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  1. 16 carp weighing 40lb 30 carp up to 35lb 140 carp up to 25lb 180 carp up to 20lb 300 carp up to 15lb 500 bream up to 10lb 300 tench up to 12lb
  2. yeah i made it at last, But this winter one rod for carp and one rod for perch, Thought id use pva bags to start with, When start my carping think will use one stalker rod for close in margins and other rod out in middle of lake near lilly pads. But will of course have the odd day on the float too I pulled out a 15lb carp last week on the feeder on my old lake but they only go up to 20lb. But this new lake has carp up to 36lb in two lakes and huge pike as well, With bream up to 10lb and doubles with the tench.
  3. fantastic wish i could catch a carp like that
  4. Hiya Newmarket yes i back now, Will be fishing at colney lakes, Hadleigh, Essex i just joined there. Got ready for a bit of serious carping as getting bite alarms and pod etc for christmas.
  5. Time to go for Percy Perch i have brought some spinners and will try and catch some perch this winter, When spring gets here i shall target the big carp still looking for my first ever 20lb carp, I have joined a new fisheries that has carp up to 36lb and some large pike.
  6. Would like to catch my first perch on a spinner this winter, Then in the spring catch a 20lb carp
  7. Back to the members lake at millbarn fisheries ( Great Wakering ) in Essex, Was fishing on the float just in front of the rushes about 2 feet deep using good old cheese, Had about 7 carp in about 4 hours the biggest being a common weighing 11 pounds and one other big one weighing 10 lbs and the others were all about 5lb. The heron on the far side of the lake was just sitting there for hours waiting for dinner. I was using a 6ft stalking rod with the shimano bait runner reel seams a good set up, But think its only a matter of time before i try bigger venus for bigger carp.
  8. Back after a long break. Back to using bait runner reels and brought a 6ft stalking rod for fishing in the margins. Getting all set for the winter after buying wet gear and a umbrella tent, camping stove, Wont be much longer then i be fishing for the big carp but on the float. I currently still fishing at millbarn but are looking for a new venu thats local, with the bigger fish.
  9. Thanks Carpmachine it was driving me crazy had a couple of bad days.
  10. Back to basic question coming up.... Is it best when baiting the hook to hide the bait, Would it best to hide sweetcorn so it can not be seen. ? Also the same with other baits like cheese and bread paste ?
  11. How do you fish the waggler on the lift ?
  12. After we defeated Germany we were invade by everyone This man would turn over in his grave if he knew how cheaply we destroyed the uk
  13. I brought some toilet paper with this picture on it
  14. Just brought one more pin, carnt wait to try this one out. If matt hayes can catch good carp with this reel so can i
  15. Good point there, But this is a carp forum and we all fish for them our own way, It could be with bite alarms or float or pin. But we all get the same result at the end, So its not fair when one carp angler tells anthour he is wrong because he fishes in a different way.
  16. Thats what true fishing is all about congrats Phil
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