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  1. Cheers im going to fish on site for the odd couple of hours here and there so will stay onsite on the main lake there.
  2. I use this method often, You dont have to use small boilies with it, i have used 14mm, 16mm and had success. If im ever struggling i will get this out, it either provides some action from other species at the least (bait depended). i will cast out 10 times just to get a small bed of bait, Then every 15 minutes lowering if im getting alot of action.
  3. Sorry i should add the wife and the baby will be with me so fishing will be at random wont be a "fishing holiday".
  4. Anyone fished here? Theres a few bits online, not much on the website, Just wanted some info if anyone has any?
  5. Cheers Pooter, I will go down the shop and have a play, I will likely stay with bait runners though, Im to clumsy to start messing around with drag on top of the spool!
  6. Ah Quick Drag. Whats the difference with Quick drag and baitrunners?
  7. Dropped down to a 2.5 and still having the same issue as it did cross my mind, I read a few bits yesterday which im sure will help, Shame its a month til i can get out and test it.....So now im like, Should i just buy big pit reels anyway.... lol
  8. Only 1 part of the margin was fishable so i needed somewhere to put 2 other rods, My friend has done very well tight to the island every time his fished it, Also fish were lumpy out there all evening/night/morning. I fished as close as i could get and didnt get a touch all night, I fished one on a little spot mid lake as well and had no luck, All the shows were near the margin that produced the fish and tight to the island.
  9. Hi Everyone, So i went fishing last night in a swim a friend recommended with the advice "fish as tight to the island as possible", So the island looked pretty far out, i set up anyway and attempted to hit it. Im using 12ft 2.5TC Grey's Prodigy rods, Shimano ST6000 reels, using a 3.5oz zip lead. One rod had 15LB line, one had 12LB line......It became apparent pretty quickly that i couldnt cast to the island, At my best cast i done about 19.5 wraps, so thats only just over 60yards i believe. I hit the clip once or twice but spent about 40 minutes trying to hit clip (the island was probably another 3 or 4 wraps away). I had no heavier leads. This is the first time i have had to cast that far and im really dissapointed to find how short my cast is, Im not weak i spend a fair bit of time in the gym so its not a strengh issue. My technique obviously isnt great judging by my results but thats something i can practise and work on when i go to venues that require that lengh of cast, so my question is really, Would changing to big pit reels make much difference? What distance is everyone else getting? HELP? On a more positive note i did manage to catch 3 including a 28.6LB.........All from a margin lol.
  10. Have exactly the same reels have exactly the same question!
  11. I dont really think its the "being overgunned", I think its due to the fact that other types of fishing are just more active. With a method feeder your probably casting every 10/20 minutes depending on what the actions like. I Cant count the amount of times i have gone on a lake few of guys carping with 2 rods, I have turned up with a quiver tip and out caught them. I know a guy fishing Layer pits that also just used 2 method feeders on 2 little carp rods and smashed that place up.
  12. I have fished moon cycles and blanked (just to add). i think the moon plays a part but i think weather, temps, Pressure (which is dropping ahead of this moon) etc all are part of the picture. it would be interesting for someone to put some research into it and see what the results say.
  13. Just googled super moon and it said the next one is the 3rd of december?
  14. im no expert mate, It just so happened that a lad i spoke to on the bank this morning was discussing this exact same subject. I do love fishing on a full moon, I had this moment a few years ago, fishing on a full moon, getting a run about 3am, running out in shorts and bare feet (sand bank) and playing this fish in gin clear water, no need for a head torch, No win no noise just my clutch as i watched the fish battle in front of me. Was really a great fishing moment and one i wont forget.... but the catch rate was by no means different to normal. If i could, I would be fishing those few nights before and after the full moon just incase it is true and this is some great fishing event!