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  1. Haha
    bivvystreet got a reaction from Its-grim-up-north in Good old Korda ......   
    It's just the whole c'mon get in the net thing that he shouts and the dodgy heavy breathing,not normal
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from chillfactor in View from your bivvy door.   
    my only visits to south wales were ninian park in the 80's and 90's  your pic is more scenic i have to say 
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from crusian in View from your bivvy door.   
    good luck to those on the bank atm, brum is feeling chilly although i don't think the blood thinning pills help or i could be getting old  as regards arguments you'll always get them on forums and they don't tend to go too far on here anyway 
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    bivvystreet reacted to crusian in View from your bivvy door.   
    Off fishing myself in a moment .
    Tight lines Spr ! .
    I don't think CM is condecending  , he strikes me as a straight up and down guy .
    It's a shame CM and Chill bicker they've both been very helpful to me .
    Peace out guys ! .

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    bivvystreet reacted to davo10 in Davo10   
    Might have to get a motor home and disappear for a week or two. 
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from davo10 in Davo10   
    might have to travel to georgia for carp after a bit of googling aroound - suppose it's closer than it could've been 
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from jh92 in Sleeping bag   
    cyprinus magmatex was well regarded when you could find one but think they are nearer to a £100 these days, may get one a bit cheaper with a bid on ebay 
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    bivvystreet reacted to chillfactor in MODS   
    Any chance of " back to the top of the page button " the scrolling up & down can be a pain .
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    bivvystreet reacted to salokcinnodrog in Where are you now?   
    2 new gas canisters purchased today while in town. Finally got my wages from my ex employer, only taken them a month, so a weekend away I think is needed.
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from cyborx in Victoria quarry Dove Holes Buxton   
    lol yes welcome to the the forum Andy. sorry but victorias dove holes is somewhere i've not been either  more's the pity though it sounds very tempting 
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    bivvystreet reacted to greekskii in March catches 2017   
    Seems as though I've found a good spot and they are loving the bait. Another park lake common at 20lb 2oz. Certainly enjoying my fishing at the moment! 

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    bivvystreet reacted to Carpbell_ll in Wronguns   
    Broomey Croft at Kingsbury has fishing from the car park as well, took a walk around there last week, they have put a lot of new pegs in, all wood chipped too.
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from Carpbell_ll in MODS   
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from carpmachine in MODS   
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    bivvystreet reacted to Richard713 in Carp Care   
    Managed to get a decent deal on some Gardner Intensive care. 60ml for £8 didn't seem like a bad deal to me. 
    Watch me blank for weeks now I'm fully prepared! 
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from gagnaccarp in What are you listening to?   
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    bivvystreet reacted to Carpbell_ll in Netting At Kingsbury WP   
    A few of the carp from Broomey Croft, one of the least popular waters at KWP, they are moving more carp to there too, could be a more busy water from now on, one of the only waters you can fish from the car park. 
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    bivvystreet reacted to Carpbell_ll in Netting At Kingsbury WP   
    Few from Swan pool that are being moved over to Broomey, check these out, not many waters have fish like these, not for a fiver a day at least, 
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    bivvystreet reacted to yonny in Carp Stories   
    With pleasure chill....
    My first 40.
    We're talking several years ago now. I'd joined this new syndicate knowing it held a couple of 40's after spending several years chasing 20s and 30s. Don't get me wrong, I was more than happy with what I'd been catching, but I knew if I wanted to catch what I consider to be a real monster that I needed to take a step up. It wasn't an easy water, big and full of weed, definitely the hardest I'd ever fished at the time, but it was exciting just knowing that carp of that size were swimming around somewhere in front of me. I'd actually seen one of the bigguns during a walk around the lake when I first went to scope the place out to decide if I wanted to join; I was up a tree checking out a group of fish milling about in front of an island, maybe 10 or 12 of them, when up popped this absolute beast of a mirror. It stuck out a mile and I knew it was the biggest fish I'd ever seen with my own eyes. Needless to say I joined the syndi on the spot after that.
    My first session with the rods was at the end of the April, I'd seen a few fish at the shallower end of the lake so set up as close as I could get. Had a plumb about and found it was weed city. Proper thick Canadian to just under the surface everywhere I could cast apart from the margins. I put rods on clearer margin spots to my left and to my right. The middle rod was cast to the clearest area I could find in front (which wasn't very clear at all lol). I blanked that weekend but continued to see fish in front of me over the heaviest weed.
