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  1. Solid Bags

    Might find the carp go quite now the cats have been introduced, Thats what i have found on waters. I have caught a cat on carp gear, Loved it mate. I will do some proper cat fishing at some point so dont worry! Just pack some forceps.
  2. Solid Bags

    What look lengths do people use in a bag? I thinking 3 or 4 inches should be the right size for this? going to give one a go tonight, it will be dark when i arrive so a slightly educated pub chuck will be in order.
  3. A1 pits

    Follow thier FB page mate its a lively group. I havent fished it but i can tell you from the group that its hard, and the people catching are people that dont set up until they see fish. Seems like they fish pretty long as well.
  4. Solid Bags

    Jesus Rich its like you read my mind! I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday. after looking at some videos and some articles, You can do with with a lead clip no problem, the problem you face is that you cant pre make the bags unless you have some sort of loop to loop knot. Not a massive issue really unless your like me and only fish after work through the night before going back to work. I made 2 bags and they are already on my rods (rods are marked up as i know where im fishing) so i can just chuck them when i arrive, Then will just use mesh for the rest of the night should i catch.
  5. Cheating at Fishing

    I thought the Korda site really good for articles and instructions on Rigs. You dont have to use their kit. Dont get to caught up in going all "carpy", a flat method feeder rig has bagged me loads of carp up to 25lb. Have a look at what Harry Pratt was doing on "Carp Wars", might help your tranistion more whilst making you feel more comfortable.
  6. just the annoying need to back more clothes (coat, waterproofs etc).
  7. Maple and Molasses

    Hi, Anyone use the 2 together? I was thinking with the amount of water Maples take in, Maybe i should mix some molasses into the water so it absorbs some....Or should i cover the maples in Molasses for a night and then add water? im thinking that the molasses alone will be too thick for the maples to absorb. I dont cook maples i leave them in water for a day or 2 which usually makes them good to go.
  8. PVA bag fishing

    Im really tempted to try solid bags for my lunch and meat rig, fill it with meat and probably boilie crumb so the meat doesnt melt the bag, bet it doesnt get seen often.....just wonder if the pike would take a fancy to it though...then again i have had them on a boilie and zig already this year!
  9. Cromwell lake

    i have done 1 night over there, just had a few tench. Have a look on their site mate as they have a map of the lake etc. If you can and theres a few swims free, Have a walk round and find the fish. follow thier FB page as theres bits and peices posted on there catch reports etc.
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Bargin. I managed to get 3 second hand for £170 i think. Great reels, i couldnt warrant spending anymore because im not the best with my kit.
  11. winter?

    So when do people start prepping for winter and how? So looking at the lake i fish theres a bay which averages, 3 to 5 foot, The middle mostly sits around 5 and the deep end seems to run mostly about 7 to 12 foot. All of my session will be after work til early morning so i will just be fishing in the dark, Im thinking i should be targetting the deeper water, im not going to be able to really look for fish, if i hear a jump i will obviously base myself near it if i can pin point it.... so should i start putting the odd bit of bait out there now? Will only be once a week but it will just get the fish in the habit of visiting an area....Is 10ft the prefered deapth as the water temp says the same?
  12. 3 piece or 9ft spod rod?

    That's what I'm looking for something that can fit in the boot so I don't have a massive rod bag next to my head or near my little one!
  13. Hi guys, Looking to get a 9ft set up so i can get it in the car on holidays with the wife and baby......So im going for the wychwood Extrictors as a rod but im i need a spod rod that will fit in the same bag......thinking taking a 12ft spod rod would kind of defeat the object. Can anyone recommend one?
  14. What's your Job

    SCCM Specialist.....which basically means i work in IT. Pretty much 9-5, get the odd day working from home, Have to do on call as well so sometimes i end up in my bivvy working more then fishing! All my fishing is done straight from work, Then back to work the next morning as i have a 1 year old at home and a wife that runs a netball team, Coaches, Scouts and Umpires at a regional level evenings and some weekends.....So i fit in around her.
  15. Catching during tough times

    The no cast banking........Can you phyiscally cast to it from the other bank? I know its probably a bit naughty but i would be putting a rod on the far bank after dark