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  1. Excellent - cheers guys. I should hopefully start learning more as i get back in to it 👍
  2. Hi, read the forum off and on for a while but wanted to ask a quick question after getting back out fishing recently. Im pretty useless with knots and rigs etc and tend to use pre tied/pre made systems so ive been using an ESP helirig and hook length clipped on - when i cast i wait for the line to settle and start to tighten up but every time i get resistance on the line as if the lead is stuck on something for 2 seconds or so and then moving the rod it releases and i can settle the rod down with the line tight. Its always made me question what that initial resistance is - if its nor
  3. Awesome - thanks for all the replies guys and those links look spot on! Hopefully ill get back in to the swing this summer and see how i go The lure of catching a 20 will probably catch up with me
  4. Hi, thanks for the response. Luckily the local town park are holding beginner or "improver" classes for free this summer with a local angling club so i may have a go at that to help me. My pleasure is setting a rod out with a ledger and luncheon meat on and then a basic float rod with sweetcorn on and changing position every minute if i dont get a bite In terms of tactics i mean all of the stuff i see when i watch fishing programmes where people fish notoriously difficult venues and have really complex rigs and maybe wait a few hours for a bite but go for the big uns. I respect that and
  5. Hi all, I thought id register on here as i saw quite a few threads relating to Telford from a few years back so thought i could get some good advice here. Im 28 and havent been fishing for a number of years now. Im not very knowledgeable on fishing in terms of tactics, knots etc etc as when i was a kid my dad would do everything and i was never really interested in learning myself (tbh i couldnt even spool a reel ) HOWEVER!! I can catch fish with my basic knots! When younger i used to fish in Telford mostly at Hinkshay which was always quite good and occasionally tried Randlay,
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