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  1. Ginger9991

    February Catch Reports

    Venue mate. I done a night or 2 a few years back in a snow storm and it still produced fish. Theres a lot of fish in there, A hell of a lot of carp between 4lb and 8lb and i believe thats keeping the larger carp moving about. I fished last night and it didnt go so well, 1 carp 1 tench and 1 bream! I fished a different lake all through winter last year and the year before and had little to no action...
  2. Ginger9991

    February Catch Reports

    Managed 7 Friday night. The 2 pictured being the biggest at 27lb and 25lb. Fished into the wind.... Wasn't the most comfortable night but when your catching you can't complain! Got home at 10am, knackered!
  3. Ginger9991


    Well i blanked Tuesday but im back on later tonight until the morning....Lets see if this amazing weather chucks up a few bites.....Not quite sure how i should approach baiting (i wont be on til dark) how would you approach it, Bit of bait, Going in with singles....Kinda thinking if the weather is that good i should introduce a bit of bait....
  4. Ginger9991


    So where i am (Colchester) the weather looks pretty good in the middle of next week...maybe even double digits 1 day SW wind as well.....is this what people should be jumping on?
  5. Ginger9991

    What is your newest purchase

  6. Ginger9991

    What is your newest purchase

    What one did you buy mate? I could do with one as my tripods a nightmare!
  7. Ginger9991

    What is your newest purchase

    Think they sponser most of Korda's guys or maybe the Korda brand. Either way, That partnership has done wonders for both companies. Pretty sure Mainline have Dave Lane on their books as well.
  8. Ginger9991

    Bivvy Fire

    If your keeping a heater or candle on at night in a tent your a mad man if you ask me.
  9. Ginger9991

    2019 Plans

    Catch my first grass carp and this little stunner. Fish more with my old man....Find a new venue i want to tackle.
  10. Ginger9991

    Targeting bigger carp

    If your using a method feeder your going to catch more smaller carp due to the way they chase/compete the method feeder, Especially if your fishing the same spot. Maybe fish a second rod, just off of your method rod, A few feet, A few yards, to see if you can pick up the bigger fish that tend to lurk a bit more. I often use a flat method as i enjoy watching the tip whip round, you can out fish 2 static tradional carp rods for sure, but you do tend to have a smaller stamp of fish....With the odd suprise....that could be a 20lber or a greedy roach.....
  11. Ginger9991

    What rig best to use in winter for silkweed

    I have this problem at my lake, looks like the weed as died and drifted over my normally clear spot, Solid bags are my go to method but the rigs are coming in covered in silkweed, I have moved over to helicopter rigs and im back on the fish again.
  12. Ginger9991

    Particles or boilies

    For this runs water and in the interest of keeping cost down, use alternatives, Pigeon conditioner, Maples, Maize, Vitalin, Groats. Hemp is great, But i have done a season without using hemp and i still caught well enough.
  13. Ginger9991


    I cant do crocs.....its a pride thing....... lol
  14. Ginger9991


    Hey guys, So i usually just wear an old pair of Nike trainers but they are now knackered,,,So i need some new footwear for the bank, I have a pair of Skeetek boots but for running out the bivvy at night i cant get on with them. I have seen the fox waterproof boots that look alright....Anyone recommend any?
  15. Ginger9991

    Black Friday........

    Went in to Angling direct to by some terminal bits and whilst paying they told me it was 15% off my bill so that was quite nice.