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  1. Remember an old article by Ivan Marks on smoking, someone suggested the smell puts fish of, he blew smoke all over his maggots and caught within seconds, also South African anglers have been using TCP as a bait flavouring, forget it mate, its what works on the day.
  2. You have a problem, cant you solve it in a commercial way, this solution is idiotic, how if the Aboriginies felt the same about you, you are an import, think balance and exploitation not crazy mass extinction, i hate to see the bulking of our lakes with carp at the expense of our natural species, but some people have exploited the resource, i would urge you to do the same but restore balance.
  3. Not so sure i would go down his route Ian, sweetcorn is the bait i have caught the most of my carp on ,but its all about familiarisation, no particle, yuk, i wouldnt go near it. He may score as a shock bait, but in his case i would go with the wind or completely change to seafood or meat baits, possibly liver, you have a great idea, try it in gelatine but i have my doubts as to its effectiveness, sad to see particle banned, crazy thinking.
  4. Good luck Frank, spring is coming even on the Lochs, keep the faith buddy.
  5. Well, tried Sywell for 4 hours, 2 deadbaits, 1 drifter with a smelt, no takes but i loved it, should have gone chub fishing, Hollowell is a jungle couldnt face it, 140 acres of jungle, the dam has deep water the rest about 6 swims and a battle to get there, roll on spring.
  6. Have a look at the Harrison and Century ranges, and the Greys x Flite plus 50s in 2.75, pick the TC to do the job you require, all fine rods.
  7. Whoops, deepest sympathy mate, mine jumped a notch last year cost me 1200 hundred quid.
  8. Paste old son, mix it and enjoy, sod the rules.
  9. Dont like match fishing, but the best of luck Mukka, hope you nail a few.
  10. Looking pikey this weekend, hope i can get out.
  11. Leighton Buzzard angling club has some great venues, big carp and cats, cheap ticket, friendly club, take a look mate.
  12. That blank window tells me you havent analysised the bite times, it exists on every water at different times during different seasons and during differing weather conditions, bait, rigs and prep are irrelevant for catching fish compared to this, it is the most important thing to bear in mind if you dont like camping, to me the whole point of getting my rods out is to catch, i blank if i break my rules to fish with my buddies and i sometimes know before i go that i have a small chance of sucess, guys with little time should study this and react to the conditions at the time on a studied venue, it takes the chance out of it.
  13. You will be telling us you have to swim over to get a good phone signal next Buzz.
  14. Not going anywhere Ian, getting used to it now, i am sure there were good reasons for the change, i just hope the other lads accept it.
  15. Yep, i can sypathise with that point of view, but what about the lads on the bank, personally i have never heard of taptalk but its obviously annoyed the population, i couldnt even see the screen.