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  1. Seems a daft question but On a 24-48 hour session what food do you take with you ie so it stays fresh or kept cool ?
  2. Fox gas stove and the 3 piece fox cooking kit. Brilliant piece of kit, well worth the money.
  3. Much appreciated lads. Thanks for the welcoming
  4. Thanks for the information. Im going to purchase one tomorrow but the X/L (pay day)
  5. Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and newish to Carp Angling. I'm 26 years old from Rotherham, I've been fishing from the age of 8 and was match fishing for nearly 12 years. A lot of my friends are carp anglers and I use to give them stick saying it's never been fishing with the bite alarms etc so after a while my friends invited me last summer so off I went for the night and I must say I hardly had any sleep with all the runs we had, caught some brilliant carp and i had one of the best times at a bank, supping ale, cooking food and having the usual laugh with your mates. The next weekend I h
  6. Hi ya mate. Yeah I have, it's about £450. Me and a friend are going 50/50 on it. I use the Nash Titan Brolly AS which I think is brilliant.
  7. Afternoon guys, I'm looking in to buying one of these bivvy's, would anybody recommend them or know any low points with them ?
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