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  1. Ginger9991

    deeper pro plus

    lol, i just dont see the benefit of them if you have daylight on your side, Its the extra gratification you get from catching them doing all the hardwork first. Im getting a lot better at feeling the drop in terms of guessing the depth, that will probably stop me using the deeper in the winter as well. The deeper makes a huge amount of noise when it hits the water, a couple casts of that and im sure you will clear your swim, also it drifts like mad due to the size so at night...in winter when it tends to be pretty windy....wasnt great.
  2. Ginger9991

    deeper pro plus

    I have one, Brought it as i only fish nights after/before work. I used it over December/jan to work out the depth of spots (because it was pitch black when i arrived) and i would often flick out zigs during the night. Opinion: Meh, Served its purpose of giving me the depth of the lake bed when arriving in pitch black, never used it to find fish so i cant comment on it being any good, have used it probably 3 or 4 times since January during daylight, mainly to confirm that my marker skills were accuate... in terms of feature finding....i dont think i have found a lake interesting enough to find drop offs etc. I will probably start another lake in december, It will come out of the bag again for a few sessions, It will go back in the bag soon as i can see in the evening..... Save £200.
  3. Ginger9991

    Bait "sprays".......your thoughts???

    Nah i wouldnt have thought so either but thats the only way of telling if this spray actaully does anything, I dont use spray and if im using dips or gluggs then my bait has been in it for an extended period of time not just a dip and chuck.
  4. Ginger9991

    Bait "sprays".......your thoughts???

    I wonder if you sprayed some directly into a pond, would the fish react to it?
  5. Ginger9991

    What is your newest purchase

    another Free Spirit CTX SPM spod and marker, I wanted a Shimano spod reel to match my other but i ended up going for a vadar x spod reel, £35 and full off braid already so saved a ton there. No biggy if the reel only lasts a few seasons as the braid would have cost me £30 anyway!
  6. Ginger9991

    Night fishing in between work

    Its hard when the lakes full of tench or silvers can give you a very restless night. But im more then happy to go to work shattered if i have banked a few carp!
  7. Ginger9991

    Night fishing in between work

    Hi mate, This is my life. I go after work and go straight to work the following morning once a week, Rain or shine, Right through winter in the snow. Its a ball buster but the results are worth it. Main bit of advise...Take notes, dont be afraid to lead the swim to a foam sacrifice your first session in a swim and play the long game. In future visits you can turn up Know your spots and quietly bang a rig straight on them. Next bit of advise, When you turn up, dont just look for fish, talk to every angler on the bank. it builds a picture, a picture of where the fish are showing, Of whos been catching and noting information like this will help you start to plot the lake out. I used to turn up to the lake, Pitch black, Pick a popular swim and set up there, leave in the morning without speaking to anyone...Although you will get some real rubbish from people, There wll be some nuggets of gold, sorting the gold from the rubbish will get easier the more people you speak 2. Lastly, You have limited time on the bank, make sure your rigs are made and baited, Your PVA bags/stringers/mess are all prepared/ If your going to spod have all your ingediants mixed and ready to go. Rods before shelter.
  8. Ginger9991

    PVA bags?

    Love the bags, just make sure when your sitting down to do one, everything u need is in hands reach. Maybe just start with pellets in the bag first until you get the hang of it, Smaller the pellets the better. You will mess some up, you will mess up with some baggy bags............just keep practising and once youve got them nailed they are a great tool in your arsenal. I use mine with a 3/4inch ronnie rig in mine and on my curent venue switched my results round!
  9. Ginger9991

    Grantham fishing?

    Hello, Im working up there for a few days in a couple of weeks, I have fished Cromwell (pretty busy at the moment) and i know of the A1 pits, Any other decent day tickets i get pitch up on for a night or 2?
  10. I have fished a few moon phases over the last few years and i cant say i have noticed any difference. A full moon creates a great view of the lake, theres something really nice about it, Playing a fish whilst a full moon is up, Being able to see the full battle in the dark is amazing and more memorable. Do more big fish come out at a full moon, or do people just remember these fish better due to the conditions around them? Also what is a big fish? How big does a fish have to be to be affected by a moon phase? Do so many anglers fish by the moon that more fish are bound to come out? If anything i would expect a full moon to produce more fish then just the bigger fish if it played a part at all. I dont believe it affects the fish, But all the same i would fish a moon phase (especially a full moon) as its just a great time to be on the bank, amazing views.
  11. Ginger9991

    July Catch Reports

    Fished last night as the weather looked brilliant, wind, Rain, none of this 30 degree rubbish, Caught 1 within 30 minutes of getting the roads out 4lb..Thought to myself here we go........nothing else for the rest of the night......so in the best weather for some time the lake switched off, no one else caught. How wierd.
  12. Ginger9991

    bigger baits!

    I dropped Baitworks a message to see if they would roll me anything bigger then 18. Unfortunatly at the moment they wont but they plan to bring bigger baits out. Mark sent me a few FB voice messages providing some suggestions (which by the way is brilliant customer service as i bet im not the only 1 asking questions). He mentioned coating the boilies in a paste and boiling for 30secs/1 min to help create a skin and increase the time it takes for the paste to break down.
  13. Ginger9991

    July Catch Reports

    I would nt use photos to judge the size of a fish the 23lb below looks tons bigger then the other picture......which was 37!.....
  14. Ginger9991

    bigger baits!

    i was kind of thinking of attracting them to a spot i wasnt fishing or maybe dropping a rig a rod length or 2 off a baited spot... More a case of pulling the smaller fish to an area i wasnt fishing
  15. Ginger9991

    July Catch Reports

    Only the 1 worth picturing from monday nights session. 17lb