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  1. Ginger9991

    Particles or boilies

    For this runs water and in the interest of keeping cost down, use alternatives, Pigeon conditioner, Maples, Maize, Vitalin, Groats. Hemp is great, But i have done a season without using hemp and i still caught well enough.
  2. Ginger9991


    I cant do crocs.....its a pride thing....... lol
  3. Ginger9991


    Hey guys, So i usually just wear an old pair of Nike trainers but they are now knackered,,,So i need some new footwear for the bank, I have a pair of Skeetek boots but for running out the bivvy at night i cant get on with them. I have seen the fox waterproof boots that look alright....Anyone recommend any?
  4. Ginger9991

    Black Friday........

    Went in to Angling direct to by some terminal bits and whilst paying they told me it was 15% off my bill so that was quite nice.
  5. Ginger9991

    Spomb stick or catty?

    This is one of the hardest things to work out. I have gone to a venue, Started with just bags, introducing a few baits every so often and having no joy, got to a point where im about to get my head down and thought, Sod it, i will give it 10 spombs.....then got bites whilst spodding or shortly after. Sometimes the little and often approach can cost u fish, Its really hard to work out how much u should be putting in, knowledge of the lake and the stock help. On my current venue is to start with solid bags, If nothing happens for an hour or so, Give them ten spods, then play it by ear, If i can hear jumping, I would probably top up and redo the bags after a few hours. My sessions are short so i have to force the issue a little, I know they respond to the sound of the spod, I know they move around in decent groups. If i get one, 3 spods straight back over the top, stay active, Keep catching. On my last venue, no spod, solid bags, 100 boilies in the stick over each rod....pray.
  6. Ginger9991

    Spomb stick or catty?

    All depends on the situation. As my sessions are all at night and at relatively close range (under 10 wraps) im spodding chops and corn over solid bags. Longer range where im trying to be quiet.....or 2 lazy for the spod the i will use the throwing stick. I dont use the catapult...the one i currently own is just turd...its a fox one i believe and i just cant get on with it.
  7. Ginger9991

    November Catch reports

    Another overnighter on Friday.. Back home for family duties at 10. Managed 7 fish with the 2 below being 22 odd. Not sure why I look like a murderer in the first one.....
  8. Ginger9991

    What are the best hooks ?

    Without a doubt. I was amazed by how bent the tip was and i wonder how it got so bent.....I wonder if it would stop the hook coming out should a snap happen.
  9. Ginger9991

    What are the best hooks ?

    I use Korda Kurvs, Have absolutely no problem with them, I dont tend to lose many fish, never had one snap and they i think they hold the point pretty well. I do use a hook for a good number of fish as well. I have also started using the Ridge Monkey Beak points and Kurvs and have also found them very good but no noticable difference from the korda hooks in terms of performance. 1 thing i would say, I tried the Korda Kamuma or whatever they are called hooks, Caught a fish, Hook was completely blunt and bent after...Stopped using them. As i say im happy to use 1 hook multiple times. And on a low stock venue the Kamuma right be the right choice, But on the lake im currently fishing, which is pretty high stocked i will stick the the "normal" hooks. Im fishing solid bags on an inline set up....You can usually tell fairly well when you have been done. Whilst a lot of people wont agree. I have used 6 rigs in rotation (because they are solid bags). over the last 2 nights and have banked 20 fish not including bream, The hooks still seem fine, Sharp enough to piece me. I will change them soon...
  10. Ginger9991

    November Catch reports

    Yeah this is more active then last lake i was fishing. I dont think i will carry on this venue too long as its a bit to much when it comes to working the next day!
  11. Ginger9991

    November Catch reports

    Banked 13 fish last night after arriving at 5 and leaving at 9 this morning. Pulled my rods in at 4am because I hadn't had any sleep and I had work in a few hours. Managed to grab a few hours, woke at 7, got the rods back out and caught the daylight Common below. Safe to say I'm blooming shattered. 19 2025 20
  12. Ginger9991

    What is your newest purchase

    Indulgence SS3 4 season. A major upgrade on my old Trakker RLX.
  13. Ginger9991

    Ronnie rig

  14. Ginger9991

    Pre bait costs

    Where are you getting them at that price mate?
  15. Ginger9991

    What baits do you guys favour and why?

    I use pop ups in solid bags. Really is smashing the place im currently fishing.