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  1. New braid for marker rod

    Thanks lads will have a look. The stuff im using at the moment was only cheap and the amount of frapping it does is insane!
  2. Any recommendations? I notice the Korda stuff is like £40 whilst Whiplash is only £28? looking to fill the spool with it.
  3. Groundbait vs spod mix? Which matters more?

    My moneys on the method feeder!

    I quite enjoy fishing in winter. Last year i blanked all through December and Jan on a new lake but it gave me a bit of time to work the lake bed out. This year that lake was shut so i went to a venue that i knew was quite well stocked and caught all through December and January, even the the 2 weekends i have recently done (both of which snowed) i caught. If your dressed warm then its not a problem. If your sitting there freezing your bits off, Its not fun, go home!
  5. Line keeps looping up

    I get this with Korda sub line. due to change it to Shimano Tech in the next week or so as the line is also splitting....didnt last a year.
  6. Mark Pitchers - Monthly Vlog

    I used to live near him but never met him, Just seems like a really good bloke. The challenge series is probably my favorite series to watch.
  7. do I stay or go ????

    I will be on the bank tomorrow til sunday, At a lake raised above the rest of the surrounding area...Theres also no trees so the slightest wind ends up being a gale, The wind will suck, the rain will suck, the adrenaline you get when your alarm goes makes it all worth it! Get on the bank mate, get a whacker and post it on here.
  8. Winter into Spring.... Worth a watch.

    i have a great wife that lets me do a night a week, i probably get to do a weekend 3 or 4 times a year. I also have a toddler at home. Am i jealous of the amount of time they get to spend fishing? Yep, Would i swap it? Not a chance! Plus in a few years that kids a ticket to go fishing every weekend! lol
  9. Hemp seed.

    Yeah I do prep all mine, was just interested in how they shipped 100kg of wet bait about! Lol
  10. Hemp seed.

    jesus that is good. Any idea what size bags they come in? 25KG?
  11. Hemp seed.

    Yeah thats the one mate!
  12. Hemp seed.

    Good ebay skills!
  13. Hemp seed.

    CAPS ban pigeon conditioner or i would be all over that! Im looking to try and get some of the pots you can buy hemp in...Like the big sweet bottles to store my cooked hemp but cant find them anywhere at the moment, think they would make a better option then a bucket in the freezer.
  14. Hemp seed.

    I dont use that amount of pellet in a year! i can afford it....im just like my dad....a tight ass! i cant say that not using pellet has really affected my catch results, i have replaced it with crumbed boilie if im using PVA mesh. I have a sack of groats and tares also....cant say im sold on them 2 though, for no real reason either if im honest. i need to go to a runs water with a big box of groats and catch a few, that will soon change my mind!
  15. Hemp seed.

    I always have a kilo or 2 in the mix but the bulk of my mix will be corn/maize/maple etc. I don’t really use pellet either due to cost.