    A simple plan was hatched - before I left I baited the margin spots heavily in an attempt to draw the fish out of the weed. Chucked a few baits on the open water spot too. Over the next three weeks I popped down every two or three days to top the spots up. The spots were getting clearer and I was pretty happy that I appeared to be on to something after just one session. Anyway, three weeks later I thought I'd have another pop.
    It was mid May now and I remember the conditions like it was yesterday. It was warm with a lovely south westerly blowing across the lake. My mate came with me this time and fished over the other side. Not wanting to mess about I went in with a bit of bait from the off. A couple of kilos on each of the margin spots and a kilo on the open water spot. Out go the rods and I was happy to sit it out. I saw signs of carp in front me almost immediately so confidence was high.
    The day draws on and it's now late afternoon. I was on the phone to my mate across the way, no action for either of us, he's coming round for a cuppa. I put the phone down and I'm watching him bring his rods in when I get a bleep on the middle rod. As I'm walking across to investigate it goes into meltdown. I hit it and pretty much immediately we're at a stalemate, it's completely weeded up and I'm cursing myself for not hitting it quicker. I did what I usually do in this situation, I apply pressure, not too much, just enough to hoop the rod, and just stand there - I can wait as long as you can mr carp! After a few minutes I sense movement of the line and feel the fronds of weed giving way, then all of a sudden it's on the move. I pump it back slowly, glad that it didn't end in disaster but still very aware that the battle isn't yet over. My mate shows up in the swim, muttering insults and something about being lucky. He gets on the net and scoops it up first time. PUKKA - It's a lovely mirror, black as your hat, and no tiddler either @ just under 27 lb. Not bad for a 1st fish I think to myself.
    We do some pics, put her back and have a cuppa. It's only when I see a carp top on the open water spot that I realise I'm yet to put the rod back out, which I swiftly do. Mate goes back to his swim and I'm left there relaxing with that 'I've just caught my first carp from a new water' grin on my face. I popped another kilo on the spot and sat back to enjoy the rest of the session.
    The sun goes down and it becomes clear that I'm defintiely on the carp. I'm seeing more and more fish top over the open water spot, it looks great out there. Problem is I aint seen nothing on my margin spots, nothing at all. I now have that dilemma that we've all faced at some point - do I ditch the margin spots which over the course of three weeks I've invested God knows how much moneys worth of bait on??? I sit it out for a bit wondering if the carp might be coming into the margins at night, but by 11 pm I know I have to act - I'm seeing loads of carp in front of me. In come the margin rods. The spot in front aint massive and I know i can't get them all on the clean so I tie on a couple of chods. Out they go, one either side of the middle rod, followed by a load more baits. I go to sleep.
    Wake up in the morning and I'm amazed I hadn't had another fish but it's looking like another lovely day and I have another night in front of me so it's not over yet. I do see the odd sign of fish in front (still nothing in the margins) so I'm happy to play the waiting game. I do re-cast the chods, just to hedge my bets presentation wise. The day passes quickly, as they always do when you're angling, and before I know it it's 4 pm. I'm staring across the lake when the alarm hails my attention - I remember the run clearly. Two beeps,a pause, two beeps, a pause, MELTDOWN!
    As soon as I hit it I know it's a biggun, it was like striking into a concrete block, solid, but not locked up in weed, as this concrete block was kiting ever so slowly to the left. I really couldn't do anything with it so just held on - it wasn't taking line, but at the same time it wouldn't let me take any. Further to the left it went until it was right over one of my margin spots and I was starting to worry if it was going to try to reach a snag situated a little further along the bank. It didn't, thank God, and it headed back out to open water. Over the course of the next 15 minutes it was a bit of a stalemate, no issues with weed (which was a God send) but it just didn't want to do anything. It wasn't actually pulling that hard, it just wanted to wallow about and not come any closer. Finally it started to tire and I was able to gain some line without feeling like I was going to snap the rod. It came in slowly, a yard at a time, and by this point I just knew it had a to be at least a 30.
    By the time it got 10 yards away it briefly broke the surface and I could see it was a mirror - result I thought, as all the real bigguns in here are mirrors. It still took another 5 minutes wallowing under the rod tip, using it's weight to avoid the surface, but eventually I manage to get it in range and at full stretch scooped it up. I put down the rod and the net. My arm was absolutely killing me, I hold up my hand, I'm shaking like a leaf. I struggle to roll a fag but manage it, have a couple of tokes and decide it's time to see what I've caught. I grab the net by the arms and lift gently....."Jesus Christ" I think to myself, "it's massive"! 
