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  1. Thanks for all the advice lads. Greatly appreciated. I think I might have found a good place to try it out. It's a secure camp site that has a fishing lake as well. Thanks again and I'm enjoying reading the other threads. Cheers.
  2. Unless I could take a tent that had central heating, mains electricity and running hot water, I wouldn't even get her out the front door. Even glamping would be to harsh.
  3. Brilliant. Thanks for the advice. I like the idea of testing it out in the garden (should've thought of that one) to condition myself to the noises. The wife will likely have a laugh as well.
  4. I'm located just outside Durham City (Co. Durham).
  5. I've not tried it yet as even though I have most of the kit I just haven't had the opportunity to get out for a full weekend. Things have changed a bit recently and I now find myself in a position where it's a real possibility. I think my main concern is over safety while fishing and for myself. I would be fishing alone. Thanks.
  6. I've been angling for the last 10 years and tried every style of angling that I've had the opportunity to with the exception of one. Overnight carping. I have most of the kit I would need (bivvy, barrow, cooking gear, etc) but have no camping experience or overnight fishing experience. Does anyone have any useful tips for a rookie wanting to get out and spend more than just a day fishing?
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