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  1. ive tried on youtube but there in a diff language lol non on in english
  2. hi dunno if in the right section anyone no any gd sites to download the korda dvds from thanks
  3. wallyapp


    cheers new pb for me so ive been on abit of a buzz lol
  4. wallyapp


    the set upi was using are korda hybrid clips with quick release leads .....also the hooks i was using were size 8 and to me i just have no confidence in them....andways i changed the hooks over to korda crank wide gape and did a 24 hour session this weekend and had 4 fish with no problems which one fish was a pb for me this was the fish
  5. wallyapp


    hi guys ive started making rigs with korda n trap with size 8 fox arma points and since ive started using them i seem to be loosing alot of fish...been getting the runs as soon as a strike fish on but 5 sec later fish off tried few diff changes by make kd rigs n lost 3 out 3 on them i no am making the correct am woundering if its the hook as curses in but its baffled me
  6. i use a jrc contact 2 man quite often atm nice n easy to put up packs away just as easy to and for £129 from go outdoors its a steal for what it is
  7. theres 2 places in catterick to fish mate there is catterick fishing complex which is a day ticket water and also there is a lake in the middle of catterick racecourse with is syndicate but not sure how about joining ...if u have facebook look for catterick fishing complex page and like it as there is 4 different fishing lakes there for you to maybe have a look at
  8. cheers guys... read all your comments and im goin to have a go at a few things untill i find the best line for me so its much appreicated
  9. Big pit reels am using at mo wheres best site to buy tiger line may give it a try
  10. Its new line only fished 4 times with it and cant get away with usingit. So looking for something alot better whats that nash mono like do u no?
  11. Am using diawa infinity line and it does seem to be doin any gd as its hard t sink and flys off the spool like line thatu can buy dor 2 pound
  12. Whats the best sinking line that doesnt spool?
  13. just a shame its valentines weekend as id be out again haha
  14. i did 24 hours this week and last week in the wind a rain i just dont feel right if i dont go whatever the weather ....had 3 last week 17lb 13lb and 12lb and last night til this morn had the 1 which was 18lb
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