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  1. Afternoon gents. As im now being destroyed by bream using solid bags i want to have a look at helicopter rigs, I had the korda heli safe kit in my bag, Now the only problem im having is the no trace bead keeps popping off the chod sleeve. Im using lead free leader, Can anyone suggest some good replacement beads that will fit snug? Im flying through the No trace beads, Im assuming flying off on the cast they dont keep tight enough at all.
  2. yeah been a turd time. i have spent a while finding "that project", i didnt have any backup so now im just flirting about day tickets (SWP on Thursday night). If you do/can share details Nick feel free to PM me...be a few beers in it for you! Being kicked off Alton is a bit of a nightmare especially as you had started to have a few again this season. i would be pretty angry about that one!
  3. So finally get back on my feet after destroying my knee and losing a year. I then find a venue to join, Covid hits, the rules relax, I get booked on....Spawning! 2 weeks later i get my first session, Catch one, blank the second and hear the second biggest in the lake 40+ has died (my PB is 37lb and i would really like to beat that this year). the third week i find 1 dead myself, So now 6 so far are dead a 40, high 30's and a double....Venue has now been closed rightfully........God i feel this campaign is never going to get started and i have waited so long! Just incase this lake does go pair shape and the lake loses the big girl does anyone know of any venues around colchester/clacton or near? I work in Clacton so closer to there the better (current ticket is 5 minutes from work!) im already on CAPS and i dont fancy CAA at the moment. I really want to hunt a new PB, My knee is a bit of a time bomb now so i want to really get stuck into something whilst im able!
  4. 1 tip - Social media is god. get people liking the stuff on instragram..Get it in peoples faces. feel free to put a link in here for us to have a nose and follow
  5. My first visit to my new ticket. Took the kitchen sink with me as I had no idea about the lake. Few friendly lads gave me an idea of the lake and its stock (only 40 carp apparently) so I wondered around the lake aimlessly looking for a sign of life. 3 hours later I had picked a swim. Only to see a fish jump a few swims down so quickly moved the gear down and by midnight I was into my first match pit carp. 32.2lb. Chuffed to get one on the first night.
  6. Just got myself my CPTAC ticket so now i get to attempt the Match pit that holds a fish that went 50 last year or the year before. Looks like its got some lovely fish from the few i have seen. Hopefully things go back to normal so the wife can get out the house and allow me to get going with the nights on there!
  7. Ginger9991

    March catches

    Lol thanks mate. Felt great to be fishing, the leg didn't feel great, moving the barrow over slippery ground wasn't great but I can deal with a bit of pain if it means I can feel normal again! Just on the hunt to find a ticket for the year now!
  8. Ginger9991

    March catches

    One of 3 from my first work overnighter since injury. 22.5 this one went. I had the whole site to myself which was lovely, solid bags as usual.... Also had a small roach on a size 6 Ronnie rig.....
  9. Fishing is what you make of it mate, I have a busy work and family life so when i can fish its all work overnighters so i work hard to catch, if i had 24 hours or more i might fish slightly differently. i have found through fishing winters that regular casting helps, Especially with a solid bags as you can cast around to try and locate the fish. if im set on a spot i will be pelting boilies over the top of the solid bag or even spodding. Once you get into the habit with bags you will be tying them up in seconds.....have a little look on Ebay for bags...you can get them very cheap!
  10. Im pretty aggressive with my fishing so if i dont get anything in 2 hours i would do a rechuck on all rods. if your on the fish and you get 2 or 3 quick bites your suddenly trying to tie more up whilst trying to keep the rods hence why i do so man. i also find if i get a bleep or 2 and it doesnt result in anything i will redo the rod as 9 times out of 10 i have been done...Can usually tell as my lead is up past the leadcore. Good luck buddy!
  11. Ultimate PVA bag for me, 2mm pellet maybe a bit of boilie crumb if im feeling generous and the hook bait. Went through the stage of putting loads of stuff in there, making a mix with oils and liquids but at the end of the day, stuff goes off so i dont use liquids, I dont want to be fart assing around at 3 in the morning making bags and adding various bits and pieces. I catch plenty, its all about speed and getting the rods back out as quickly as possible. 10 tied and ready to go bags, If i dont use them, they can be used next time without fear of them going mouldy or anything.
  12. Hey guys, I need a landing net and staff to go in my 9ft dwarf rod bag. Any recommendations?
  13. I just tie up 10 a night or 2 before the session and keep them topped up as i cant be fiddling around all night after bites doing bags. Great way to fish really fast. i also spod over the bags!
  14. Done alright mate. Had 8 in the endnothing big but had to work for it. My old man only managed 1 but at least he caught in the end. Leg held out pretty well which was more important...now i can start getting back into it again!
  15. Im finished on Bovi 2 now, i dont Lakelands across the road on a separate ticket last year. and with my second born i tend just to do the odd few hours over Layer at the moment. Lovely lake Bovi and worth figuring out mate, lots of features out there so get the marker out and have a proper lead around. pay more attention to learning the features in your first few sessions, it will pay off long term. Feel free to ask any questions you have or what you find if you want to validate info Good luck mate. Post your pics on here.
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