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  1. Gas Bottle problem

    Try using an isobutene gas for winter. It should be good down to -10 whereas normal butane is only good down to 0. I think Jetboil gas is made using isobutene.
  2. If I was a fishery owner, I wouldn't want the additional hassle of having to challenge and check everyone entering my fishery. I would be running a business, not acting as a policeman. If it was put into law, then that would be something they would then have to police, but whilst it is not an obligation, why should they enforce checks. Buying a ticket to fish is not like purchasing alcohol. Do you need to show a car salesman your driving license to buy a car? It's the same situation. If they start acting as an enforcer without the legal obligation to do so, there are unfortunately a minority who will start making threats. The EA are a non-profit QUANGO, partly funded by DEFRA.
  3. Rod Shots

    Nige, fantastic shots as always. Would love to spend some time with you learning some of your techniques.
  4. Hi guys. Has anyone ever fished Otter Falls near Honiton? We'reoff there in a few weeks and was hoping someone could give me some advance info. They've got s stretch of the river otter with some brown trout in it, so I may even try chucking some fluff. Thanks.
  5. Zig bugs and foam

    I don't think you need it, but it might improve your catch rate IF what the tackle companies say is true. Try it without and see what your catch rate is like. If your not happy, try some spray and see if it improves.
  6. Angling Direct floated On The Stock Market

    It's an IPO. Nothing more or less. Buying shares is an investment. Up, down the merry go round goes. I've never had the spare cash to be able to afford to loose on shares.
  7. Scam of sorts

    0845 numbers are a complete racket. Companies use them as a front for their geographic numbers because they get a slice of the charges. They're also charged at penal rates on mobiles.
  8. The Old Quarry

    I've never fished there, but have had a look around. From what I've heard, it's very deep with very steep slopes. As it's an old flooded quarry, there isn't much in the way of margins. There was a small group of fish cruising around when I went, but it was only a handful however they looked to be a decent size. The main reason I haven't been back is because of the bike trials. When I go fishing, I'm not keen on the noise from bikes surrounding me for several hours a day. I want peace and quiet. The bike trials are scheduled 10am the 2pm Saturday and Sunday except when there's a meet on. I think I heard that Terry Hearn cut his teeth here when he was a lad.
  9. cray proof your baits?

    I have some of this. I've yet to try it out, but looks to be a good idea in places where they are a nuisance. Has anyone got any experience with it?
  10. Unfortunately that doesn't show enough info. I have an old Micron MX which I have taken apart to show you what I need to see. In the below photos, there is a green board with the electronics. I would need to see a pic of that for your alarm. It looks like in manufacturing, they've covered the board in hot melt glue for waterproofing, which may complicate things.
  11. That sounds like you have a customised set of heads. It's not standard that I'm aware of. Inside the head should be a microcontroller that runs the alarm and sends the correct signal to the receiver. It is possible that Fox left some form of external switch on the PCB to set the LED channel, but I suspect it's a soft setting in the microcontroller. Do you still have the faulty alarm? If so, can you take it apart and take some photos of the PCB inside that should help us tell.
  12. Quote from the manual: The receiver will automatically distinguish the difference between a Red, Yellow, Green or Blue head. If you choose to use more than one bite alarm with the same colour LED, only that colour LED will illuminate on the receiver.
  13. The colour of the alarm sets the colour shown on the reciever. That can't be changed.
  14. The manual is available online at https://www.foxint.com/home/support/product-manuals/, direct link http://foxcdn.blob.core.windows.net/fox-media/20410/rx_reciever.pdf There are some dip switches to change the channel. They're in the battery compartment.
  15. MODS

    Can't see it on the mobile.