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  1. What is your newest purchase

    Yeah not bad mate, I’m catching on it so no complaints so far.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Just cancelled my urban order as i found it on Fishing republic for £26 for 5kg so i now have 5x5kg of nutcracker 1x5kg of tuna and garlic (not tried before) and 1x5kg of spicy red fish (not tried before). Thats me sorted for a few months!
  3. What is your newest purchase

    I have them already for my own fishing and they are spot on for what i need. I can have my alarms, The tackle safe, Bobbins and some leads in the one bag. Great for the way i fish.
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Korda Tackle Safe and the Compac bag for my Dad's xmas gift and 10kg of 14mm nutcracker. using AD 15% off.
  5. The Cheating Thread

    Right i think im going to pick one up. Dont care for the fish finding, But if i can map a few swims and its consistant with my notes, Having that confidence that what im getting with a lead and float is correct then that will make it worth every penny. Just one question, I dont want to lose this from a crack off or anything so are you guys tying this straight to braid with a palomar knot or are you going for Mono and a leader or?
  6. What's on your Christmas list?

    Carp. Just 1, if theres more then great, but if i can nick 1 i will be happy.
  7. Elveden Center Parcs

    So just to update. I did 3 sessions of about 3 hours 7 til 10, had about 12 carp ranging from 5/6lb to 14lb i think was the biggest. I fished on the opposite side from the beach, Didnt pay any ticket or anything so all good! the fish battled like mad, I guess because they are not really fished for. I fished in the margin one evening which wasnt very effective (did get the 14LBer from there) the rest were in open water with a small PVA bag and a few boilies shot out in the general direction every so often. If i didnt catch after 20 minutes i recast. For any course fisherman, Theres some big roach and rudd in there, I changed to corn and the silvers and small carp went mental, after 3 chucks i changed back to boilie! Very enjoyable.
  8. The Cheating Thread

    See i think its great that its able to confirm what you think is out there in terms fo depth, weed etc. That itself will help improve me as an angler as i could be reading a swim all wrong.
  9. The Cheating Thread

    lol this conversation between you about this is exactly the inner monologue i have every time i blank or see one advertised!
  10. The Cheating Thread

    See now i find that really hard to lead about to find suitable marks in the dark. The area is very silty anyway so i have an idea of the make up of the bottom but it terms of slopes/ledges/holes i dont think i can really do that without a marker, I cant anyway.
  11. The Cheating Thread

    Have kept an eye on this topic as its very close to me, Im currently or have been for about a year been toying around with getting a deeper. On one hand, Yeah i kinda think its cheating, The same as a bait boat, like someone has mentioned, most lakes are castable, and casting is a skill to be mastered. On the other hand, my last 2 sessions i have arrived at 5/6 PM and been off at 6:30AM, i havent seen the sun, i havent heard anything distinctive jump and to be honest when i think a carp may have jumped, its pitch black, i know the direction but no idea where! My set up last week was 3 zigs at different depths, I know the swim is up to about 12 foot in places but i couldnt get a marker out to confirm as i wouldnt have been able to see it....why isnt there a glow in the dark marker? I lost a fish that night. Sunday just gone i kept 1 zig out at the same depth as the week before, which had a take but hit into nothing and the other 2 rods on solid bags which produced 1 tench, if im honest the move to solid bags was because im practically pub chucking......whats the difference between catching via a pub chuck or catching by selecting a spot with the help of a deeper? between now...and when the sun is up before 6 and down after 7 i have 1 DAY to fish.....
  12. What is your newest purchase

    Without sounding like a complete spanner.....which i might be, Can i just fit the normal gas cannisters to these? Like the ones in the link below? (these are not the exact bottles i use). https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Marksman-Butane-Gas-Canisters-4-Pack/1605484002
  13. Angling Direct

    Yep, find they are spot on when i use them in Stanway, although i did tend to deal with Glenn as i have been on the bank with him a bit on layer or bovi but his gone now. I brought some shares in them when they started selling them, as long as they employ people that fish and fish different styles they will be fine.
  14. Audible

    The carp cast is a really good podcast and are really great to listen to whilst on the bank.
  15. Winter Baits

    Yeah that was the plan, the tail rubber was barely on and i wet the clip before hand, its the first one i have set to drop and it not drop, i was thinking last night that this maybe because the bite was a drop back, And whilst the fish was fighting hard, its was quite a smooth battle with the fish mainly holding its ground, not really bolting or really shaking its head.... who knows. I went to a size 10 hook as well....maybe i will up it back to an 8.