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  1. YOU use worms and a grain of corn do you? (Yeah RIGHT).
  2. Oh right so halibut pellets have gone from being ''low quality fish oils'' to ''50% protein baits'' have they? My old school high protein bait was 80% protein Look each to their own, just use what you like My point was that there are too many popular myths around carp bait If you want to spend all your money on fish food then do it mate
  3. No less an authority than Jim Gibbinson said that HP (As in high protein.. HNV are altogether seperate) baits are only really good in winter, but pretty pointless in warmer temps as carp will prefer low protein baits such as bog standard readymade boilies, tigernuts, particles etc. in summer IMO far too many people believe far too many myths in carp fishing and for me the king of them all is the holy grail mega high protein bait that like I said is, I think, an utter waste of time and money I did my own testing on the lake I fish and an extremely expensive old school high protein mix was time and time again blown out of the water by a handful of my favourite brand of pre drilled halibut pellets, in winter as well as in summer Tossing frozen boilies in dry coarse pellet is like I have now said about four times a very quick and simple way of drying the skin of a bait and thus allowing the baits to continue drying naturally without any hassles at all Like I said it is a good method and you should try it, be careful though because you might like the sheer convenience of it and the fact that it works brilliantly Feel free to carry on air drying baits though, but please don't even imagine that an air dried bait will 'last indefinitely' as that is absolutely not the case and is dangerous thinking as their have been many reported problems of carp deaths due to mouldy old boilies mate
  4. What possible new developments do you see in carp fishing?
  5. anyway over and out, this is hardly the world's most fascinating thread ever anyway.
  6. Did I say halibut pellet? NO I use good quality coarse pellet. Another myth: NO they will NOT last indefinitely air dried, and thinking like that is a sure fire way of poisoning carp with dodgy bacteria. Another myth: NO halibut pellets are NOT a bad winter bait anyway, IF USED IN SMALL DOSES, the oils are so massively high pressure pressed into pellets, that they will 'thin out' way beyond what any oil in a boilie is capable of and disperse in water near freezing easily Yet another myth: NO to milk protein baits. They are an absolute waste of money and carp prefer a bait with about a 20% protein content and a good flavour profile rather than 60-80% protein rip off mixes My method does work, maybe you should try it. It is up to you if you want to waste your time and money, but I am sticking to my guns so don't rubbish what I am saying with rubbish born of reading too many magazines please.
  7. No room to put it? Then get a lead going outside, tape it up, and put a tarp over it securely taped all over it
  8. I was just gonna say keep a lookout for a free freezer or fridge I just got a fridge free from the local pub that was on the blink and runs permanently at -2, lol perfect for temporarily storing large quantities of all sorts of bait
  9. amazing river quite possibly best coarse fishing river in England too, massive perch, great pike, amazing barbel, all sorts
  10. Look I am not being big headed here guys but the sheer simplicity of shaking thawed out boilies for a couple of minutes in a load of dry mini pellets is an idea that shouldn't have been totally overlooked and glossed over so easily, lol What is the point of buying yet another tackle item an air dry bag and hanging them in a tree for two days for the pigeons and squirrels to muller when you can just throw em around in some pellet for 20 seconds, riddle the pellet out again, and have a perfect dry skin on the boilies for a couple of weeks of happy storage (plus a little dusting of extra flavour)?
  11. I wasn't crticising you mate, I was just making the general point that there are good alternatives to both digis and fashionable expensive (and very bulky) dial scales, and if they are that expensive then I would expect them also to be highly accurate, which isn't always the case! I
  12. No but please let us know what it's like as I have a feeling it will be better than the handful of high profile carp books I read that I thought were all rubbish and have put me off carp literature quite a bit to be honest
  13. I can sort of see your point, but leadcore doesn't lift scales, and barbless hooks are far more damaging than microbarbed, and carp do not suffocate out of water for a good few hours.. Hopefully most people are are very carefully playing fish, landing them and treating them right o the bank, and weighing, photographing and returning them with less than 3+ hours faffing, and also keeping an eye out for bad anglers, otters, gill nets, long lines, litter and pollution and providing carp with a valuable food source while they're at it. In short, bad fishing is most definitely worse than safER fishing, which is the point of the thread.
  14. yeah those highly expensive dials do look nice, sure, but my mate bought a set for about 90 quid and they were weighing nearly 2lbs out, so like I said earlier I will be sticking with my highly accurate 10 quid salter 50lb spring balance off ebay thanks
  15. Personally I find myself leaning more and more towards the idea of ditching sticks, buzzers, expensive indicators, expensive rods, reels, the LOT and fishing the one setup that can be used over ANY surface and that is a cheap old reliable rod placed on the ground.. the indicator system being '' strike when the rod starts moving''
  16. Still you would be better off with a proper snag safe bore ring/link than just a swivel hanging on the line. Like I said Enterprise do good ones. Also you would probably like the Angletec system. It is very clever, I bought a whole load of them. I don't use em as I prefer helicopter rigs at the moment, but will I'm sure switch one day: http://www.angletec.co.uk/dynamic-lead-system.html
  17. I don't buy that, every water is very different On my lake it is the middle of the night which is best.. 10pm-2am You just have to get to know the specific lake you are fishing
  18. If I can't catch during the day then I'm not interested. Then maybe it is time to try another lake
  19. Fluorocarbon mainline is rubbish, it is too heavy, and casts horribly ALL lines get coated in a 'dust' of micro organisms after a short while in water and stick out like a sore thumb, and in my experience a GOOD mono that sinks and performs way better than fluoro Stick to plain and simple tactics, and go after 'em. Simple as
  20. hmm despite you saying your budget was 200... interesting communication well in my opinion you could have saved yourself about 80 quid, but there you have it
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