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  1. Thought for the day.

    Going on my past references, it will change as the nights get colder, it switches dramatically after the first frosts, pretty close this morning, the October catch window from my journals 10 till 4 in the afternoon, at the minute the sun still has heat, far bank shallows, then switch to the field side of the island, in extreme temperature, which i have done, the run off in the shallows and the the oak close to the suicide swim, but pick the end wrong and you blank, see what you find.
  2. Thought for the day.

    well, Autumn is here now, 4 degrees this morning and the valley shrouded in mist, watch the catch window move, between 8 and 6 at the moment, i reckon.
  3. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    Hard won, a great capture, from a commy, tenn a penny, from a canal a great capture, the weight irrelivant, good hunting.
  4. Prebaiting on the other side of canal

    Well done old chap.
  5. How much to chum?

    We dont always get it right Buzz, i remember you rapping my knuckles about channel cats, its a different world, i had never heard of channel cats, pity he took offence, love to hear from these distant colleauges, it refreshes my interest in proper fishing.
  6. How much to chum?

    Mate if i asked you how to chum in Bangladesh, could you answer, we have members from there but what is relevant and effective on our venues may not work there, if you look at the left hand column down the side, you will see your question in the topics, people will chat with you if they reckon they can help .
  7. How much to chum?

    I received a PM from the last USA poster thanking me for the help, if you have a question you can use any part of the forum, bait threads, rigs, or tactics, its just that your specific question related to fishing in an area we could only generalise in, try the other threads, if you dont start them, they wontbe area specific, we have guys from all over the world asking stuff.
  8. How much to chum?

    You are still welcome to join any of the other conversations, it is specific to your area, might get local advice, if you are fishing in Canada.
  9. yes mate, good swim, i used to fish it a lot, casting across to the run off and one sideways on the lilies, my mate Tommy, had his 25 off that peg, leads me to animal stories, a Texel ram was chewing my pocket in that field, i whacked his nose and i thought he was going but he was only getting a run up, put me on my arris much to the amusement of the assembled, also i took a flash picture of Tommy and Len cuddling the horse, it stampeded leaving them both on their arris, revenge was so sweet.
  10. Its a dark lonely place, always had courting couples in the lay by, me included, dope heads go anywhere out of the beaten track, the new intake will disappear and take their pals back down the commy, we lost that field because of idiots, the prime one worked for the estate and still does, Damien, walks his masters Labs and pickled Pete and his bruv, Jamie, always a few idiots ruin it for the rest, whever you go these people will be evident, carp fishing seems to attract them.
  11. Not an ideal entry point is it, your mum will remember when we used to park on the second lake behind the iron gates, i have never felt threatened down there having said that, there are places i wouldnt fish without several mates, Sharman road and the canal at St Leornards being two, but there are others.
  12. I was going up the track one night and three people were coming down in the dark, i challenged them quite forcefully, two old boys and a woman emerged from the darkness, terrified by bumping into some orrible thug, turns out they were bat enthusiasts got all this monitoring equipment, anoraks, i went round the lake with them and had a very interesting hour, i did point out to them that they shouldnt be on there, but they were harmless.
  13. Ireckon any poacher wouldnt bother if they saw your van, did you hear a vehicle.
  14. Yeah he goes dear hunting after dark, doesnt mind people ringing him, thats his job.