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    I have been fishing for the last year and must say that most of the guys i have met on the bank are pretty friendly and discuss tactics and tips with me. A few of the older ones seem to think that women still belong in the kitchen but they really are in the minority.
    The facilities can put you of sometimes. As long as there is some sort of loo around thats fine. I dont expect flowers in the toilet and soft towels, just somewhere to pee.....
    We did buy a chemical porta loo that fits nicely into the back of the van which does its job I dont see many women fishing seriously and am still in the minority but im certain this will change.
    Just to mention i go fishing with my partner who taught me everything i know and he  is still over a lb behind my PB
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    Camouflage is a subject which divides the carp fishing world. Trouble is, no one can find the people who are good at it to ask them about it.
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