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  1. To be honest the subject of NGT is a bit if a double edged sword for me. Cheaper tackle thats blatantly copied. You have the first argument of (carp tax) I won't go into that one but everybody understands. Then you have the argument of why shouldn't a tackle company charge the money they do. They spend time and money developing and testing products, which aren't always successful, and then you have some cheap little upstart copy company ripping all of your hard work off, I get that money is a major issue with a lot of anglers but I also don't like funding companies that are just there to make money out of everyone else. Personally, I keep away from their gear but price is king to a lot of people and I would never begrudge anyone for using them.
  2. Gazlaaar

    deeper pro plus

    I don't like them personally, I can't help but think the further we move into relying on tech the further we move away from natural ability, saying that. If I was already set up fishing and someone turned up next to me with the intent on markering, I think I'd rather they use a deeper. Everybody to their own, if you choose to climb or take the lift up Everest, who am I to argue.
  3. Gazlaaar

    August catch reports.....

    Not quite, a single row of small scales either side of its dorsal
  4. Gazlaaar

    August catch reports.....

    No mate
  5. Gazlaaar

    Can I ask a favour?

    Yeah same rig, supple braid hooklink, size 8 curve in a solid pva bag.
  6. Gazlaaar

    Popping my French cherry

    Well in chilli
  7. Gazlaaar

    Can I ask a favour?

    Definitely same genes
  8. Gazlaaar

    August catch reports.....

    I lost a fish early on in the session a thought that was it, gutted, but an hour later I had a little stockie common of 9lb 8oz and I was really happy, then this came along a few hours after.
  9. Gazlaaar

    Can I ask a favour?

    Both exactly the same weight, I know there's a few fully''s in there, I took it as being the same fish but the more I look the more I question.
  10. Gazlaaar

    Can I ask a favour?

    In your opinion, are these the same fish?
  11. Gazlaaar

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    I would of fished exactly the same, boards and jetties are inherently noisy at either end, plus leaving the net at the end of such a narrow platform in my opinion would be a trip hazard, especially when wet. There was no real difference in time running with the net or not, it's just silly that his methods are called into question when you don't really understand his thinking or his reasoning.
  12. Gazlaaar

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    Do you think he'd of gotten the take in the first place if he'd of been parked up on top of his rods. It's easy to see flaws in anybodies fishing but Martin Bowler has been angling for a long time and knows what he's doing.
  13. Gazlaaar

    Particle ban.

    This is my normal mix stevo, but during winter I'll blitz up the corn and tigers as I don't want the bulk. The pellets go in an hour or so before I bait up, I just use them as a carrier for the liquids, just to make sure all that liquid gets down to the bottom.
  14. Gazlaaar

    Particle ban.

    I bet they want to limit the amount going in. On my old syndicate, there was a ban on tiger nuts. I asked why, they said because the proteins in tigers absorbs algae. Sounded like misinformation to me so I added. In that case why haven't you banned all nut meal based boilies? They didn't answer
  15. Gazlaaar

    Particle ban.

    Whilst on the subject, why don't you blitz up the corn and hemp into a thick liquid and add it to your boilies and pellets.