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  1. It's was a beautiful sight!! To add the the drama of it all the lake was flooded 5ft up the bank it's was -1/-2 for the entire session and shortly after the photo gale force winds and rain like id never seen before ensued for the rest of the day, started to feel like I wouldn't be making home!!
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone!! Haven't got either as it stands been looking at a hybrid, I recall someone mentioning one a little while back... They still looking to rehome?
  3. None that I know of and I do hope it stays that way hahaha!!
  4. Hi all thought It was about time I'm introduced myself! I'm Perry,I'm live way down south in brighton and mostly fish in Sussex. I've been fishing for around 7 years primarily for carp, however never gutted to see anything on the bank and can often be found spending those short afternoons session with some lighter tackle walking round the lake after any species as it's all good sport!
  5. [quote name="newmarket" Ok its not very pleasant getting up at 2am in the pouring rain for a 2lb bream it proves your doing everything right except youre using too small a hookbait I have to disagree with this Newmarket the majority of bream I've caught this season have all taken 18mm boilies tipped with corn!! I'm pretty certain two of I've lost at the net weren't even hooked, rather had the bait stuck in their mouth!!
  6. I'm new to the forum and have found some amazing reading already but your entries are truly amazing I've read a reread everything what feels like a hundred time since yesterday, going back to the begging to make sure I've not missed anything, each time with a little hope I have!! Amazing reading it's a shame you don't get the chance to post more often!! Can't wait for the next time you post an update!!
  7. I'm pretty certain it's just out of preference, personally I fish my first eye before, saved my rod from a dunk in the lake before now!
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