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  1. Robin red for me as always been one of the most expensive parts of of a base mix, I think I was paying £7.50 a kg way way back. I’m Shaw that was a miss price back then as the next bag cost £9.99. I’m talking 1993ish.you can’t over look the fact it’s a dam good additives, regardless of who promoted a product or what company sponsored,if we’re all concert with prices of products the whole angling industry has been financially rapping us for years, is the problem the industry or us for continually paying for overpriced items. We all know the saying it’s the last 12 inched that catches the fish, as the search for the ultimate bait continues prices for ingredients will rise regardless,so the conundrum we all have is what do we do ??? Stop using quality ingredients or suffer the cost and add a little, could you all imagine your wages not increasing over time
  2. No not at all !! all advice is good advice, the spirulina is-more for the green affect and the kelp is for its salt content. I get your point they have similar vitamins and minerals.as for the stiffness of the mix, it was down to rolling a mix without liquid eggs, I got the liquid content wrong for the amount of base mix I left over from a Bach. egg albumin and whey gel were at 75g each, like I said it was a prototype I had a few hours on a Sunday out in the shed Going through what was left on the shelf. I’ve got to say it looks and smell awesome there’s no flavour in the mix looking forward to giving it an outing
  3. Like I said in the first post all the ingredients have already been purchased for other projects, I’m rolling bait alll the time and have done for many years so there always a plentiful amount of liquids additive and basemix ingredients available, the effective big fish mix can be made extremely cheep and you only need to add liquids and powder of your choice, cheep fishmeal provim66 maize and any milk powder are very cheep items the most expensive item is the robin red
  4. When I started a friend gave me a mix a very simple fishmeal mix, I’ll now pass on the effective big fish mix,, fishmeal robin red or gold maize flour or meal milk powder crushed hemp, this mix pretty much stay the same I can mix it up in bulk just change the liquid and powder additives of your choice to suit your needs
  5. I used the Haith gold a few years back in a fishmeal mix, with GLM Spiulina and kelp and flavoured with mussels and scopex the bait was the really nice green colour had very good leakage. I only did one test roll for a really early season session,I was contemplating a winter mix. It’s only time out put a Suffolk water Park 30 on the bank, never really followed up with the mix until this season, when I saw ccmoorebaits selling the stuff for £5.99 a kg, as I was ordering some other goodies for a freezer refill, it got me thinking. So I reviewed my note and made a few tweaks, I had a bundle of goodies on the shelf so I put together a batch, the early stages first test roll was a little stiff but I think that’s down to not enough liquids to dry mix, Still not Shaw if I will add some fish meal this is the mix without Prototype Acid casein & lactalbumin 200g egg albumen & Whey Gel 150g Pumping seed 200g Super gold 60. 150g Tiger-nut flour 150g Chrushed hemp seed. 50g Wheat gem 50g Powdered Additives Green lipped mussel Spirulina. Kelp. Robin gold Hemp protein Liquid additives Krill amino GLM extracts Wheat hydro bio treated enzyme yeast
  6. There’s no written rules for making your own bait, good quality ingredients helps, I’m a advocate of natural ingredients like GLM, Spiurlina, Kelp extracts, to name a few, HNV for feed bait and long term use, hook bait slight better on flavour.as for colour it’s your choice. I like white yellow and purple
  7. Hi I’ve been using my own big fish mix for years! very basic fishmeal. 1kg any milk powder 250g Maize flour. 250g Robin red. 250g. Haiths in the Uk ground bird seed or ground hemp 250g. A good spoon full of puppy multi vitamins Any flavour of your choice @ 12ml per kg a few drop of N-butric acid 20 ml winterised salmon oil very basic and has served me well for years
  8. I fished lac la pins a few years back very good lake well maintained, very comfortable, fish it like your back home, use a good quality bait, don't over feed, the dam wall can be a hot spot, there an old river or stream that run through the centre of the lake also a hot spot,you'll know when you find it as the colour of the debris you bring back on your lead, the opposite bank with the sheds on fishing against the reed line, hope this helps
