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  1. Fluorocarbon leader advice please?

    I use 6ft lengths of Seaguar Ace Hard in 35lb .47mm diameter coupled with the Korda No Trace System. I join to my mainline with an Albtight knot and for straightening it out I stand on my lead and pull on my mainline, giving the leader a good stretch.
  2. Krank Chod Hook or Chod Hook

    If you are catching tench and catching carp with what you deem strange hook holds , this could be a good thing. It seems to me by the snippets of info , that you are instantly hooking the fish as soon as the hook enters the mouth. I don't know you're full set up rig wise., but one thing for sure is you are hooking them. A rig I use , I use it purposefully for this very reason . I accidentally catch some very hard to catch, very sort after tench. As well as catching carp. Some hook hold s are in the top of the mouth . This is tench and carp. I use short stiff rigs with a small soft braid hinge, in conjunction with a size 6 mugga. Anglers have varied opinions on hook shapes , barbed and barbless. At the end of the day , our intentions as anglers are to impale these metal components in to our chosen quarry. Bent hooks were to serve a purpose, I used them myself at the time to good effect . Size 6 drennan lure hooks were my choice at the time. Hook holds were savage. Jim gibbinsons line aligner article was to explain the extra effectiveness that piercing rig tube had when the carp had the hook in its mouth . Thus making the rig more efficient.in making the hook turn into the bottom lip.Some 25 years later has stood the test of time.
  3. Baitology essential boilies?

    I thought you were advocating cheap bait not so long ago chill factor. Diluting essential imgredients to save a few pennies and having no adverse effect on attraction and nutrition. Self contradiction springs to mind. Or is it an obcession with a certain members opinion you have a problem with.
  4. If I've grasped what you are trying to achieve correctly . Which Is accuracy / depth at distance . Say for example your marker float is 40 yards out in 12 ft of water. Try clipping at different distances using a good amount so foam on the hook to see where it rises in comparison to the position of your float , over the desired spot. Repeat this until it's in the correct position, then note it down for future reference This is done preferably at the end of the session on an angler free lake.
  5. Location, Location, Location.

    any forms of floatation devices are banned . My tools are my eyes and ears. PLeading angl plumbing come at the end of the session providing it's not disturbing my fellow anglers. The lake is 90% covered in blanked we'd hart is crawling with naturals. They won't tolerate any minute disturbance. The fish I e caught is where I've seen them cleaning off after a good feed on naturals. Cast a pop up food bait in the area ( over blanket weed)and scattered a few in the area. They also don't tolerate any backside noise
  6. Location, Location, Location.

    Locatiing Carp, no matter what size the lake requires a lot of walking and looking. Being there at the right times in the right conditions comes from experience . The more you observe , the more you learn. Eyes and timing will catch more fish than any latest miracle bait will. Observing showings and noting down ( at the correct times) the information for future reference are a must on any size of water. Obvious features like weed , snags etc can have an effect on carp movement . Early morning sun light shining on certain parts may hold a lot of fish even on the back of the wind on a summers day. It's all about looking , looking and looking some more. Then if you make an incorrect decision and see fish elsewhere. Get on your toes and get on them. I've moved quite a few times in the middle of the night in pouring down rain, to get on the fish that I've heard crashing out. Other times I've learned where the bloodworm beds are and waited for the fish come to me. It's all about taking the trouble to learn the habits of the fish, having a good idea what food they eat, and being there at the right time.
  7. One for you home made bait guys

    My advice would be to save up some extra pennies and purchase the effective level of your chosen ingredients. Don't skimp on bait, spending time behind the rods is precious. Time is more expensive than money.
  8. A Summary View

    The idea of the uncooked king prawn as a bait is in the preparation . Allowing decomposition without airborne bacteria is a must. The dead creature's digestive tract is where the magic begins. The result is free aminos being released in which the carp is hard wired to detect. There's the connection between turnip and cm's ideas and theories. Great post above turnip and it's good to see you're both back and I'm by no means an expert on this matter. What I will say though, is PEANUTS are nutritionally good for carp. the right balance of protein and lipids to sustain good growth. Over use and abuse 30 yrs ago and self preservation bait companies will argue with me all the way to the £ bank £ .
  9. Thought for the day.

    Tim, sorry about your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  10. New Baiting Tactic

    Yes m8, it's me . Some great blokes on there.
  11. New Baiting Tactic

    Decomposing king prawns in tights, popped up over blanket weed. Oozing free aminos. Chemoreception personified.
  12. Yeah Newmarket that's the stuff. I got it half price from Climax Tackle in August.
  13. View from your bivvy door.

    I actually caught my fish on that session on single hookbaits. The Baitroom pale pink Mulberries. The Cell ended up as wild bird fodder .
  14. View from your bivvy door.

    It's a Nuthatch, they are often confused with woodpeckers because of the noise they make when breaking up there food on trees. This one likes crushed Cell lol.
  15. View from your bivvy door.

    http://youtu.be/s_b7A3d_-U0 A very short video of a view from my bivvy door, from last March.