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  1. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, raking isn't an option and particles are banned, but I will try putting out loads of small pellet to see if that encourages the fish to clear some space. Halibut pop-ups sound like they are worth a try too. I expect the fish will root around and find a bait buried in the reed stems, but fishing fairly stiff rigs, I doubt they are presenting well. I'm going to experiment with various lengths of supple braid and see how that works. I hear what you say about soft braid and helecopter rigs, but I'll try it out before switching to a more traditional rig. Would a PVA mesh bag on the hook sink into the debris (I'm resisting the C word)? I always thought they helped slow down the hook after the lead hits. Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi all I fished a new lake the other week that had reed beds along the margins of the lake and island. I wanted to fish tight to the reeds as this is where I saw fish moving, but I was noticing I was pulling in stems of dead reeds from where the reed beds had been cut back (about 8 inches long). I wasn't getting any takes, presumably due to the rig not presenting well in the dying reeds (fishing bottom baits on a combi rig on one rod and a fluro hooklink on another). The fish are only taking drilled halibut pellet during the day (it's what the lake owner feeds them) so they wouldn't go for pop-ups either. Given that the bait was good and I was placing the bait in a known good area, I am looking for a rig that optimises presentation of a bottom bait in the "mush" at the reed bed line. My current thinking is: Helecopter rig so the lead doesn't pull the rig deep into the reeds Very soft, sinking braid hooklink PVA bag/foam on the hook to slow down and straighten the hooklink on the cast Does this look about right to you? Any suggestions on what braid to go with, as I normally fish over gravel or clay with a fairly stiff combi rig? Any other suggestions on how to present a rig in this sort of bottom? Thanks, Paul
  3. Last week a couple of mates and I had 48 hours at the New Forest Water Park. For those that don't know it, the lake is about 22 acres and about a third is sectioned off for water sports like wake boarding. The rest of the lake is a syndicate. Except for an island in the middle which can be hired out. So that is what we did. There's not a massive amount of information online about the lake but one of the guys had fished it before and suggested how we should go about it. The island has a double swim and a single so we drew straws and got set up. An hour in and John had already had 5 fish from the single swim. By nightfall I had 1 around 17lb, john was up to 30 fish! Another 6 fish overnight and seemingly endless liners meant no sleep but at 9am I was rewarded with a new PB at 22lb 2oz That carp wasn't beaten but by the end of the 2 days we had collectively caught over 100 carp, mostly mid-high doubles. And a 34lb catfish. Great session
  4. Hair rig for bottom baits. But even for popups tied to a rig ring I pull floss through the pop up as I would with a hair. I've tested this in a bucket and they are still buoyant after 48 hours.
  5. Great story. Well done and thanks for sharing. As Welder says, who doesn't love kingfishers - a rare blaze of colour in our much camouflaged wildlife.
  6. My immediate answer would be any method where you are targeting carp, be it rods sat on alarms, floating baits/stalking is carp fishing. This differs from other methods where you are fishing with a chance of catching a carp. The most common method is rods on alarms, and the multitude of permutations this has: zigs, bolt rigs, running rigs, bottom baits, popups... but this is certainly not the only way to target carp. Just my thoughts Paul
  7. In my case it was through experience. When I first started night fishing, I was in such a startled semi awake panic when the alarm went off I was trying to put boots on as I left the bivvy and invariably ended up on my face. I'm somewhat calmer now so I'm going to give crocs a go. How sad is that - progressing to crocs!
  8. I also leave the bivvy door open. This is as much to do with being able to see that no one is trying to steal my gear as anything. Looks like I'll have swallow my pride and buy a pair of crocs too. Sleeping in boots I concede is no fun.
  9. What I mean by that is, how do you settle down in you bedchair?: boots off, zipped up in your sleeping bag and warm, or keep your boots on and use the bag as an ill fitting duvet? I favour the boots on and duvet option. Too many times I've been woken up by an alarm, tripped on the bag, got soggy socks and generally make a prat of myself to allow comfort to rule. Interested to know what others do Cheers, Paul
  10. Just received 2 spare spools from them: £12.99 each. Fantastic. Thanks for the link, it just saved me a load of hassle.
  11. Thanks guys. I'll give the service guys a call before shelling out £80 but I expect they'll be similar. Might be easier to trash the braid Cheers Paul
  12. Hi I've got a couple of Shimano Beastmaster XTA reels which are loaded with braid. Unfortunately, my club only allows braid on a couple their lakes so I want to load up a couple of spare spools with mono for when I'm fishing the other lakes. But can I find a dealer? Buying spares for my old baitrunners was easy. I'm guessing the beastmasters are a bit more obscure, or the spools are not so easily swappable. My (possibly ex) local tackle shop suggested I'd be better of buying new reels or to speak to Shimano, which wasn't a lot of help. So my question to the learned fellows and ladies on this site is do you know which spools fit these reels and can you recommend a dealer to buy them from? Thanks Paul
  13. Hi Keith I'm in Bournemouth and you have a few options. In Bournemouth itself you have the stour which holds some big carp, but are very hard to find. There are a few day ticket waters nearby that can give good sport: Hordle lakes near new milton has some nice fish but can be quite chavvy at weekends. Orchard Lakes is also near new milton. The main lake is good, but the fish are on the small side. I've heard good things about Sopley (not fished it myself) but it's members only at weekends. If you're after bigger fish, as Grangemilky mentioned, Ringwood Angling club has a lot of waters to suit most tastes. Northfield White lake and Hightown have great fish but get busy at weekends. There's also Rockford lake which was syndicate until last year. Hard as nails to fish, but the rewards are there. Hope this helps Paul
  14. Nice one. I use a sinker on this rig, but had not considered adding it at this stage. I will from now on though!
  15. I'm confident I've tied the knot correctly: braid tied onto the fluro loop. That's why I'm confused as it should work. I'll try it again with some braid that has never been in a coating. Maybe that has made it extra slippy?
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