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  1. Congratulations yonny, 2 to 3 years? Ben's now 6 and I'm still struggling to get out lol
  2. Stick on an inline lead with sleeve to keep tubing straight then cut a point into your mainline. I used to use tubing all the time and I do understand the frustration of line threading. The option above I've found to be best.
  3. I've not been able to fish for the last 6 weeks and I doubt I'll be going until the kids are off next week. The club have been trapping crayfish with margin nets, they do own other waters but I just don't fancy fishing them, too busy for my liking. Apparently the metoffice have given mild conditions until mid December so I'm hoping it holds out for a couple of months yet before we see any significant freezes. I've been chatting with a couple of coarse anglers I've gotten to know this year. They were surprised at the lack of carpers fishing last winter, especially as they had seen th
  4. Great vid, I've watched it 4 times alresdy 😊
  5. I'm sticking with my tough water, winter is a but of an unknown as no one really fishes it as it's hard enough during peak times, but I'm settled and looking forward to seeing a few more drop off as it gets colder 🙂
  6. Dumbell bottom baits, I believe an elongated bait is harder to eject than a round one, plus the rig I use for bottom baits relys on the weight of the bait to turn the hook. Pop ups I do use from time to time, bright baits for Hinged Stiff Rigs and a match the hatch for my lower multi/pop up rig. I can't really call it a multi as I use shrink tube for a kicker so it's just a low pop up rig really. The dumbell I'll sometimes cut in half and use a tiger or a couple of bits of maize, it totally depends on the situation.
  7. Wow you really have got it in for shelf life boilies, Show us on the dolly where the naughty boilie touched you
  8. Back to the original post, ccmoores live system shelf life boilies are quite soft or you have the option of heat treating what ever boilie you want with hot water. Poor on hot lake water an hour or so before to really soften baits up. If your paranoid about losing any attractions mix in a dollop of matching liquid.
  9. Knotless knot for bigger hooks, whipping knot for smaller hooks
  10. Shhhh we only talk about the P word with the curtains closed
  11. I'm just looking at the bait situation as a whole from outside the box. Yes I believe if your making your own bait and you have the time and money you should make it as nutritious as possible, but I don't think nutrition adds to a baits appeal, not in the way it's being thrust upon us all of late. I've often said aminos have wrongly taken centre stage but that seems to of shifted into guilt tripping potential buyers into buying what they believe to be the most nutritious bait out when in reality, fish get caught on all manner of things. I would even go as so far to say that so
  12. Bait Nutrition I know this has been done to death but I thought I'd start it off from a slightly different angle with a question. Is bait Nutrition the end all and be all of bait? For me No I don't think it is, once more I'd like to point out, nutrition doesn't catch fish. Further more I'll make a distinctive point, lower nutrition doesn't equate to a harmful bait. The two subjects couldn't be any further apart. A generalisation I know but, personally I'm bored of seeing nutrition this and nutrition that, it's a new buzz word that has replaced the older words of Amino
  13. People are allowed to have and voice an opinion, non of the lads on here mean any harm, do you think sticky would be bothered by the comments? Na, maybe you should chill out a little and take it all in your stride
  14. How very dare you besmirch the name lol I quite like sticky I must admit, you be careful chilly I'll make you do lines 😁
  15. A lot of this distrust and animosity toward bait companies comes from these Facebook groups, from supposed ex employees or disgruntled hearsay mates from the trade. Don't fall into the trap of believing everything you hear or read. Kev Knight, Gary Bayes, Keith Sykes, Ian Moore, Geoff Kemp, Bill Cottam, Geoff Bowers, Ken Townley, Mike Willmott and many more were all making baits while I was a glint in the milkmans eye. They know what their doing, if they didn't, they wouldn't of survived as long as they have. I've browsed these groups and they all have one thing in common and that's the
  16. Lol some still do Without knowing exactly who uses what, it's not my place to speculate. Some shelfies have a use by date, which tells me preservatives haven't been used or at least inferior products such as sugar solutions have. By inferior I mean these solutions won't preserve a food item for as long as a chemical synthetic variation. You say preservatives are still used, maybe they are, but how do you know without knowing the ins and outs of every company out there, it's all speculation.
  17. Because an angling environment is totally different to a sterile tank, where the only option is the food the student pumped in. Anyone with half a brain knows that too much of one thing may cause long term damage, the conclusions are obvious. Every species from fish to man needs a varied diet, that's not rocket science. I applaud his efforts but the findings aren't really shocking are they? Do you know what, if the date of the experiment was 2018, and conducted in a lake, using the baits we have now, I'd be shocked. Weve moved on a long way since then in many forms and I choose to p
  18. If I was angling in a sterile fish tank, I'd be worried but this simply isnt applicable. You only have to look on the packets for the 100% Fish Friendly logo to see things have moved forward from 2008. Plus you have to take into consideration, the fish your angling for have a varied diet, naturally and unnaturally. How many anglers do you know who use boilie only? How many venues receive boilie only? How many venues receive only one type of boilie? Most waters could happily sustain the fish they contain so surely any bait is a mere addition. The test simply does
  19. There's me, all set for the winter ahead as regards to bait and plan until I bought a kilo of live system and thought wow. I really like these boilies, perfect for winter fishing, a true birdfood/milk high energy, soft bait. The matching pellets look very good and the Roasted Nut Extract is a belter. I plan to spend all winter where I've been fishing of late, I've not fished for 3 weeks due to getting the house done and dusted, but now I've got some time to get back to it
  20. I think every aspect has had an impact including predation, if there's nothing to fish for, waters won't attract anglers. I was talking with the lads in the tackle shop yesterday, who all said the local canals and council waters just aren't safe enough anymore, some give up, some move onto more commercial waters purely because they can fish without having to look over their shoulder's. Your only safe if you fish in numbers, some have had their boxes kicked in and bags stolen, some have actually been challenged by groups of lads whilst fishing alone. I think fishing for the you
  21. I did see that, he could be an argumentative old git but It did raise a smile.
  22. During the early to late eighties every canal and council lake were full of match/coarse anglers, I know, I was there fishing amongst the grumpy old gits who didn't have time for anyone younger than 150 years of age. All my mates went, and their dad's or uncles or more. Now, the local council lakes and canals just aren't the same, you might see a few over the weekends but nothing compared to back when I was coarse fishing. Yeah, I think carp fishing has a bit more appeal, and as a consequence a few more do it, maybe some of the coarse anglers have gone into carp fishing but you onl
  23. I think angling reached it peak over ten years ago, you've only got to look outside the box to see angling is a declining sport. The EA have been pushing the initiative with getting kids into fishing for free, Country File has even promoted this on one of their programmes not so long back. Forums are shutting down one by one, there just isn't the interest out there anymore. I predict the bigger retailers like Angling Direct and Fishing Republic will start to close a few of their stores to try and thin out profit loses, I presume they'll end up scaling all the way down to their head offices and
  24. 10kg Groats 2.5kg Tigers 1ltr Roasted Nut Extract 3kg Milk & Nut Crush Bag Mix 1 Tray Evaporated Milk Not a boilie in sight
  25. The bedchair is a fox r2 standard, I think it's 900mm wide, or there abouts,
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