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  1. Wronguns

    I dont see your line of reasoning, if there are still mirrors in there, it couldnt happen, you just said there is, for your scenario to occur, there shouldnt be any left.
  2. Wronguns

  3. Wronguns

    Have a read, all good stuff.
  4. Wronguns

    Frank, says they are
  5. Wronguns

    No, only their offspring, and as Frank said, it will take a thousand years for a slight mutation.
  6. Wronguns

    Looks to me like your mirrors all died of at once, as he said, and left you with the commons that you state were in there, not some sudden jump of evolution.
  7. Wronguns

    It is noted that you missed the 1000 year bit out of his quote, seemed to back me up rather than your assumptions.
  8. Wronguns

    Bit more than 20 years old son, no doubt.
  9. Wronguns

    Frank required or Vik, like i say, only looking at USA, and the marina, no carp stocked in 70 years, mirrors still present.
  10. Wronguns

    Is it the gene or the fish themselves, naturally stocked common spawn and the death of old stock, i have no idea how long it would take for a mirrors progeny to become a common, but i bet its more than what you are saying, look for other reasons, evolution is a slow thing with animals with high lifespans, sorry mate, i doubt your assumptions.
  11. Wronguns

    Surprised, those yankee fish are not appreciated, doubt they were stocked in centuries, keep an open mind and take a look, if carp have a normal existence of 60 plus years, you must have some unusual fast evolving stock with very short lifespans.
  12. Wronguns

    Takes a very long time Phil, take a look on you tube at Dale hole or hollow, the looks of the fully plated mirrors i have never seen equaled, 27,000 acres, i doubt it was stocked in living memory.
  13. Wronguns

    I know some people wont like this Dayvid, but it should have been the policy years ago, conservationists of natural speceis are just waking up to the fact that the carp explosion is a bad thing. There are way too many about, river invasions on flood plains and illegal stockings are damaging our natural heritage in thee interests of commercialism.
  14. Wronguns

    very true, Tench vary from light green to almost black from venues a few miles apart, take a look at some of those yankee fish from Dale hole, best looking carp i have seen, i doubt anyones interfered with their breeding cycle in centuries, let nature do what nature does best.
  15. Wronguns

    As long as it lives 70 years and dont look like a hippo, i dont care what strain it is, give it a decent bit of room and a natural environment without fifty of its mates sitting on top of it in a keepnet and all other speceis havent been cleared for its exclusive use, and some fool dont need to feed it all winter to keep it alive, alls good and at twenty pounds some guy appreciates catching something wonderful, alls very good, call it a Fred for all i care.