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  1. Tempest T100, infill, groundsheet winter/skull wrap and the storm poles. i have the V2 and needed more height so grabbed this in Black Friday sale from Parkfield Angling. Parkfield Angling are worth a look. Always does a deal and the customer service is the best i have had. I think they are based in Liverpool.
  2. Looking to maybe join the syndicate, details of the lake are pretty vague, I knwo they lost a few lumps over the last few years. Anyone fishing it or know whats going on there at the moment?
  3. The wife is fed up of various fishing bits in the house so looks like my next purchase will be this bad boy. https://www.asgardsss.co.uk/fishing-tackle-storage#reviews
  4. Have you been glugging these? If so some thick glugs can dry them out giving you this issue.
  5. i thought about it but my existing Adobe for me and him is about 8 years old so it could do with replacing anyway.
  6. Hi, So probably should have mentioned his 4...so same bivvy really. Need to be able to get 2 beds in and a little bit of space between (little way) so he can play if its raining! We have a 2 man Abode, Great bivvy but the beds have to be side by side which takes up the whole bivvy...He has an adult bed.....daddies cast off!
  7. Hi guys, I need a 2 man for me and my boy, Looking at the Avid Accent, Wondering if there is anything else out there people will recommend?
  8. @salokcinnodrog Hey buddy long time no speak, Hope your well? i know you know this area pretty well.
  9. Hey all, So someone mentioned to me recently her partner was fishing Elmstead Res...i have never heard of it, was wondering if anyone had any info? A quick look on google maps shows some big slabs of water so any info of lakes in the area would be useful. Im currently fishing the Match Pit near there so looking to join some waiting lists for when i eventually move on.
  10. Yeah thought the bag was great, Used it right through winter. Only changed when i got a Nash Indulgence bed.
  11. brought the bushwhacker, the standard length just isnt enough so i ended up buying the 20 extra sections....its expensive i dont want to add up the cost, but if it catches a few fish its worth it!
  12. Hi guys, Any suggestions? I know Nash do one thats hardly in stock. I have the bushwhacker and 20 poles, Need to store them in a bag as the extras came in single packaging. Any suggestions?
  13. 3 Korda zig floats....I think my winter fishing is all going to be based around zigs. going to be really active, 3 spots, working the depths every 20 minutes (adding or taking a foot or 2)...if i get to the top or bottom, then i cast further and go again...if they are in front of me i will find them!...until i go to sleep!
  14. Some well thought out ideas here. might have to buy some of the stuff myself.
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