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  1. Ginger9991

    Lake water....... Would you or wouldn't you?

    Not for me! we all know some dirty sod has [censored]ed and dropped a log in there. Also with the whole salt craze it probably tastes like sea water! lol
  2. Ginger9991

    Fish finders

    I have a deeper pro+, used it during winter to map out the lake as my fishing is all after work so at that time of year, Was useful in the respect that it confirmed the depths i believed i was fishing in, It also showed me 1 or 2 features i had been missing. Its benefitted me more with my Zig fishing as if i turn up real late then i already know the depth in front of me and i can start working the zigs......Its probably not been out of my bag for 3 or 4 months now.
  3. Ginger9991

    Back Leads?

    I used to use them on a lake where 3 rods were allowed but the swims pretty small. HOWEVER i dont use them at all now as i found the fish clocked on, I would get 1 bleep and i would see the rod tip bobbin but no run, Hit into the fish and it would be there. I found taking of the backleads gave be a proper "take" or at least more of an indiction. If needed i will use slack lines now.
  4. Ginger9991

    Would you rather........

    I just prefer the lower footfall on the lake so i will take the 40% all day long. You have pretty much given the reason as to why no one was moving....Big beds of bait. if you put a big bed of bait out your less likely to mvoe, Especially once yove got your tablet set up so you can watch it from your bed..... If i was putting a large amount of bait out i would be a bit hesitant to move, But what i would do is reel in and have a walk with a couple of rods to see if i can nick a bite through the day. If im catching i would move, If not i have rested my swim at the least. Also its manly as fudge to cast to the middle of the lake......
  5. Ginger9991

    June catch reports

    Well my recent great run is continuing. Got down the lake around 11 last night and by the time I pulled off at 8am I had another 2 carp (around 18lb and the stockie probably no more then 12lb) I also had 5 tench including the 2 monsters from a double take, must have been around 8lb but I forgot my weigh sling! That’s 11 carp and probably a million tench in the last 6 sessions. 1 carp short of what I achieved in the whole of last year on this lake.
  6. Ginger9991

    Getting big carp out of the water safely.

    Depending on the swim and where my matt is, I either do as above and seperate the net from the spreader block or, I slacken the line off the reel, Place the butt of the rod on the spreader block (so the rods resting on the net) and move the fish. Depends on the size of fish and situation really. getting the hook out whilst the fish is in the water can be a pain sometimes.
  7. So looks like i have managed to get some 9ft dwarf 3.5tc rods and a holdall for a decent price. Any recommend a 2 piece net? managed to get 2 rods and the holdall for £130 which i didnt think was bad.
  8. Ginger9991

