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  1. blimey 2011 where did those years go
  2. there was a review on this very site a couple or three years back,don't know whether that young chap has been more recently or not . welcome to the site as well sir
  3. i used to push a nash trax micro 2 miles there and 2 back so i'd imagine one of those would suffice matey
  4. come on gfranco the defense needs some serious work, hoping tta give you the time and funds to finish the job, tbc, kro
  5. did you sort some proper scales out?
  6. ropey money for the old
  7. well fun size franco got his 3 points at last v fulham but things don't get any easier and i fear we may struggle for the remainder of the season. it's now a long pre season of rebuilding as far as i'm concerned and hopefully better things next season. just hope the little man gets the time that is so obviously needed. meanwhile we keep right on
  8. agree with the korum day shelter
  9. get well soon sir
  10. belated happy birthday sir
  11. lol,i've never really understood much as regards politics and events over the last year or so have only succeeded in confusing me even more
  12. very nice cheers for posting
  13. welcome ced,your english is a lot better than my french,enjoy your fishing sir