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  1. First ever cat 34lb on an all plastic jester rig on a really small PVA stick.... madness.
  2. 23lb
  3. 1 of 3 from HoneyPots day ticket. 24lb
  4. I have an adobe 2 man man. Its a decent bivvy. pretty big but i must say im pretty heavy handed so had damaged mine where the tent pegs go in. But had it 3 years, It hasnt leaked, Its solid enough and the over wrap is great for winter.
  5. Hi Guys, Not really used stick mixes before, If anything just some boilie crumb. The lake im fishing has a no particle rule including corn, hemp etc. So anyone have any good stick mixes they have faith in? I think i will be a bit cheeky and maybe blend some maple pea up, to add to what ever i create. I will also put a few of the stick mixes in the spod as your not allowed to spod out ground bait.......So spodding a few PVA sticks out should help me overcome that without breaking the rules! Im not sure about the silver species in the lake but its mainly stocked with Carp and Cats.
  6. Yeah i get my hemp there and its fine. Cant say i have ever brought bad hemp from anywhere though.
  7. Copdock mill mate. About £26 for 25kg mate
  8. Spent £98 and manage to get 105 kilo worth or particle including the below. without the hemp it would have been £60ish for 90kilo........Considering i only do 12 hour night sessions so will only take 1Kilo particle max, This should last me an age! The plain is to cook a bunch of each up and mix them together into small 1kilo bags. Now to plain how i can prep it all at the same time.... Tares Hemp maize groats Maple Pea
  9. Cheers, Yeah i dont tend to put pellet in the spod mix i feed it seperately as i dont really like all the hemp etc being stuck and dropped in a clump. I do have layer pellets also, Use some food colouring to turn it red and just put some oil on it,
  10. So its that time of year where i start buying hemp and cooking it and freezing it, buying sacks of pellet and vitalin ready for the new season. Benefits for me to freezing loads of hemp (in small bags) is that i can chuck it in the bag the night before and know its ready to go when i arrive at the lake after work. I dont get time to prepare the bait the night before or anything like that. So this year i want to expand my particle range and almost freeze a full spod mix for sessions So the question is can i freeze: Maple Pea Groats Maize Anything else you can think of?
  11. £40 and you can get 20kg of maize, 25kg of maple peas and 25kg of groats....thats a lot of bait for not a lot of money. Try and find a farm shop mate, bargins to be had!
  12. Sitting in the office waiting for 4PM so i can shoot off for my normal Thursday night session.....its dragging so much!
  13. Wow
  14. Use Bing maps as well mate. its not the same picture as google use so as Big Common said, Different light/date etc.
  15. Hi, Those A12 lakes are alright, fished it a few times. Only problem they have over there is flooding, And it REALLY floods as the river is right next to it as well loads of the fish jump ship between the lakes and the river.