    June catch reports

    Sure no problem. So my standard fishing has always been a balanced half and half boilie on a blow back rig. Usually King Prawn and a Red Mainline fruitella, i love fishing over a bit of bait. Anywhere i had gone previously this has worked well for me. I started my water in December 2016 doing overnighters after work before going back to work the next morning. As usual, dragging a lead around swims trying to find gravel mostly, My first few months contained Tench if anything at all. I remember my first Carp coming in Feb so 2/3 months in the middle of a storm...Cant remember the name of it, Unforntunatly i couldnt fish that particular swim that night because it was in amongst the trees and i didnt want to die. At that time of year i was convinced that my problems were due to me turning the water into a foam finding spots (which is why i started in winter), the fact that i couldnt see any shows because i was on and off the lake during the hours of darkness and the fact the tench were getting into me before the carp. I had my next fish in May and by the time i was fishing just off the gravel (to avoid the tench) which was working...however its now 5 months in and i only have 2 carp. I was seeing on FB that fish were coming out, but they seemed to be to anglers that were fishing for a few nights, It appeared it was taking fish time to accept the bait. It was around this time i had heard people tell me they didnt like fishy baits, So i packed in the king prawn and i went over to Urban baits. The next session i had 1 then i had another 2 the week after (same swim,same spot) so decided to do a weekend.......I blanked. In this time one of the bigger fish came out the lake to a guy using....you guessed it! King Prawn! still i had some results, i wasnt changing. I messed about with rig length, with spod mixes but the results had dried up again. But this time its 6 or 7 months in, Whilst i still wasnt seeing much in the evening regards to shows, I was hearing them behind 2 sets of reeds, ! fishable but you would have to be locked up and on your rods, The other, i wouldnt class as fisable unless fishing it from a couple swims down and hoping no one showed up in between. I found the fish again with Maize and Urban in the spod, With maize tipping the boilie on the hook and even managed to nick one or 2 on a pop up rig (never used 1 before)....but the bites were few and far between, maybe one night i would get 2 then nothing for a month. I finished in January 12 carp in the first year, all doubles. the lake then shut for 3 months for fencing so i moved to an easier lake and decided to have a play around. The swim i had previous success from was an island at 20 wraps, I didnt fancy spodding tight to an island at this range, I was struggling to hit to spot with a rig and mesh PVA bag so i ended up buying a throwing stick and decided i would fish the island with boilies, And because of the distance and way i was smashing the rig out, I moved to Ronnies on a boom, so i started using pop ups again. So through Jan and March i done well on this lake, catching fish in the snow so my confidence was back up, Enough to start playing with Solid bags, whilst i didnt dare smash one 20 wraps (at the time) i was happy to use them over closer spots and caught a few fish. Now my lake was over again and i had decided, spodding was to much of a pain, its late when i get it out and i cant 100% say its over my rig everytime. On top of that i was wasting loads of it or taking it back home if i didnt feel i should be spodding. Boilie approach wasnt the one due to bird life and PVA Mesh wasnt giving me the confidence. i decided on PVA bags as i wanted a rig that was hidden and in amongst some free offerings. I also decided that im going to fish on the gravel again. First night went by and i didnt have a touch, Back to normal! I had noticed that i hadnt seen another guy using solid bags so thought it was worth a few weeks at least. Next session i banked one! and my first 20 from this water! i was chuffed, I caught a few tench that night as well the solid bag was working, 1 of my pop ups was working and the tiny Ronnie was working. The next session i caught again, a few tench also followed, I was shattered for work because of the amount of bites from Tench but its fine, Im catching carp aswell so i cant complain. I then went on holiday for a week, and as soon as i got back i went down the lake, banked 2 carp that night, about 6 tench (a few over 9lb) all between 12 and 5.....so i was really tired for work! 1 pop up in particular was doing the business, this pop up isnt sold as a bottom bait....and i think thats helping me! That brings me to the fish above. a lot of my fishing on this lake has been an education, Before it i had never fished popups, never owned a throwing stick and had never changed rigs much...oh and the solid bags. Looking back on the first season theres a fair bit i would do differently but i have got to the stage on this lake where i feel like i can catch now. I have had 6 sessions since it reopened and 9 carp in the last 5 nights with a couple lost as well. I have probably done 30 nights ish maybe a few more, 2 weekends (Fri-Sund) the rest being "quick overnighters" after/before work. Im back on there Thursday night but wont be on til 10/11PM and i will be off by 8AM lets hope i can keep the run going as theres plenty of nice fish i wouldnt mind landing!
  9. Ginger9991


    Yeah i like to fish a water i know i have a chance to get something over 30lb, Now i have hit the magically 37lb i think if i wanted to beat it, it would stop me fishing a few lakes that actually wanted to fish last week. So anything over 30lb or something that looks really special. I will stay on the lake im currently on for a while to try and catch a few more of the "A team". I have a place in mind for next season, few 30's in there but the fish im after doesnt look like more then an upper double, Its just a grey/silverly common and i have seen nothing like it before.
  10. Ginger9991


    Oh and also in terms of a bank stick or tripod?
  11. Ginger9991


  12. Ginger9991


    Thanks Nige i will have a look, I have been reading it doesnt have a timer for continuos photo bursts, Is this correct? or is there something you can buy so it takes a photo every x seconds...knowing what im like getting a fish to stay still it would be real useful! also regarding lighting at night, Are you using anything?
  13. Ginger9991

    June catch reports

    Well I only went and blooming done it! Had the session of my life Thursday night. Arriving at the lake around 5pm Fishing before work the next day and managed 5 carp. A low 20, 25.6 dark scaly mirror, a 27.14 mirror and the biggest in the pond slate grey, down in weight at 37.4lb. I caught it Friday morning and still can’t stop looking at it! Spent the whole of last year about 20/30 nights for 12 carp. A switch of tactics for this season and in 6 (1st one being a blank) sessions I have had 9 carp 5 being over 20lb (didn’t get anything over 18 last year). Absolutely mental it’s all come good. Typically it was only last week on here I was asking about getti a decent camera...
  14. Cats love a Zig believe it or not.
  15. Ginger9991


    looking to bite the built and buy a proper camera so looking for suggestions. Something that will automatically take the photos and have a front facing screen would be great... Budget.... £500 max but if i can go cheaper i will because im tight!