  9. Im a fan of the stick for long distance baiting, my cobra 🐍 sticks in short and long version get bait over the 💯 yrds mark (18-20 mm bollies) when the wind not to strong. then again small stringers work to an extent along with pva mesh bags, again depending on conditions the amount pf bait your putting out on the stringer or in the bag. them if your fishing at range you can't beat a boat 🚣 lol 😂
  10. Hi 👋 you can use basically anything in your method mix as long as it all binds together for the cast, back, in the very early days of the method cow pat was used as it contain lots of worms 🐛 and other bugs, look at the ccmore website in th 🇬🇧 theirs plenty of good reading about all the baits flavours and additives . so as long as your mix is sticky holds together on the cast you can add anything, vitaling dog food was a good binder if its sold in the 🇺🇸. you could also use trout pellet scolded down with hot water to a mush and mould it around the lead. particals is the term we use for any pulse bean or seed bait. maze, hemp, mung bean chic pea, maple pea,tiger nuts peanut ect ect, not forgetting the bird seeds like pigon conditioner. The main thing with particals is the preparation all will need to be given a soak pryer to cooking, my rule is soak overnight in water, then bring to the boils and simmer for 30-40 mins extra caution when cooking nuts, always save the liquid for mixing as its contains plenty of oils and flavour
  11. whats the idea behind the different Tcs and length. generally in the uk we match and balance of the tackle to suit the waters we fish, as your in the states and the waters are big id opt for the larger Tc and longer rods due to the type of work youll be doing. so without knowing your buget id be looking at a good 12-13ft through action rods with a starting test curve of 3.50 to 3.75 with a 50 mm butt ring. ( line guide) if the budget allows with big pit reels for the longer cast. Tight lines let us no what you brought
  12. As ive mentioned in the past all our tackle items we selected are personal choice a recommendations by others, be it a friend or a glossy mag, or passed usage.Recently i wanted to change the fluorocarbon on my shallow spools and the braid on both my marker rod and spod rod, now im not a skin flint when it come to my tackle, but sometimes the costs just seem to runaway with themselves once the door of the tackle shop closes behind you. ive used kontor by korda for a number of years and fount its to be a superb line but for some angler on a buget or young angler the cost of the branded line and other tackle items at that can be very daunting,this year with a growing family my tackle buget has to be curtailed so i went in search of alternative products. i googled fluorocarbon fishing lines and came across a products by Kastking an american outfit promoting a line called fluorokote. a while later I'd purchased 3 spools of 15lb line with a diameter of 0.30 as they only sold in 300yrds foraround £15 , also in the same transaction 3 spools of 20lb at 0.35 for £18. marker and spod braid 25lb (0.25)-40lb (0.30) for £18-00. now im not saying this is the best product onthe planet just that there are tackle items to meet a buget out there, look around gentlemen spend your penny's wisely. ive loaded the 15lb onto my shallow spools and only fished a short session so ive not done any big casts at the moments, the line seems ok a little stretcher than normal. ill let you all know how the line preforms over the coming season tight lines evry one
  13. All look fine. I think you should look at lowering the amount of ground bird seed & betaine and maybe you could use liquid or crunchy kelp as it contains a natural salt and a bunch of other minerals .,If you want to colour you bait look at the Robin's from Haiths.red gold green and orange,
  14. fishmeal (pre digested )Asian spice meal and vanilla meal have the lot you require. build a base from them and work onwards.. fish sense and taste completely different from humans. the way they pick up the signal your looking to achieve your going to need some soluble ingridiance to achieve a good leakage. i tend to pick natural flavours like Mussel extract blood worm extract and live either in liquid or powder form. if you want a spice try one of the robins form haith these will also colour the bait. (red gold green and orange ) and are proven by past catches. feel free to direct me it you want any more info I've plenty of mix's to pass on
