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  1. rhys_thomas

    2 or 3 rods

    i generally catch more fishing 2 rods, don't know why but I feel more confident with 2 rods and tend to fish more accurately..
  2. rhys_thomas

    New rods

    I am comfortable with approx 90 yards with my 3.25s.. so anything 100 and over really looking at around £100 per rod cheers
  3. rhys_thomas

    New rods

    Currently I have a set of fox warrior s 2.75’s which i couple with either fox eos 10000 or daiwa emblem s5000t’s or for longer distance fishing sonik sk3 xtr 3.25’s which I am looking to get rid of i want a stiffer rod for fishing at long distances can anybody recommend a good value casting tool? Cheers lads
  4. rhys_thomas

    Bite Alarm Help

    Ive got 3 wychwood solace with reciever had them since 2013 and to be fair for the money i find are fantastic and they look good too. Only problem was one alarm has revently lost its tone but i left it in a bowl of salt over night and put it on a radiator for an hour and its now fine !
  5. rhys_thomas

    Trakker rlx6

    Great bit of kit mate had one for a year and would never go back to a normal bedchair where ive got to put my bag on and off it !!! Nightmare !!
  6. Ive got the rlx flat 6 myself and is brilliant in the respect that you can carry the bag on the bedchair . However im a larger kind of guy and would kill for the rlx wide boy its just a tad too small lol
  7. rhys_thomas

    Storm poles

    Hi guys just wondered if storm poles are a standard size as i want to get some for my supa brolly however i want to get them as cheap as possible , also what size would i need to get ! Cheers
  8. Hi guys just bought a supa brolly wrap to turn my brolly into a bivvy, although i have a royale classic bivvy , i find it quicker and easier to set the supa brolly up and thought if i had the wrap it would give me a twin skin . Anyone have any reviews on it as i havnt used it yet . Cheers
  9. rhys_thomas

    2.5tc rods

    Thanks for the replys guys , do fox do warrior s in 2.5 ? I havnt seen them
  10. rhys_thomas

    2.5tc rods

    Hi guys can anyone reccomend any decent 2.5 tc rods please , i have 2.75s and although nice to play fish on im looking for softer tips again as my lake isnt particularly big . Cheers
  11. rhys_thomas

    Fox eos reels

    Has anyone had any experience of the eos baitrunner reels ? Looking to sell my emblem s5000ts and get a set of 3 . Cheers
  12. rhys_thomas

    Rods for specific reels

    Ive got s5000ts on my fox warrior 2.75s imo they are balanced quite well . Ive got windcast brs that i use on my 3.25s but i always use my 2.75s with s5000ts they are bulletproof and do everything i want them too . Brilliant reels
  13. rhys_thomas

    Fox royale classic bivvy

    Yes definately
  14. rhys_thomas

    Fox royale classic bivvy

    Good ideas guys . Ive come close to throwing it in the lake a few times. Ill buy some grease for the poles or something that should do it
  15. Hi guys ive got one of these . Although i do love it i have a night mare trying to pack it away as i cant get the poles to break down . Almost end up fighting with it . Does anyone else have this Problem Or am i missing a simple trick ? Cheers