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  1. Ive had small okumas in the past and loved them, these seem solid and sturdy, the only thing ive found with them is the retreive is not as smooth as other reels!!!
  2. Should gave been more clear, yes for spodding/spombing work, is braid not the best solution then?? I have a new bulk spool of berkley big game in 12lb, would this be any good if i buy some shock leader material to go with it?? And would i just fill it up like i would a normal spool??
  3. i have bought myself a fox warrior spod rod and a spomb, i have also just bought a pair of okuma big pits which i know are not perfect for the job but i only paid £30 for the pair so they will do for now!!!, i am wanting to purchase some braid to put on these reels because at the minute they have got 15lb mono on. so a few questions i would like advice on are: 1. which brand braid do you reccomend? is there any to avoid? 2. should i use backing on the reels or should i completely strip off the mon and start with a bare spool? 3. how much braid should i be putting on each spool? 4. is there anything else i need to consider? thanks for the advice in advance guys!!!!
  4. i was thinking of doing the same tbh, have just bought a pair of okuma big pits for spod and marker work which are a bit scratched and scuffed with the paint flaking off the plastic bits!! but seems like a lot of work now you have broke it down!!!! think i will leave them as they will only get banged about again anyways!!!
  5. for me the best reels in that price range of got to be the daiwa crosscast x, they are 89.99 so top end but look and feel like a much more expensive reel!!! i am looking at upgrading myself from my shimano 8000 aero gtes but will keep hold of the shimanos as they are awesome reels what last for years!!! to be fair the only reason i am wanting to upgrade is to be a bit tarty and try big pits!!! will probably end up going back to the shimanos for the majority of my fishing.
  6. was just about to ask the same question as i have just bought a nash titan brolly!!, i have also been told the as overwrap will fit, so will probably go down that route!!
  7. i think the £200 sets are not the m plus, they are the Mr plus which have got a digital wireless reciever in so your not paying extra for just a receiver as you are paying for the alarms to be made wireless aswell. i looked into this as at the minute i have got the mx plus with the tone settings aswell and use a sounder box which is not wireless, but the mxr and mr plus are compatible with the wireless receiver. if i had a £150 budget i would be on the lookout for some second hand atts with receiver as these come up now and again for around that price.
  8. been seeing some pics of some flat inline leads which look good for use with solid bags, anyone used these and can anyone see any disadvantages?? am going to purchase some and see what they are like!!
  9. Anyone fished this place in derbyshire?? Think i am going for day on sunday, all i can find that its a runs water with fish to mid twenties!! Can anyone share any info on how to fish it this time of year?? Cheers in advance
  10. Thanks guys, had relative success with a small dumbell tipped with fake corn on a standard hair rig using a 4-6" supple braid hooklength so am on the right lines!!! And thanks for welcoming me to the site, hopefully you will keep answering my questions!!
  11. i know i probably will get loads of different opinions on this but im looking for a venue, not too far from sheffield (100 mile radius) to have a 48hr session at the end of may,with work and family commitments i usually only do short sessions and have never done a 48 hr so it will be quite new to me. can anyone suggest any suitable venues?? cheers in advance
  12. hi guys i am new to the forum!!!, i am a converted match fisherman who has dabbled with carp fishing for the past few years but am taking it up seriously this year!! anyways enough about me, whats the best rig to use in conjunction with a solid pva bag using a pop up?? cheers in advance!!
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