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  1. Hi. Does anybody know any van hire companies in Yorkshire or surrounding areas that allow you to go france. Many thanks, Ricky.
  2. What's the dearest rods on the market at the moment?
  3. Anybody know of any lakes where you can night fish? No syndicates, thanks.
  4. Hi, I've recently seen this lake whilst fishing on a guest ticket at Ashfield angling and I'm interested in joining the syndicate but I'm having no joy getting in touch with anybody, I've tried the two mobile numbers on the website but they go to an answer machine and ive sent an email but no reply, would anybody have any info or any contact number for the person who runs the syndicate, I believe his name is malcom? Thanks.
  5. 1 syndicate in the UK is £1800 for your 1st year so £350 isn't a bad price for a 70+ acre lake with 100+ carp in it with a stocking program. I pay £250 for a 17 acre lake with around 250 carp in it and it only has 7/8 low 30's in it.
  6. I've only ever used Ashima Goliath size 6 or size 8 for fishing on the bottom and a korda mixa size 10 when fishing on a zig.
  7. Medium size Spomb. 30lb Berkley whiplash braid for my spod n marker rod and more nutrabaits pop ups because I cant find the right ones to catch me a bloody fish. I wish my self luck tomorrow day/night
  8. It's all I can catch on this year various yellow pop ups, 18/20mm trigga boilie with a yellow pop up corn or Nutrabaits yellow pineapple pop up boilie.
  9. I never got to the lake car park today till 5pm because the traffic has been horrendous all day, as soon as I locked my car boot and started to barrow up to the lake it started to rain heavy and there was no going back, I got absolutely drenched setting up and as I cast out my 3rd rod and go to set the alarm up, it decides not to work at all, brand new set of 3 FOX NTX-R 2 weeks ago and 1 packs in all together, it couldn't get any worse today. Who else is on the bank in this weather and also what shall I do about the alarm, take it back to the tackle shop or get in touch with fox ?
  10. Fox 24mm Rangemaster throwing stick Fox Halo LT-146 lantern
  11. Finally bagged my first carp of the year, caught on the Dog Kennel lake at Wentworth Fisheries Syndicate using Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix 18mm Boilies with a Yellow pop up sweet corn and the beaut Common Carp weighed 20lb 4oz. Buzzing, roll on Friday night Anyone else still awaiting their first carp of the year ?
  12. I've just seen that ont back of the receiver. Cheers mate
  13. I've just paid for a 3 set, only thing is I've got the receiver and 2 alarms as the other is on order, how would the 3rd connect to my receiver, anyone know ?
  14. Went a bit crazy this morning but I was desperate for new stuff and had the money had the time so I treat my self - Fox micron ntx-r 3 set £650 Fox horizon xt rods x3 £650 Foz 12000xt reels x3 £635 I also got free jumper, joggers, braid, daiwa floor it and a lot of other stuff.
  15. I've just purchased some new luggage Fox FX large carryall and the Fox FX 5 rod hold all, 3 up 2 down. £160 for the pair from invicta angling off eBay.
  16. 1. Fox 2. Fox 3. Ashima 4. Nutrabaits
  17. It was my first night session the Friday just gone and it went well, got set up for 6pm and didn't have a bite until 1am then the left rod went screaming then soon as I hit it, it just headed straight to the weeds and it was lost with in seconds of going in there. Castes out again and with in 30 seconds the same rod went off and I couldn't believe it the hook pulled out about 4/5 metres from the net then as soon as I casted out the right rod went screaming which I landed perfectly, 12lb mirror, caught on nutrabaits pop-ups. Hopefully better weekend next weekend
  18. "Pods for nods" haha I'm gonna use that saying tomorrow night with someone. I just use bank sticks, very rare I come across a place what has hard ground n if I end up on a peg what's full of stones they get put in at any angle n left there.
  19. Do you prefer to use bank sticks or a rod pod, why do you use one and not the other ?
  20. Fox FX Large Carryall and the Fox Black Label 3 rod buzz bars and 9 inch bank sticks. Brilliant piece of kit
  21. The weather up north (Rotherham) was beautiful yesterday but my local dams are shut till 31st march so We spent 3 hours putting buckets of boilies in to keep the fishes weight up.
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