  15. Christ that a list and a bit more. id reallly think about what your tring to achhive with your base mix. there are many confliting componants from what i can see. What is the cost per Kg rolled. ? Im looking though your mix now. if you want an honest opinion .i think you have to much going on. id keep it simple and not go over board with the ingridiance. vanilla meal krill meal Krunchie kelp super gold 60 are all ingridiance i use in some of my mixes. start with your bulk Vinilla meal krill meal kcrunchie kelp milk powder super gold 60 keep as your bulk . pick your food sauce additive and flavour but don't go over board keeping the cost as low as you can afford watch your oil content i need to have a second look at you list my brain is scrambled Lol will get back sooon
  16. Too many flavors mate. just pick one flavor. Genrall base mix fishmeal maze flour milk bird seed. ( ground ) Robin red ( or any other you choose) oil food sause flavor job done
  17. I'm at the boiling stage , what a pig its been, I came up with this mix Go Kat 250 ground down to powder Semolina 250 Gr Milk Powder 150 Corn Flour 150 Bird Seed 50 Ground coconut 50 rainbow pepper corns 50 All 3 items where ground in a coffee grinder to a course powder 5 eggs orange/lemon juice 25ml each rape seed oil 10 ml General mix was too wet with 5 eggs so I added 100g of fine oats to dry it out a bit, left in fridge for 10 minuets, the mix become to dry and quite oily, made it difficult to roll, managed to roll about 1kg of bait , I'm now boiling, I've given them 2 minute's cook time. I would probably look at reducing the semolina a little and go with a 4 egg mix. This is open for everyone to play around with, The rules are everything must come from the supermarket, if any one fancy's a bit of fun. feel free to add ideas comment and see what we can come up with,,
  18. HI Are you using a cut down nozzle,? or the Green Gardner type,? like many have said try resting for a while to allow for expansion,? are your rolling your sausage straight away? you elliptical shaped baits mite be a goer give them a try!!
  19. I was recently making a batch of bait for a fishing trip and discussing this very topic to my nephew, who was amazed at the amount of good quality items fount in a super market, I even said id probably be able to buy all the ingredients needed to make a base mix, so I've been challenged to do so, Skimmed milk powder or baby milk, soya or semolina is a good binder, I mite find maze flour in the world food lane, bird seed from the pet lane [ground in coffee grinder,] fish meal will be a problem, just going to grind up some trout pellet, liver is a good attractor, chilli oil , black pepper corns [course ground]. milk powder soya ,semolina, maze flour,? bird seed,/pepper corns liver [blended] wish me luck ! I've got to catch a fish from what ever I make to prove my point ,,, will post results as and when success come !
  20. MrToftman

    360 rig

    Take the 360 and Bin it, Enough said about that rig !!
  21. line use is very personal choice, back in the old day 8lb silcast,was what most used. now with modern line technology you have a far more choice, I once spoke to Jerry Hammond about this subject, and replied he would go with the heaviest line he could get away with generally around the 20lb mark, my advice would be buy what you can afford. as a good starter line id pick shimano technium in 12lb or 15 lb as this line as a high knot breaking strain of ,15lb and .30 diameter & breaking at 17lb. there used to be a file on the tackle box web site on lines tested by them you will have your eyes opened if the file is still there..
  22. Salt is a requirement at a curtain time of year, just about this time I generally use krunchie kelp from Ccmoore in my base mix rather than rock salt, it's natural and contains a number of other vitamins and give the bait a crunch
  23. Hiya fellow welcome to the secret world of carp angling, you ask any question you like stupid or not, I'm sure people with give good and bad advice, just learn it's all from carp on the float rod to sitting behind a 3 rod set up, the more you know about something the easier it becomes, time spent with a bait in the water is the only way your learn, thing try thing out, if your Not happy with something change it , keep things simple & use a good quality bait, join a club .
  24. I'm a Uk based angler most of my angling is done for pleasure, I'm mainly a carp angler in the UK and Europe, with a couple of international trip under my belt, do you just want to know the the local names of Uk fish or just all freshwater fish in the UK, Carp and koi are the same fish I think koi is Japanese, koi are more the ornamental type that you have in a garden pond, in Europe carp where introduced as a food sauce, As an angler I know them as,Cyprinus Carpio( common carp) mirror carp (cyprinus Carpio carpio) ,leather carp , crucian carp,(carassius carassius) being the smaller version, check out Wikipedia .
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