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  1. You have a point, they are convenient, fermenting large quantities of particle and keeping them fit to use takes a great deal of time and effort thats not priced in, but like some of the boilie home made brigade, i do get a kick out of using my own baits, the night temps at the minute are preventig big batch fermentation, so boilies will have to be deployed temporarily.
  2. Hee, hee, my orrible little family, but i love em.
  3. Thought i would give you a laugh, my photo skills are as bad as my computer skills, still, nice shots of my three ******* and two old dogs.
  4. Me and pals
  5. When you get to fish the places he gets to fish, its not surprising, i catch a lot of other species on smaller baits, but i dont mind, cant see him being too happy, thats the difference.
  6. Require a special hair length, ccaught Barbel on them soaked in salmon oil, but to me carp prefer small baits, but maybe its just me.
  7. If i use a boilie, its always Ghost, caught me a lot of fish and some of my mates swear by it, why, because its white, i agree with what you are saying.
  8. done the same with 14s found the large ones about OTT.
  9. Its slightly bigger couldnt stop it flapping and had to tilt it back and the photographer was way back, it was a lake record at the time. Pity your poor uncle, i aint no oil painting, hee, hee.
  10. Just otherside of Corby, just close to a village called Caldicote.
  11. Go beachcaster with your rods, the fish will spawn in the margins.
  12. Dont ask where the cradle is, the photographer just crushed it with a range rover, top end of Lucy on Grendon, rare shot of me, fish bigger than you are going to gues, caught on double peanut.
  13. social
  14. Love to be at York railway museum today, four trains from different eras running on parallel tracks for many a mile, the wonderful Flying Scotsman and its contempories, i remember being taken to a bridge of many arches over the river Welland in 1960 something to see this train do a speed run, incredible sight, having worked at the BR tecnichal centre in Derby many years ago and realising that the only thing that limited the Scotsmans power was the state of the tracks, i hope its a race and i know where my money would go, fantastic machine.
  15. Yeah, hardly more than a bag of halibut pellets, fingers crossed for you mate.