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  1. Yep! My first trip aswel last Friday at whelford pools got there jus b4 dark had a nice 16lb common 230 in the morning feels good to hear the alarms again cell halo did the trick on a ace kicker rig with crushed cell n pellets in a PVA stick
  2. I was caught without 1 when I was 18 got fined £250 got 1ever since, fisheries should check because u will get less idiots on the bank people with licenses shows the love for the sport, but yea owners jus want the money
  3. Wick is called franklins on the web site
  4. Obviously c it in the mag but in my local tackle shop the freezer full of cell, I've used Nash dynamite gulp sticky with it
  5. Over the 5 years I've been carp fishing I always take a bag of cell n sometimes a different boilie 1 rod each not saying I catch every time but cell for me comes out on top!
  6. I've blanked on cell, I'll b the first to own up, lol
  7. Does any other boilie have this divided opinion,
  8. Kentparticals R approved bait roller by mainline iv had no problems, Its good because U get paste hook dips pop Ups plus free delivery
  9. Kentparticals do good deals the more U buy the better the deal instead of buying single bags
  10. Its good to c peoples opinions on it, I like it
  11. CELL! (hate it or love it) ????
  12. I bought wychood solace big pit reels last year very good real, definitely recommend wychwood , rods, reels luggage, all very good for the price
  13. Never fished a weedy water b4, but im joining 1 soon jus wandering do I find clear spots or fish over the weed or both?
  14. what's your best colour pop up U use mine is pink cell![/url]
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