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  1. That will teach you for using sphagetti bolognese as a bait.
  2. I suspect from your location and your observations of fish feeding in the margins that these may be Grass Carp, i reckon you have a problem, they rarely take anglers baits unless the locality is devoid of vegetation, you might get lucky but i wouldnt hold your breath.
  3. There are many places on the nene where nobody ever goes, there is a dangerous marsh just before Cogenhoe Mill, the mill race stream to a long gone mill that used to stand on the southern side of the Jigsaw lake, runs through it, narrow and weedy cutting through an area known as the island at Cogenhoe, never caught anything large from it but its rumoured to be a carp haven, never seen any though, did once see an article in the national angling press, a local famous angler holding a twenty pounder on method feeder, but he may not have been truthful as to where the fish was caught, its never fished and was one of the places Otters were reintroduced. The river at Duston mill, is rarely fished and definitely contains big fish and another place is the old gas board coal wharf, high walls and massive chub, all good stuff.
  4. Yes mate, its part of the old river course, it is basically a lake with a large island in it, used to be navigable, the wildies used to live here in numbers and if they have been marooned in this little forgotten world, who knows, maybe not, but i fancy a look, i pass it most days always glancing left and reminding myself i must take a look but never get round to it.
  5. Just looked at the Abington nature reserves on the website, its on the wrong side of the A45, between the river courses, wrong place Vik, uncle Steve is going to have to show you.
  6. Dont know of any reserve down there, its on the oppsite side of the river from any fields, only a housing estate built on the old tannery land, not sure what to expect, its obvious from google earh that its frequented, that piece of river has been isolated for 40 years, if you know better please enlighten me.
  7. You need Bromide in your snakebite Jonno, i heard that two timing Myrtle the sheep giggling behind your bivvy on Wednesday, hee, hee., give Phil a rumour to start.
  8. The one liner that sprang to mind would get me banned.
  9. Critical, especially with the lilies, he avoids them like the plague, big mistake.
  10. Half of my mates problem is that he does have a good day on occasion and then spends every session replicating the way he fished on that day, works sometimes but when the going gets tough, he has no plan b other than to change boilies, nice lad but he dont listen much.
  11. Thats the sort of info that tells me quantity dictates, thats why i use something completely different, not going to play that game.
  12. I have seen the Dave Mallin baits slaughter this lake, but the quantities put in was unbeleivable, two brothers, bait consultants with free supplies hammered it, read the quest for the super boilie if its still available, but the same baits are being used today by my mate Jim, currently on his eigth blank in a row, schools out, gets me thinking.
  13. I know i have overfed some swims on various venues in the past and i try to stick to the 48 hour rule, blitz and then dribble, nice to hear your thoughts, point taken, tight lines buddy.
  14. Do it buddy, you wont get a problem, i will be doing the same thing, plus taking a good look at the river, my great love.
  15. Technically, yes, practically no, i have wandered around close season for the last eleven years without any probs, early morning if you can, they are likely to be playing tree maintenence this year.