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  1. welcome to the forum mate
  2. welcome mucky pup
  3. yes i wish he hadn't put those 30's in there if i'm honest,not really one for crowds but i suppose it's a business to the bloke first and foremost
  4. what's the story of the big fish they put in barston? used to enjoy being able to park up and virtually fish from your car once in a while and dodgy ticker now means when i can get out it's going to have to be somewhere similar
  5. cracking fish sir
  6. nice fish lads
  7. danny f said he didn't know what he did before square trakker buckets guessing he used round ones
  8. have only heard good things regards these books
  9. what part of the country are you chris as it may help someone give you a local rod builder? may keep the costs down a touch,i'd be keeping the harrisons as well
  10. looks lived in
  11. good review i thought these looked a good bit of kit when they were on the dvd. as much as you can tell from a dvd that is. guess it was the dave lane effect
  12. great news as regards horseshoe
  13. well done blues battling to beat the dogheads last night after the dismal home defeat to qpr last week,looked like the fans enjoyed it. wolves look terrible,i think leeds will be a different proposition but we shall see-kro
  14. blimey 2011 where did those years go
  15. there was a review on this very site a couple or three years back,don't know whether that young chap has been more recently or not . welcome to the site as well sir