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  1. I've got a tub of pineapple pop ups and wanna buy some pineapple goo but I want the one that soaks into the boilies not just gives a coating but not sure what that one is?
  2. Just wondering what the best hook link or what's the most favoured in terms of strength , how easy it is to tie etc.
  3. Was hoping to get some tips on how to fish (ie bait,rigs etc.) churchgate lakes as I'm going to be fishing there on Saturday? Thanks
  4. I was looking at the korda subline which I've heard about being quiet good but now I'm starting to hear about gardener GT80+. Was just wondering what your opinion was on both?
  5. I've seen a few people use them in videos on YouTube and stuff but never actually heard anything about them, has anyone got any good and bad points about them. I want big pits with 9ft rods because I don't like normal baitrunner reels now I've used big pits. Hhahahaa BAAAAA
  6. I've recently bought two nash dwarf 9ft rods , I already have a set of big pit reels but they seem to big and heavy for how small the rod is. I was just wondering what the best big pit/mini big pit reel is in terms of size/weight and how good they are overall?
  7. After few peoples opinions on the nash dwarf 9ft rods. I has the usual 12ft 2.75tc robs and I used a 9ft fox stalker the weekend and found every better my casting accuracy and even playing a fish so I was wondering what the nash dwarfs are like and whether I should go out and by myself a new set. Thanks
  8. Heard so many rumours about people coming over at night and taking peoples gear but I was wondering whether this still happens because I want to do the night there soon but if there's a chance of my gear being taken there's no chance
  9. I've done 2 day sessions this week and there has been a few people night fishing there and it don't think anything has happened to them , there's so many rumours of bad things happening but also ones which say it's not to bad anymore so I don't really know what to do
  10. I've heard so many rumours about people coming down at night and taking peoples gear and I was just wondering if this still happens because I was thinking about doing the night there tomorrow. Could anyone please let me know if this still happens because I don't fancy my gear being taken Thanks
  11. Yeah exactly what I thought my mates were talking about it for a few days / weeks now it's dead
  12. Yeah just see this mate quiet a lot of people have mentioned about there being a bug , HAAHA yeah same
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