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  1. Take you point on the mullet fight, problem is when you are trying to catch something else and 10lbs too heavy with your line and a rod with a 2.5 test curve, those 1ft mullet do still go off quite hard and would be fun on light tackle, I'd always been told they were difficult to catch but seems not to be the case. I can also tell you that although bread is favourite, they definitely were taking dog biscuits once they had soaked a little, was using IAMS Eukaneba variety drilled though the centre and on which I have caught carp on in the UK, but on this occasion couldn't get the carp to come up. Nothing scientific on the dog biscuit choice just happened to be what we were feeding our dog at the time and as available here in Aus thought I would try (although they are quite oily compared to some)!! Haven't given up but not sure what happens as we start getting a bit closer to winter in terms of carp behavior.
  2. Looking for stillwater/dam opportunities in North West of Sydney - only place I have managed to sight fish on freelined bread is in smaller creeks for fish to 12lb, every time I have tried to get the carp feeding on river systems I seem to attract the mullet, and the carp seem to have in response to the mullet developed into crashing through any baited swim, taking a bait and not hanging around and starting to "slurp" off the surface as you might expect on UK waters. I've seen the "margin stalker" in Melbourne manage to get them going in this way via youtube. Has anyone else seen this behavior or found a way to surface fish without the mullet interference, had it a couple of times now feeding bread and not even got to dipping a line as the fish don't seem to hang around long enough and having experienced once didn't want to keep hooking mullet from just leaving a bait out there with no direct target, no matter how quick the mullet go off even on relatively heavy tackle. Going to have one more try with dog biscuits but not sure this will deter the mullet.
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