    I know it's a PB but have no idea how big it is, I've not seen anything this size up close. My PB is 34+ but this looked bigger, my brain is a bit scrambled. You could have told me it was 35 or 45 at the time and I'd have believed you, I just had no idea. I called my mate and talked gibberish at him but he got the message that I'd caught something and was on his way round. 10 mis later and he shows up and I direct him to the net. He's as impressed as me and a barrage of swear words is followed by a hug and a handshake. He really helped me out here and took charge of the situation, sorting the mat, camera gear, scales etc.... while I wandered around the swim in a complete daze not knowing what I was doing.
    With everything sorted I've come to my senses and I break down the net for weighing. I go to lift it out of the drink and say without a moments hesitation to my mate "it's one of the 40's". It weighs a ton, miles heavier than anything I've caught before, it has to be a 40! I transfer it to the sling/mat, we hook it up on a bar and we lift it together. We let it settle on 41 lb 7 oz, and I'm over the moon as you can imagine. Totally blown away. It's massive, it's pretty, it's (at the time) a fish of a lifetime.
    We do some pics and I get the waders out and we do some returners/water shots. I let her go and she swims back strong. Speechless.
    I spend the rest of the session on a high, as you do, with a grin from ear to ear.
    Funny story - one of the other anglers (that I didn't know) did his best to ruin my special day by showing up and telling me that it was basically pure luck that I'd caught the biggun so quickly, that I hadn't earned it, and even suggested I'd taken that capture away from others who deserved it more. That really wound me up, I was floating on a cloud one minute then being told my greatest angling achievement to date was pure luck the next - so I proved him wrong by catching it again 3 months later at 42 lb 2 oz. BOOYA!
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from lacarpe in Hello !   
    welcome ced,your english is a lot better than my french,enjoy your fishing sir 
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    bivvystreet reacted to lacarpe in Hello !   
    Hello from South of France and sorry for my poor English
    Im a new carping since two years and i like it this sport !
    Your web site are simply and technical
    All i like !
    Thanks for for your read
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    bivvystreet reacted to chillfactor in Netting At Kingsbury WP   
    I'll never agree with chub & barbel being stocked into still waters tbh .
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    bivvystreet reacted to yonny in How long and why   
    Winter angling is like a different sport at times. In spring, summer and autumn I'll spend as long as is required to find fish, be it 10 mins, an hour, or 5 hours, eventually I'll find them. That is not always the case in winter.
    Normally I'll head straight to an area of consistent depth near (not in) the deepest water, passing to check any snags or shallower areas (if it's sunny) on the way. I'll set-up slowly keeping my eyes peeled for signs. If I see something I'll be on the move immediately.
    I find at this time of year your best chance of spotting something is when it gets dark so that's when I'll really be on it.
    For me any show in winter is worth 50 in summer. They shoal up particularly so in winter so if you can find one chances are you've found a few. A single roll/jump tells me that at some point they'll be feeding nearby, they have to, they're active.
    If I can get on a show, I'll stay there until action elsewhere tells me I need to move.
    Take a step back and read that back to yourself Spr.... you're doing something very right. You spotted the fish (which I find is the hardest bit in winter), you fished for them, had a few occurrences, including an aborted take. Basically it went like clockwork right up until the point the hook didn't set, which is par for the course in carp angling (we're getting done all the time IMO).
    At the end of the day winter is just difficult. Feeding periods can be as short as an hour every 24, so you could be on fish all day and not know about it. Once you've figured it out it can be easy, but that process of figuring it out can take all winter. Sounds to me like you're on the right track mate.
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    bivvystreet reacted to kevtaylor in How long and why   
    As the location part is so critical in winter I'd always try to get in a swim with a good view of the lake.  Just one show could be the key to winter fishing on that water - Its likely to be the right area year after year for whatever reason.
    Once you've found the main holding area you can start to identify bite time, so short sessions for a few hours become worth while and often rewarding.
    I learnt this the hard way after a couple of winters struggling in my favourite corner of the lake, for a grand total of jack.  Moved to the main body one day saw a show, moved on it and nailed the water from then on, catching as regular as clockwork, week after week.
    I've recently joined a winter syndicate and on the first overnighter I decided to fish the biggest swim in the biggest area of the lake, based purely on seeing the majority of the water from there.
    I spread the 3 rods as wide and far out as I could get away with, fishing for liners I guess, got the locals muttering between themselves.  Fished pop- ups over a good spread of baits, got the locals muttering again, had 4 takes the following morning landing 3, deffo got the locals.....
    Now I know bite time the next session will be day only.  If you don't see any fish or subtle signs study the bird activity they give the game away.  My first sighting of a winter roll was a yard behind a flock of ducks and that was often the case.
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    bivvystreet got a reaction from muftyboy in Blank ended   
    well in sir 
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