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  1. With reference to the rollijng my own baits being cheaper, it might not be for everyone but i can get mix and all the bits needed on the cheap, which i forgot to mention, so it is cheaper for me to make my own. And in the long run saving alot of money, problem solved!!!
  2. I have spent the last 2-3 months stocking up for my first session of the year on 1st April (33 days away 792 hours away) not that im counting!!!! I have spent about £350 on tackle and bait so this first one works out expensive but that ties me over for the year, i am also going to start rolling my own boilies so theres the cost of bait out of the window...... Probarbly cost me about £60 a time for 48 hours this season, so if you have time to make your own baits and stock up on tackle well in advance its only tickets and fuel to pay for. Happy days
  3. Yea them bluetooth roda and reels are good, takes away all the work from actually realling the fish in yourself
  4. There are a few day ticket waters that i am going to try this year (lakemore in crewe and also blakemere) which both have 30s in them. But I like a challenge so i want to also get my warrington anglers ticket back again and try the big lake at sandiway, there is loads of natural fish in there and with it being such a large place that isnt really fished alot, well the times i have been on in the past i practically had the plae to myself, i would get a sense of achievment pulling a 30 out of there. But i am just going to enjoy my fishing and the 30 will be a bonus
  5. That is funny because my grandad was called John Siddall, dont find many siddalls/sydalls about
  6. When approaching a new venue what is the first thing you do?? I sometimes find myself quite lost on whether to go with peoples advice, do a bit of feature finding, look for the carps patrol routes or just get straight in there and do some trial and error?? Anyone got any tips on new waters and bagging more fish?
  7. Although my pb is the 29.7 mirror, my proudest moment was the 18lb mirror. I caught that on 3lb line on a float rod with a size 16 hook on Gawsworth Fisheries, much more satisfying than my pb which was caught in a quite heavily stocked place. So it just goes to show, the bigger ones are not always the most memorable. Tight lines
  8. UK mirror - 18.6lb UK common - 16.0lb French mirror - 29.7lb
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I do enjoy my fishing and mostly all of the carp i catch, i think most carp fisherman who havnt yet had a 30 do aspire to put one on the bank and i have been close to that weight a few times now but.......im not rushing to a muddy puddle to pull one out as there would be no sense of achievment in that, to be honest the overstocked waters do not do it for me. Anyway....the 30 will come. Cheers all
  10. Yea i am still all for the single rod licenses but for the people who want to fish with three rods they should be able to buy a '3 rod lisence'. Best of both for everyone. Tight lines
  11. It was a while ago now but ill spin the dit anyway as im new to this site. Back in 2008 i was on a trip to Etangs De Britain in france, all was going well, weather was glorious and we were catching nice carp in abundance. On the 3rd day in my dad and the lads went away into the town to get some supplies in (more wine ) and i said i will stay behind and hold the fort. We had caught a few 20s up to now and a few cats but the 40s were still hiding. Half an hour had passed and i had a slow steady run, i hooked into it and it had me up and down the lake for nearly 25 minutes before i decided to phone my dad and tell him that i had the BIGGIE on and he needs to come back to witness it and get the camera ready for my picture moment. So they get back ten minutes later and im still fighting this huge fish.............eventually got it into the net and it weighed 13lb................laughing stock for the rest of the trip and spent the last few days holed up in my bivvet.
  12. Hi all, New to carp.com and already i have swatted up on some good advice from the members. My pb currently stands at 29.7 (sure the scales were having me on when i seen them). Hoping this year will bring me my first long awaited 30. Tight lines for all this year Sid
  13. In my opinion PVA stocking is the best one to use, you can make the helping as large or as small as you want, it casts alot further than normal bags and it dosnt leave any big clumps of residue we spend ages picking off. But hey, thats my opinion. Im also partial to a cheeky stringer every now and again.
  14. No never tried that place but it looks like a good water, have to give it a go. Have you fished it? Any success?
  15. Has anyone got any suggestions for day ticket waters in the north-west area??? There is so many to choose from and the ones i have fished in the past have proved not to live up to the standards they portray on there websites. I have had licenses in the past for WAA and Northwich but they have lost some of their better fisheries, inparticular Astle Pool off the northwich license. I am going to try lakemore (crewe) in early april because it holds some great fish and has good reputation but i have also been looking at Blakemere.........any ideas? Tight lines
  16. I honestly cannot see how hard it would be to bring out a special 3 rod license, £57 isnt alot when you break it down over the year but when we speak about people on budgets it is alot to fork out. Especially for people like myself who work away alot and only get a few chances a year to get out there, when i do i want to maximise my chances of a fish and get three rods out where possible. The 3 rod license is the way foward. Tight lines
  17. Has anybody ever fished lakemore fisheries in crewe around April time? I have booked for 1st April and It will be my first time on there fishing horseshoe lake. Just after some tips or advice as it can always be difficult fishing a new water that is fished alot. I am going to try and avoid the cats and fish mainly for the carp, i know this is easier said than done because the cats are like hoovers where ever i go, but to be honest i wouldnt complain if i caught a big one, anything would help??
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