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  1. @salokcinnodrog Hey buddy long time no speak, Hope your well? i know you know this area pretty well.
  2. Hey all, So someone mentioned to me recently her partner was fishing Elmstead Res...i have never heard of it, was wondering if anyone had any info? A quick look on google maps shows some big slabs of water so any info of lakes in the area would be useful. Im currently fishing the Match Pit near there so looking to join some waiting lists for when i eventually move on.
  3. Yeah thought the bag was great, Used it right through winter. Only changed when i got a Nash Indulgence bed.
  4. brought the bushwhacker, the standard length just isnt enough so i ended up buying the 20 extra sections....its expensive i dont want to add up the cost, but if it catches a few fish its worth it!
  5. Hi guys, Any suggestions? I know Nash do one thats hardly in stock. I have the bushwhacker and 20 poles, Need to store them in a bag as the extras came in single packaging. Any suggestions?
  6. 3 Korda zig floats....I think my winter fishing is all going to be based around zigs. going to be really active, 3 spots, working the depths every 20 minutes (adding or taking a foot or 2)...if i get to the top or bottom, then i cast further and go again...if they are in front of me i will find them!...until i go to sleep!
  7. Some well thought out ideas here. might have to buy some of the stuff myself.
  8. lol a few have been caught out already this year doing that.....1 bloke on the caps ticket who mentioned he had left a bucket in the car park...only for someone to find and open it....full of tigers...
  9. most sessions since blanking has involved no pellet no nuts unfortunately.
  10. So after a great start on this years ticket (2 in the first few over nighters) i have been on a 2 month blank. Solid bags (pellet and popup) and some spod/throwing stick particle and boilie doing the damage, however this venue has less then 40 carp and a good few hundred bream, this led to most sessions being destroyed by them, so larger baits, crumb instead of pellet in the bag/no bags at all, Less spodding etc etc all the normal stuff, but since then i haven't had a carp...but the bream are still a problem (i have had them on 5ft zigs). So the wife has given me Thursday and Friday night to s
  11. Nash bushwhacker. Need to get to the fish that are hiding in places i cant fish.......thats whats im blaming on my 2 months of blanking anyway!
  12. Hello, I need to get some storm poles for the V2 brolly. I dont suppose anyone knows whats size i need?
  13. Oh amazing thanks! now to find someone that stocks them or can order them in for me!
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