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  1. Hi mate, Fished it a few times. You need to be a member of CAPS, Do 4 work parties or pay an extra £130. No 40's but plenty of 30's in there. Absolutly tons of fish in there, 10 - 18lb would be the average stamp i would say. Cast long for bites, cast short for bigger fish in my experience, they like bait and are not afraid of the spomb (had loads of runs whilst i have been spombing). The fish are always showing. Set up on them if u can.
  2. Taxi for Greekskii!!
  3. Fishing republic also trade. They were about 46p, Cant say i have really heard of them before. Im aware they now have a store local to me, there web presence is pretty poor!
  4. Cleverley Mere always looked really busy all the time from Bovi 2 (CAPS lake), If your interested in that lake have a look on Kordas site for Elliot's diarys. He was fishing there.
  5. keep an open mind. It might be cold or windy when u leave the house, But put your floater gear in the boot anyway. Dont pick a swim before u arrive. if u spend 3 of your 4 hours walking the lake looking for fish so be it, least you will be on the fish and all that knowledge builds up so its easier to make an educated guess to where the fish are. Also, pick a venue to suit your fishing. 3 or 4 hours...go to a runs water where you can get a bend in the rod. Thats what i would be doing and thats my intention when the wife decides its second baby time!
  6. Cheers pal. I just forgot all about it.
  7. So I cooked up some hemp, maple and maize on Friday night, took what I need and left the rest in a cooler box....and just remembered it's in there.... it's got a stink to it and it's a little bit white......fermented (can I freeze now for Thursday) or mouldy?
  8. i have 25KG of Maples and a large can of Molasses.....maybe i need to try this!
  9. Interesting read this. I have been successfully blanking on my lake since December... i have managed just 2 carp and a life time supply of tench. Now i only fish on Thursday night (after work) til Friday morning (when i go back to work). Im seeing people catching over there thanks to facebook, but these people tend to have been there for a few days and seem to catch in the later stages of thier session. It seems like the carp are avoiding newly baited spots and after its sat there for a day or 2 they come to investigate. So i have 2 trails of thought, Should i be pre soaking my baits, or is it time for me to pick 2 of 3 swims and try and fish one of these swims and bait it with a few kilo every Thursday (i cant get to the lake on any other day). Theres one swim thats pretty much neglected, its in the corner of the lake and fishing there really limits your options if the fish are not on you....... Could i bait a swim once a week or am i wasting my time as it needs to be more regular? would be keen to hear how people would approach this scenario. Just to add, these fish are pretty static in behind 2 sets of reeds, i havent really found it to be a place where you can "set up on the fish", either because of the time i arrive at the lake or due to thier relatively static nature.
  10. My expections is to catch, Its what i go fishing for the lake im fishing at the moment i have only had 2 carp out of since december (just doing 12 hours through the night). I aint going to give up and move off and admit defeat, i will go home tie up some more rigs, try and correct what i think i have done wrong and come back the following week with the expectation to catch again. I think if i didnt have that expectation, i wouldnt be as motivated as i would end up running from the lake. After a set of blanks i will go to another lake for the evening, catch a few and thats me sorted and confident in my rigs and ready to slog it out again.
  11. Anyone recommend a pair? Is a £60 any better then a £10 pair? I don't care how they look, they just need to show me the fish!
  12. Sounds like i have a good wife here.....dont tell her that tho! She will fish, We have a 1 year old and she does alot of netball, So we have an agreement and thats that i fish on a thursday night after work then go to work friday then go home. Its hard work and the results are not brilliant but i cant complain. i have done 1 or 2 saturdays this year and shes told me i can go on fathers day. I think it helps if they have hobbies so they have the same requirement for time! All our holidays are fishing holidays now aswell....just have to get a lodge rather then take a tent. To be nice to her this year we are going center parcs, I will book her some massages and stuff, do family things in the day and as soon as the baby is asleep, Get the rods out.
  13. Just to update everyone. I still havent been out on the bank but i have brought a set of 3 shimano XTA Medium long casts, Was going to wait and just get my technique correct then evaluate but i have managed to get the 3 for £180 second hand which i thought was a really good price. Hopefully that coupled with better technique will sort me out!
  14. I was on the crafty carper stuff. Done well on it....notice that the price has been on the rise though. Still cheap by comparision at £9 a kilo, i used to buy loads of off cuts as well which was great for baiting, but its getting harding to get hold of them now as they dont seem to do them much anymore. I think boilie companies have been very smart, provide as much bait as they can to korda, fox etc, the videos advertise the bait....everyone thinks you need boilies, and buy the brand they like..... not many known fisherman are out there saying "GET ON THE MAIZE".
  15. your getting it at £6.50 a Kilo? Wow!