a multitude of birds with one stone, of course she would. These taste buds aren't only inside the mouth, there on the barbules, the head, in fact, there everywhere, a carp is covered in the things, like a massive swimming tongue. If im honest, I think the bait making fraternity have over complicated the issue. Carp are inquisitive, they have to be to survive, they investigate certain smells and tastes, and for the better part, go about their lives, swimming eating and pooing. Freshwater will be full of all sorts of smells and natural tastes. We do it, us city dwellers go to the country and the first thing we notice is the smell of muck, but that soon reaches an equilibrium, and we become desensitised. I've read a lot about desensitisation, we do it with smell and taste. A prime example, I bet you take sugar in your tea don't you. So you'll know yourself, have a really sweet cake then take a sip of tea, you won't taste that sugar in the tea anymore, Desensitisation. So fish get used to their surroundings and soon learn to pick out and source certain smells and tastes, long range and short range. The thing anglers, especially bait makers all seem to neglect, all you need that fish to do is sample this item of food, they use their mouths, by which point, a good rig would of taken hold. That's it, I'm very sceptical about proteins and amino's being detectable at all, but they seem to have taken center stage for a number of years now, so important are these to some that other more basic, more important factors get neglected in my opinion.
  7. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Good luck fella's I drew a blank but never mind, I'll be back out Wednesday. I did move on to a couple of shows but nothing materialised, I did get soaked packing up but 20 minutes later I was back home warming up in front of the fire It doesnt matter how hard it gets or how dreadful the weather is, time on the bank is a medication I'm quite willing to take I'll be back out Monday afternoon getting some more bait in then fishung Wednesday. As I said, good luck fella's
  8. Myth or Truth

    Jonno How do we catch fish at night then?
  9. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Fishing at last, and tucking into a Cornish pastie
  10. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    After the week I've had I can not wait, im still like a kid at Christmas
  11. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Yes mate, I've already stuck in a load of bait over a few spots, I've just spent the evening getting all of my gear ready to go
  12. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I'm still up too excited to sleep at the moment. Laying on the sofa watching River Cottage at Christmas, I love this time of year. Fully recovered now, and raring for my first session tomorrow
  13. What is your newest purchase

    ESP Quiver for me, the fox Supa brolly is fairly easy to get in the quiver as it has a 3/4 zip, it'll take 5 rods, there are 3 pockets on the back, nice bit of kit, I'm sure you can get the rod sleeves and a top cover for it
  14. Fancy A Watch

    Carp Behaviour with Dave Lane and Brian Jarrett
  15. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Cheers Yonny, ideally I would of liked 6 weeks of baiting the same area twice a week, but time is of the essence at this time of year. Having the water so close is great for driving down and getting in some bait, regardless of fish, I shall enjoy it