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  1. I know the obvious answer is '1', but I have purchased some second hand v1s (still awaiting delivery). I just wanted to know what exactly they changed?
  2. Daft question, when you wish to keep a fish for photos in the morning, is it a must that your retention sling floats? Im guessing so.
  3. I currently use delk ev pluses, but I am starting to want a reciever (without shelling 120 out for transmitters and reciever). Does anybody have any recommendations of a similar alarm and reciever set for similar money? Let's say a pair of these is £80-£90, if I was to add £50 to that what set could anybody recommend?
  4. Evening I'm going to call the guys at RH tomorrow and book a 36 hour session at the monument. Just looking for some advice on how to approach it and what tactics to employ. Would you advise a large amount of bait, or just keep the freebies down and send out a solid bag? Lastly, is there a waiting list for this place? Cheers Joe
  5. Not tried them, nor have I found many reviews on them, but have a look at the Nash h-gun bp10. They came out this year, and having looked at them in my local tackle shop, I have to say they look superb. £40 each really is value.. I'm currently upgrading from shimano 6000 to wychwood exorcist. Very happy with my first one, especially at £65
  6. A good friend of mine has moved into a flat in london, and he says there are a load of waters next to him which could be fished. The postcode is n179qu. Anybody fished them? And what are they like? Think one is called Lockwood reservoir.
  7. Was going to say.. But got distracted working.! The amount of units they shift I would say more than a few quid as well Anyhow I suppose it isn't enough to deter people and I guess you don't have to choose the purple ones
  8. Nick they're awesome, would much rather pay for them!
  9. ALSO one thing that infuriates me is that delkim charge an extra fiver for purple LEDs?!?!
  10. Afternoon, I had a thought today about the price of some bobbins with a big brand name on them compared to some 'budget' ones. Unless I am missing something obvious, I cannot understand the price difference. On fleabay you can pay upto 50 quid for a set! What sets those Korda ones apart from a basic set? I'm not putting them down because I've never used them, just need some more information on them before I can be convinced!
  11. Only 6 fish pulled out all day according to a lad on the dam wall!
  12. Haha just read that! Does anybody know of any new hobbies? I blanked at drayton
  13. Very handy I'll order some of those in the morning. Just unsure whether there is anywhere to clamp a brolly
  14. By the way, I fished there last year off the point and don't recall seeing anything...
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