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  1. I went a couple of tmes about 5 years ago. We had the last Lodge on the middle lake. Really nice and peaceful. It's s lovely place. I didn't have much luck on the top lake, but once I found the fish on the middle lake, I had fairly regular catches. If I remember, they said no alarms, but if you ask nicely and have them so they don't disturb anyone else they seemed to be OK about that. There's a nice little swimming pool for the rest of the family too. Our first visit, we found a hornets nest in the loft of our lodge (they were using a vent). Told the owners and they had it sorted the following morning. Don't leave your outside door light on otherwise you will find hornets or similar hanging around. It is in the country so bugs are to be expected. We didn't get stung at all though.
  2. Well that certainly sounded like an adventure. I've recently started back out again after a couple of years break. Unfortunately for me, covid was bussier than ever. Do you have any club lakes near you that might have a better angler to swim ratio? I had a similar situation to you with my only catch so far (I only really do days), so had to make do with an unhooking matt pic. Anyway at least you learnt things an will hopefully be able to get things sorted for next time. There will be a next time, won't there?
  3. I disagree. What about people without passports/driving licenses. You shouldn't have to have a passport with you to go fishing. No one under 16 has a driving license. what do you do then. As I said earlier, if a person in authority (EA bailiff with ID, police or similar) asks, you can provide them the required information. If you stumble, then they can ask more probing questions. Just remember back to when you were 16 or 17 and trying to buy a bottle of Cider for you and your mates on a Saturday night or trying to get into a club with fake ID.....
  4. Why should I be in this day and age. Having a physical token to show that I've paid some money is rather old fashioned. When did you last hear of the police asking for a 'producer'? It's all online. As much as we try to fight it, the movement forward is to have everything online. I bet in the next year or 2 the EA will do away with a physical license because it costs extra money that they could put into staffing/development.
  5. I have bought my license and have an email proving that. If I am fishing without my phone (it's a chance to get away from modern life) and have not recieved a physical license (you are not legally required to carry it when fishing) how would I prove to you I have a license. That's a bit unfair. A fishing license is like a driving license. I don't have to show you my driving license to buy a car or if you stop me on the road. Even if I was parking in a car park that you own, you wouldn't be entitled to see my driving license, so why are you entitled to see my fishing license? Whilst I have a fishing license, if anyone other than the EA or a person in authority (police or similar) asked me for it, I would respectfully refuse to show it. Your license does not entitle you to act on the EAs behalf. There are too many people who think they are entitled to check on things that are beyond their remit.
  6. Watching back online it's usually referred to as pack bait. I think it's a mix of maize/corn and bread crumb that's used to mould a ball of bait around the lead that the hookbait is hidden in. Essentially it's a form of what we call a method feeder.
  7. I think canned corn has probably been used since cans have been available. I've had some great fish out using it as hook bait with corm and hemp seed loose feed when using the lift method. Its a nice cheap sipermatket bait method. Luncheon meat/spam is another good cheap supermarket bait. Maggots could work really well if the fish are only isf to natural baits too. Boilies/dedicated HNV fish baits are probably best avoided unless there's others fishing. I've seen some vidros online from the US where corn/maize has been prepared with other stuff in bilk and balled up with other stuff to attract in lots of fish. I think I saw this on the Carl & Alex fishing channel, but it's recently been renamed Fish with Carl as Alex has moved on to other pursuits.
  8. nj219bands, Firstly, it's really great to see you starting to get into carp fishing. I know its not common where you are and I would like to encourage you to keep going. It can be very relaxing and highly rewarding. A 14lb fish on your first trip out must have been a great feeling. I remember my first double on a great day out with my dad when we kept trading places for the biggest fish. Without ranting, shouting or trying to be condescending, I would like to provide a little advice. One thing about us Europeans is that we tend to get very keen on our animal husbandry and can get upset very quickly to any perceived manhandling or mistreatment of the animals in our care, however unintentional. Personally, I try to live by the maxim of 'leave no trace' or leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories. I would like to give my own take on the above comments if you would allow me. You might already have some of this, but im not going to presume anything here. Firstly, please get a landing net so that you dont have to swing or drag any fish onto the bank. Secondly, please get something to act as an unhooking mat so the fish is protected from the ground when out of the water. These are the most important things in protecting the fish. When a fish is out of the water, it has lost all support/bouyancy it gets from the water and any damage to its scales and mucus coating can cause serious ongoing health issues for the fish. The last thing I would want to see is a potential monster being stunted due to health issues. You mentioned that on your first cast, you were broken off by a large fish. Would you mind sharing how you were fishing and what takle you were using (line strength etc)? Here in the UK it would probably be considered that you were using tackle that is too light for the venue or that something else was wrong with your setup in most cases. Ideally we don't want to leave a fish trailing any form of tackle. It can get caught up in snags and result in fish deaths. Anyway, I hope we haven't put you off carp fishing. It really can be enjoyable and you can get a real buzz out of it. I remember catching my personal best 32lb 12oz fish about 10 years ago. I was on cloud 9 for days after. Good luck, tight lines and I hope to see you here again in future.
  9. Hi guys, I've got a Fox Bolt Bubble (medium). What sort of rod would you pair it with? My main rods are 2.75lb through action, but I am concerned they would be a bit stiff. I'm not looking to get to the other side of the lake, just the other side of the feeding fish which will probably be at catapult range. Thanks.
  10. My RM Toaster (original XL) got put on the hob at home with the utensils still inside. As you can imagine, the toaster is now toast and even if you could clean it, I want to replace it anyway. I'm going to get the XL, but which type would you go for now if you had the choice? The physical clip look like it would keep the 2 halves together better with large items, but if you have a connect do you find the 2 halves popping apart a problem?
  11. I use the Bob Roberts luminous butt grips and have for years. For around £3 each you can't get better value. My rods lock in there nicely. They may be cheap and cheerful, but they do the job and seem to last. Admittedly, I'm not fishing rainbow lakes and I'm using a bait runner, so my takes don't require some form of concrete foundation, however I'm not out there in freezing conditions that may affect the rubber.
  12. I'm usually happy with whatever as long as it doesn't clash with family/work commitments, so 1/2 term would be a challenge. How are you guys set for June? Can we put up a poll to gauge interest in a month?
  13. Put me down too. Gutted I missed the last one at horseshoe as life got in the way for me as well. It would be good to finally get over there being one of the few that joined during that debacle a couple of years ago. 😀
  14. Depending on dates and location, I'd definitely be up for a social. Broadlands sounds like a nice idea to me. I've only ever fished it once for a few hours. It's a very nice complex. I don't want to put a downer on the idea because I like the location, but they had a KHV outbreak late last year. I don't know if that would put anyone off. The do a very nice breakfast apparently though. There's plenty of space depending on how many of us turn up. How long are we looking at for the session?
  15. Happy new year to you too. Unfortunately, my personal opinion of Thorpe Lea is not positive. Firstly, there was a KHV outbreak back in 2016. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/koi-herpesvirus-disease-outbreak-confirmed-in-surrey Personally, I won't go to anywhere I know has had KHV. It looks like the FHI have lifted the restrictions they had in place. Secondly, it can be a bit of a scrum to get a swim at opening time. Thirdly, you have to choose your swim when you arrive and it's marked off on a board at the entrance. If you go for a walk around, you could miss out on your favoured swim. It's probably less of an issue at this time of year. Finally, back when I did try this place, fish were falling off my hooks all the time due to poor mouth condition. It is a commercial runs water and attracts the casual and less than attentive crowd. I'm sure there are other places around that are better if you want a bend in your rod.
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