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  1. View from your bivvy door.

    good luck to those on the bank atm, brum is feeling chilly although i don't think the blood thinning pills help or i could be getting old as regards arguments you'll always get them on forums and they don't tend to go too far on here anyway
  2. View from your bivvy door.

    my only visits to south wales were ninian park in the 80's and 90's your pic is more scenic i have to say
  3. New to forum

    was hoping it was cos of a bit of carp sleaze,oh well
  4. New to forum

    welcome mate didn't know the monkeys had gone
  5. Davo10

    yep sounds good, you won't have to put up with crowded banks that's for certain
  6. Davo10

    might have to travel to georgia for carp after a bit of googling aroound - suppose it's closer than it could've been
  7. I'm just asking the question two!

    i watched it you came across fine, nice fish as well
  8. Sleeping bag

    cyprinus magmatex was well regarded when you could find one but think they are nearer to a £100 these days, may get one a bit cheaper with a bid on ebay
  9. MODS

    good shout that
  10. Angel's Catch

    well done again,nice write up as well
  11. Thought for the day.

    have watched a few of trumps live thingies that go out on youtube - crikey
  12. New Member - Midlands

    not my neck of the woods but there will be plenty of club waters where you can fish alongside the pooch
  13. New Member - Midlands

    welcome to the forum matey as regards standing up while holding fish if you fish day ticket/park lakes you'll still see people do it and it won't just be kids either
  14. Hi new member

    welcome to the forum matey
  15. The Man .........

    you tell em Nige