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  1. Hi, Those A12 lakes are alright, fished it a few times. Only problem they have over there is flooding, And it REALLY floods as the river is right next to it as well loads of the fish jump ship between the lakes and the river.
  2. thats harsh i have had that 1 in 9 sessions. Im out on the bank again thursday but i need to be off the lake at 6am for a nice 5 hour drive to whitby.....not looking forward to that!
  3. Hi mate. Im in a similar position. I work Monday to Friday, Wife works Tuesday-Thursday, she does netball on Mon-Weds evenings and on most Saturdays. I leave work either at 4,5 or 6 depending on my shift, Shoot straight to the lake, get the rods out, get the tent up and get dinner made, Pack as much away as possible before bed, Get up at 5AM to cast at any shows (which has been a waste of time) get everything back in car to get back to work for 8, 9 or 10 depending on my shift. I arrive at work, go in the disabled loo, Wash me bits and start work. I then go home on a friday and do the night shift with the little one (9 months old). I have been doing this since December (done about 9 sessions) caught 2 tench, 1 carp (in storm doris) and a pike. over the last few months i have been setting up in the dark and leaving before the sun comes up. I dont mind, its really not that hard the key is to pack as light as possible and be organised. Im fishing a new lake so i have been using a marker float in the dark which is not ideal but now the suns staying out for longer i know i can confidently walk into 5 or 6 swims and have rods on spots in 30 minutes. Only 1 carp so far....but effort equals reward.......I hope.
  4. Great, Now im going to have to buy some wife hates you guys.....
  5. Yeah sorry i went for the full it and there all in a little pouch.
  6. I brought a set of stage stands by Matrix, Heavy as hell no worrys of them ever breaking! really good for what i needed and like others have said, you dont notice the screw holes in the wood.
  7. really disappointing session for me. First time in a long time i got 36 hours rather then my normal 10/12. Fished pretty well i thought, hitting my spots well, Picked an area i thought the fish would come, got some bait ....but no nothing visited the area at all, To the point that on a couple times when i reeled in, i hooked some sweet corn (which was from my spod mix) confirming nothing had fed on my spot. I spent much of the second day walking around the lake, Located a few carp and on a white snow man rig.........i had my first ever pike! Only 1 carp came out the whole time i was there....4 come out the night i left, but the lake was rammed when i left and only 3 of us for most of my time there. really gutted.
  8. I have done 7 nights this year on a new venue all fishing from about 5PM to about 7/8AM so not ideal times in winter. I have managed 1 carp (in Storm Doris) and 2 tench, 1 being 6lb 10oz. I chose to start a new water then so i could find some spots and have a marker around so when the fish are ready to feed i can just turn up and hit my choosen spots as all my fishing will be at night/early evening. Was it productive? Well it terms of fish i got my first carp out of there so i would say it has. My knowledge of the lake is also better so im pretty happy and think it will pay off in the spring/summer so we will see. Would i be just as happy if i had caught nothing.......probably, As soon as i leave the lake knowing i have blanked i want to get back straight away.
  9. its interesting this and everyone has different ideas. Most of the waters i fish are around 6ft. Instead of moving the spomb a few foot shorter, i move myself. So i clip the spomb up the same, then chuck a few spods from the standing position i marked up in, Then i might take a full step back and spomb, or forward and spomb. I tend to spod particle and i look to spomb and area rather then a spot as i cant say or guarentee my rig is going to land on the same spot every cast so for me, bigger the spot, more chance i have of getting a bait on it! Personally i know people fish on the edge of a baited spot for the bigger fish but i cant say that i have experienced this (maybe i havent been accurate enough), if i am going for bigger fish then its all about margins or 5 wraps in front for me (dont ask why i ended up with 5 wraps) but just a scattering of boilies and a rig at that distance has done me really well for larger fish.
  10. I only use righ tubing over the hook to protect the fish in the net. I have had a few instances where somehow the hook eye gets tangled in the net meaning i cant lift the fish to have to unhook it in the water.....which is sometimes easier said then done.
  11. I tend to buy more in the shop then i do online, I do like getting in a few tackle shops, then again im quite lucky with the shops around me, im a regular at salokcinnodrog shop, Him and the other bloke are decent blokes and always help me out if needed. Then theres a lad at Angling Direct who i have a lot of time for, loves his fishing, I met him last year at layer whilst a bloke was taking a picture of the 30 i had out, Glen come running over with a rag, Soaked it and washed the fish down so it was clean for the picture, then stayed for a chat, just one of those guys whos so enthusiastic its unreal. My fishing is all pretty anti social arrive at dark, Rush off at first light so its always good for me to have a good chat or listen to others chatting about fishing!
  12. Im one of these people that hasnt done a work party, Feel quite guilty really but i cant even fish at the weekend let alone do a work party due to family commitments. I always try and do bits and pieces when im at the lake, Trim bushes, clear the paths or remove rubbish, in summer i usually have a shovel in my car. but yeah i do feel guilty and people should have to attend at least one a year in order to renew your membership.
  13. You got lucky! i managed to bag one after being there 10 minutes! well chuffed.
  14. i will be braving the wind tonight, Will obviously be blaming you if i blank now....
  15. On Bovi mate?