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    I drive past this place every day. I wish i had the time to dedicate to that place.
  2. New rods

    Hii all, So having spent the weekend chucking 19 wraps on 2.5tc rods i have decided i need some new rods for the job. So whilst i was making 19wraps, It sometimes took a few casts, it wasnt the most accurate and adding a small PVA bag made it....a bit of a mere. I have a Free Spirit CTX spod/marker and that was making 19 wraps with great accuracy.....which is a waste of time if my rods are not accurate. So i have been looking at the free spirit range, And to be honest im a bit lost. Whilst i love the orange and look of the CTX rods, I have noticed they are at the lowest price point, The E and the Lite S are a little bit more expensive....So better?? I dont intend on buying rods very often so they need to last. Anyway, Anyone using free spirit rods recommend them? whilst ideally i would like to try them out, Its hard to find a shop with them all in and i think waiting for a session with Mark might take an age. Also TC.....I will be keeping my Greys prodigy 2.5tc rods as they are lovely (in my opinion) should i be looking at 3.25 or 3.5 with 50mm butt rings, These rods may need to do some bag work...... Obviously out of all this im aware my technique can be improved and obviously but casting further i am working on it, but higher TC rods will make fishing at range a whole lot more comfortable at the moment!
  3. January catch reports

    Theres a few lovely fish mate. I had a 28lb zip out in the summer and it was probably the nicest fish i have caught.
  4. January catch reports

    I have nothing to hide mate Was at lakelands, in hatfield pev. Day ticket water that used to be a syndicate. Match man owns it so his put a lot of smaller carp and F1's in there that can be a pain but theres some really nice 20's and a few 30's in there as well. A really nice fishery but its £25 a night and being a day ticket you get a few "bad anglers" on there. Worth a visit...Dont think it would be fun in the summer at the weekend!
  5. January catch reports

    Well I had a 2 night session booked for my current target lake, would have been my longest session on there.... so typically it’s closed for otter fencing. Theres a bit of a gem round the corner from there on a day ticket so I spent my 2 nights there, it became quickly apparent that bite time was from 4pm onwards with the day light hours being a waste of time. I fished 19 wraps to an island in 2.5tc Rods my arms were knackered by the end but it was well worth it. 6 fish including this 29lb below, considering it was freezeing at night, bright sky’s during the day, I was chuffed just to catch. A 29lb,15lb 2 about 8l and 2 that probably didn’t go 10lb combined! Happy days
  6. What is your newest purchase

    Tons of space mate. Mine has a few packs of hooks in the little korda and ridge monkey cases they come in, some hook link, Leads, Bobbins, snag ears, krimps and more all in there with the tackle safe.
  7. Leads

    Its all about the car spares for me! Leads, Spods, Sweetcorn, Some shelf life boilies, random end tackle, All hiding in with the spare wheel. saying that i have about 10 leads with me, mixture of sizes and shapes.
  8. What is your newest purchase

    I love the box and the case they done....i brought a second!
  9. Fluro hook link (boom)

    Cheers Yonny. I did have a rig out there with a size 6 but typically that rod remained silent all night. I still use 8's for most of my fishing so jumping to 6 was quite a jump, let alone 4's!
  10. How come the price has dropped so much?
  11. An Overview

    Mark Pitchers has spent most of the winter on rivers chasing a 3lb greying and posting quite alot about it on instagram and you can see from the comments that quite a few people have joint the same quest so social media can work both ways.
  12. Fluro hook link (boom)

    So, Went full Korda last night. I recently brought my dad all the gear they use for the ronnie rigs they were using (at his request), And because im a good son...and i knew he would ask anyway i tied a ton up for him. Stole a few for myself as well to have a little go. Done the night on a bit of a runs water, Had 2 bites 1 fish i guess was about 6 and maybe one a scraper double by the looks of it.....but i bumped them both off under the rod tip. So i dont usually lose many fish at all, and without landing one of these i couldnt tell where the hook hold was (both bites were at night) so im a bit confused. I was using about 7" of boom onto a size 6 (i know the korda vids were using bigger hooks, but for the stamp of fish i didnt really think it neccessary. I didnt drop the lead otherwise this place would cost a fortune! so i was just wondering if thats a bit of a characteristic of a flurocarbon hooklink or if something else could have been wrong. Going to have to get back to that lake again and play about with longer hook links and bigger hooks..... 7" is surely long enought though....confused!
  13. Trying too hard?

    Went and had a look to day, might give it a go tomorrow night. Was 2 people on today, not sure how they were getting on.
  14. Trying too hard?

    My lakes shut for a month now so I have to do a few nights somewhere so might give it a go one night.
  15. Bait colour in winter

    Most of my successful fishing has been just less then half of a pink mainline tutti fruity 14mm and a bottom bait so it was "critically balanced". Never done well with a yellow or white boilie, Maize as a topper has done me ok on my current water