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  1. There are not too many venues in the UK that fit the parameters that you are suggesting, the ones i can think of are mainly reservoirs servicing the canal network where the the water levels vary massively throughout the year, this also applies to large French lakes where extraction and evaporation reduces the fishable area by massive ammounts. The result is the margins become baked in the sun for many tens of yards and devoid of natural food for months even after refilling, carp are a margin species and i doubt you have ever encountered either of the aforementioned, rubbish mate.
  2. Ianfrog may be the chap to ask on this one, i reckon there was a marriage break up and Kev lost the lake, Ian may be able to expand on that.
  3. Well, I will update you on my situation, the company was after my blood, tried to sack me December 12th 2016, I am still here, 3 percent pay rise and a grovelling personal apology from a general manager, they have been told by the legal department of a giant company, don't go near this individual, you can beat them if you know what you are doing, I could have gone for compensation but the paperwork from this little fracas is gold dust,, protected species from now on.
  4. Good for you Rob, people are not a commodity, get the best deal for yourself, good luck buddy.
  5. Your only loyalty is to yourself and your family not an employer, they will dispose of you any time it suits them, go back mate, you have made it clear you are a free agent, play hard to get, you may get better terms.
  6. No Buzz, TCP the disinfectant.
  7. Would you ever think that change would happen in Northern Ireland without violence, i really doubt it, all those people in the Maze starved themselves to death, brave men who beleived in a fairer future for their country, i wouldnt judge them without looking at hundreds of years of history.
  8. Shimano Technium, not a great user of mono but this is by far the best I have tried long term.
  9. Difficult to equate what is poison to any particular speceis, birds eat deadly nightshade without any risk, sultanas are highly poisonous to dogs as is chocalate, what is poison to fish , is up for debate, i wouldnt use it personally but dont take it as a given , it is addictive and may work, they ingest not inhale a substance burned, it is a natural bug killer if concentrated and sprayed, so schools out on that one, try TCP, the south Africans swear by it, yuk.
  10. There are some purchase records chronicled by the Angevins and plantagenets as Jonno sats in the 1300s, but as Nick hinted at and i beleive the monasteries of constantine back in the 4th century may have imported carpfor food, Roman Empire and all that but unlike the French they kept no records.
  11. Percentage angling, work it out Phil.
  12. Stick wih it Vik, its what works for you/
  13. Correct, particle absorbs flavour and colour during soaking, break open a peanut or tiger after soaking and see how deep it penetrates during rehydration, rehaet several times, do not boil and it intensifies, allow it to ferment and reboil and you have a killer bait.
  14. Will do old pal, molasses and salt for the maples, you are very welcome anytime.
  15. I have come to the conclusion Vik that maples are just as effective as hemp at a fraction of the cost, go buddy, you are catching some crackers, looking for a midweeker shortly with uncle jonno, you are very welcome if available, look forward to seeing you soon .