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  1. Had a lovely mirror about the 10lb mark surface feeding at my rod tips within minutes of settling down I was mesmerised by it....then there was a lovely common believe it or not actually clearing the water jumping for fly under some willows...it did it both days same place something I've never seen before is a carp actually leaping out the water for fly....
  2. I am originally from north east up near Durham but moved down here last year.....the wife's from this area ....should of done it years ago in respect of the fishing
  3. That's what it's all about ian.....the enjoyment for me and a fish or two is a bonus
  4. Get yourself a hot water bottle mate
  5. Heard about the gate rule and to be honest it doesn't really bother me........so will still give it a go I think mainly as it's fairly local
  6. Bivvy door open in bag but not zipped up crocs ar bedside ready to slip on for action .....plenty practice when barbel fishing ....seems to work for my early ventures into the carp world aswel
  7. Thanks jay Is that 12.50 for the 24 hours or just the night like say 7 till 7 sorta thing of that makes sense to you.....seems to be the small lake holds mostly doubles to 20lb ish but bigger ones in front lake ......I am gonna take a ride over this coming week for a look around
  8. I am from north side just over Dunham bridge mate .....what about yourself ?......will have a look on fab when the wife gets back from work as I dnt do facepuke lol....... Mark
  9. Thanks lads....was a nice little trip lovely little lake called rising sun fisheries at Aldwark not far from York.....I was actually going up to Durham to visit my daughter and thought why not give it a go it's on route.....so that's what I did ......
  10. Resurrection of a very old thread here that I discovered on the search facility.......anyone fished it recently any info on the place regarding prices etc....it's quite local to me approx 15 mile away planning a look down this next week or so when I get free time to have a look but just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on the place good or bad Mark
  11. Just got back....did 24 hours 2 rods fished a basic combi rig on both tried one popped up and one on bottom.....had 2 mirrors 10lb and 6lb both on green lipped mussel boilie on the bottom ....thoroughly enjoyed it
  12. Been dodging around on here for a couple of months now.....finally got round to putting some gear together and today is gonna be my first trip carp fishing (barbel fishing for the last 20 years).....going to a small lake in north yorks that's been recommended by a friend Keeping it simple and straight forward ....hopefully will see a few fish aswell....24 hour session Will update when I return Mark
  13. You don't have to use boilies for carp. If you used boilies for Barbel then there are no changes to what you already know. Concentrate on location. Yeah I realise that but all I have used or come across previously are pre packed shelf life stuff I had not heard of air drying etc The replys above have more than answered the question with some good detail
  14. Got loads a stuff going through my head at the moment Never actually cast a line for carp yet but been fishing for well over 20 year and just trying to get my head around all the terminology and related jargon that goes with carp fishing Barbel have been my main quarry over the years
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