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  1. hosk


    Hello to all my fellow anglers Just a quick question one of my mates has requested me to make him a blog website for fishing (easy enough as i am a web designer) but as he has no idea what he actually wants (usually the case with new sites) i wondered if anyone else had a blog/site i could show him for inspiration (not to steal content) Happy Fishing Chris
  2. never owned a pod but purchased 1 last week and will be trying it out next Sunday have always used bank sticks
  3. I go for Big Carp but ill take any carp on a quiet day lol heading over to Milbarn in Wakering next Sunday and i cant wait reading some of the post on this forum has just wet the taste-buds even more and it gets me away from the PC screen (i work in Web Design so always in front of a PC)
  4. Just been hunting ebay for a spare Reel or 2 as due to a recent flood my reels are not in the best shape as we are buying a house i cant afford to spend loads on a new reel (orders of the wife) but i cam across little beauty on eBay and was wondering what people thought? it would be used on my carp rod.
  5. deffo i was actually going to buy a little floating rod for the days when the big fish are boring and the smaller carp are hungry lol
  6. just purchased from eBay i did go for the brown as i too prefer this, hoping to hit the local lake next Sunday Millbarn in Wakering not a bad lake & local to me
  7. Thanks i will get searching for this line
  8. Hi, i have just come back into fishing after around 6 years out the game now i wasnt the best fisherman back then so im classing myself as a beginner. I have 2 Shimano carp rods both with Shimano bait runner reels, i am looking at putting new line on the reels i mainly carp fish wasnt sure on the best line i was thinking maybe 8lb? any suggestions p.s i usually have 1 rod with boileys and another with either sweet corn, break or cheese depending on the lake etc. Any advise would be well received. Regards Chris
  9. Hi, I havent fished for around 6 years prior to going a few times last summer with my best mate, this year we have set a target to fish as much as possible as when on the lake we love it. i live in Southend and only really do fresh water fishing, and always for Carp. I hope to learn alot from this forum and the experienced members Happy Fishing Chris 26
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