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  1. Any more Vik.
  2. Not worth you buying one at the minute Kev, you missed a good spring on your old ticket, this year, too many, if you want a midweeker its there mate, weekends are out and i suspect they will shut it whilst they remove the trees, if they do, got my doubts, any way, good luck mate, you are missed, good fun.
  3. Are you about to rejoin us, or day ticket blitz, if you want a guesty, you will have to wait a few weeks, tree and population probs at the moment, but off work in August from the 13th for a week, and if its a midweeker, shouldnt be a problem.
  4. Jaimie, if you need to ask, you probably answered your own question, lack of knowledge.
  5. Do it mate, it works.
  6. Definitely, sweetcorn blew on the Ouse.
  7. They dont, tried it many times, Bream only. 14 mill halibut pellets have caught me lots of fish, one of the old guard used nothing else.
  8. Ecton, Active 8s, eighties, yep, wouldnt touch anything else.
  9. Exactly, when i needed a holiday, i used to take my dogs and my kit to Shropshire, love the countryside, no use for beaches and i hate the heat, Barbel and barbies, English countryside, just a change of scenery, and species, never looked for anyting else.
  10. Good luck, bruv, may catch you for a few hours tonight.
  11. Well i love controversial threads, it makes you think and reason about your techniques on different venues, so this one explores the possibilities of conditioning fish to accept one particular bait, the make up of the baits is irrelivant, the quantity piled in is the question. Are certain baits, addictive or is it sheer quantity, you have to decide, having been friends with snowman stevo on facebook for sometime, i was amazed at a video of fish fighting over slices of bread inches from its provider, no fear just mayhem. The same in garden centres all over the land, these are basically the same fish that we fish for on very different venues all over the country. The local commy to me has gone through many phases, the same with Drayton, and Alders farm, started with simple waggler fished baits, went to pole fishing, on to method feeder and ended up, zig and surface, so can we condition fish to respond only to a certain method bait or rig, i reckon we can, how about you.
  12. Wonderful, coleus, colly faithful unto death, a true friend.
  13. You know, i am a little bit sad that people feel the need to go to France, yep you got the weather and the lakes filled with these insignificant giants, if i felt the need to go, it would be a river somewhere, even Cassien would seem meaningless, although i probably wouldnt get near a fish. Whats wrong with going to a superb guest house on the Ouse in Bucks, Adams Mill, code name, Mill farm, real name because the Adams own a wonderful little business on the old farm, Barbel giants possible, cheap tickets for MK waters, big carp, Northants valley, with even more and fantastic rural countryside, within a stonesthrow, the canal with fish up to forty, 3 miles away, pits with bigger fish the same, and if you wanted to buy a syndicate ticket, probably cheaper than a holiday in France, 60 plus fish, thats without mentioning Cambs and Beds, have a think lads, all that glitters aint gold.
  14. Probably why i have not noticed any real contact probs with my green braid, whilst on the river, the Drennan double strength was a nightmare in daylight.
  15. You certainly will have Phil, had members of this breed all my life, all farm dogs, wild little wreckers with more energy and intelligence than any other breed, not a pet for everyone, my wife volounteered at Wiccaweys rescue for many years, all failed sheepdogs, some abused, got two looking at me as we speak, but ones a GSD that no one could handle, collies are the best, good luck with him.