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  1. if i had to use 1 for the rest of my fishing days it would have to be the stiff minge
  2. why not have 3 licences 1 rod, 2rod and a 3 rod licences seems fairly simples to me, but as with any goverbent department they like to make a mountain out of a mole hill
  3. i was told yesterday that the angling trust do cover but not had a chance to look into it yet, but id imagine youd have to join thats £25 to start with
  4. i had a similar issue being tall and about 16stone, just got myself 15m of 15mm bungee cord and strapped it across the frame under my back made the bed a lot firmer,
  5. at the moment im fishing a really snaggy venue which requires me to drop the lead so been using ESP ejectors or Korda hybrid lead clips with 3oz leads, tail rubbers very lightly pushed on but stuck with my fox black label mini indicators as they are real sensitive, especially as im fishing bow string at the moment a few of my mates have had issues at this venue with rigs being moved quite a distance with no indication, employing the same method but with different indicators mainly stows i much prefer to fish running lead with 2oz leads, slack lines, with indicators at 90 degrees to the floor never missed a bleep or a fish
  6. just a quick question why would having multiple rod licence be controversial? "controversial issue of the coarse angling licence for the use of multiple rods"
  7. 42" E.S.P sniper landing net ( was a small mission to find 1 ended uup getting from leeds bought at 2pm was on my doorstep by 9am the next day ) to go with my mk1s 2 x Mitchell evo spod reels E.S.P 50l holdall E.S.P bits bag trakker titanium cooker with no chance of christening any of it at the moment, nursing a bad back!!!!
  8. oh ok carpmachine tbh ive fished with TN growlers,, normal and large never done very well, not that ive fished greatly with them seem to do better on tigernut boilies
  9. cheers newmarket thats sounds like sound advice, and i will be giving that ago cheers fella carpmachine do you mean use them instead of my boilies or did uu mean blend them up and use them in my base mix?
  10. hi new market im thinking 16mm cheers for the advice dal
  11. wont they go moldy? this is what the site says about the pop up base mix and preserver "This pop-up mix will make very buoyant hook baits and takes attractors on extremely well, you will find it easy to use and roll. One egg will take approximately 100-120 grams of pop-up mix. For shelf life baits add 20ml of bait preserve per egg. This mix only needs to be boiled for 90 seconds eliminating attractor and flavour loss whilst boiling. Approximately 5 pots of pop ups per 250grams of pop-up mix once made."
  12. hi dal its polaris or similiar, ive got to use bait preserver with it, like i said the first batch where really soft, air dried them for 4 days like it said on the instructions
  13. another 2 carp to add to the tally 18,4lb mirror followed by a 23,8lb mirror, 2nd fish came 10-15 after recasting rod back out on to the same spot with 2 tench to 8lb squeezed in to the session as well, also lost 1 saturday night about 11ish, no idea why easyed into the take felt the rod bend applied a little pressure and "pop" fish off!! my bait my popup feeling chuffed with myself atm though i need some advice with making my own pop up 1st batch are a bit soft and after being in the water for 8hrs become extremely soft and are praticly fallin of the hair , how do i get them to be a lot firmer
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