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  1. i know this thread is from a while back but ive recently been reccommended the Proposil for treating hook holds or cuts and abrasions on carp.But after reading the post by levigsp on page 1 of this topic i dont know what to think.Has anybody got any thoughts as levigsp doesnt seem to think its right to use it but im told a number of respected anglers use it.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I don't think I would be using them very often but I will get some just in case.
  3. On my last session Bloody swans kept dipping their heads around my rod tips looking for freebies and couple of times lifted up under my lines. Also just thought I should have some in my box incase I find need to use them.
  4. Looking for a recommendation for which back leads(not flying back leads) to use and what weight.???? They're not something I use but could of done with some on my last session. Thanks in advance.
  5. This post swung it, I just ordered one off eBay.
  6. I like the look of that, I might have to invest in one.
  7. My latest purchase is 4 Jag prolite 15" adjustable bank sticks (stapley did them for me for £100) they go nicely with my Jag prolite 3 rod snagbars. . Very very very light compared with the 4 stainless steel bank sticks, and the pair of matrix rock solid 3 rod snag bars that I won't be lugging around any more.
  8. Proud that our country has men like you. I wish you all the best in your civilian life.
  9. I made my mind up I was having one of these bags and give it a go. £79 from danson angling. It weighs in 2.1kg in the stuff sack., it is obviously very lightweight. I'm on an overnighter right now and 3 degrees c predicted so I will see if it's any good tonight.
  10. Looks really good. But probably a bit too good for what I'm after . I've got a fox ventec all season as main bag its a case of one venue i fish is a bit if a hike with the Barrow so looking to lighten the load over the summer months. It's the weight of the Avid that caught my eye 2.3kg . Just the outer bag of the ventec is 5.4kg.
  11. My new prestige carp porter mk2 puncture proof wheel just arrived. Sick of getting punctures when round far side of the lake.
  12. Hi chaps,I'm thinking of getting a new sleeping bag. My main bag is a fox ventec as. I could do with something lighter and less bulky for the summer. I've noticed the Avid carp 3 season. Details and price look okay weighing only 2.3kg, . Looking for a bit of feedback before I buy. Has anybody got one or know of its form. Thanks in advance.
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