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  1. The missus got me a ridgemonkey bivvy light for xmas, well chuffed with it!
  2. I had two EVs and they was great until they got wet.
  3. Bread crumb, sweatcorn, luncheon meat, chick peas.....
  4. Cant go wrong with nash fang x and twister hooks proper sharp out of the packets and never let you down. Swiss file cut 4 is what i use to sharpen them. Ive got a eazi lap file i think its called aswell which is also good.
  5. https://www.hswalsh.com/product/swiss-4-precision-pillar-file-cut-4-tf1024 [emoji6]
  6. Hi guys, Is there anyway to guesstimate the rough age of a carp?
  7. Ive tied another hopefully this will be ok. I did 10 turns on the knotless knot then 2 turns back up the knot, not getting any movement when i pull on it now so fingers crossed this has sorted it. Thanks for the help lads [emoji106]
  8. Are you sure they wasnt liners that you was getting? What is the bottom of the lake bed like that you are fishing on? Maybe you can shorten the length of your rig so that the lead comes into play a bit quicker. I would only strip the coating back and inch or two after the hook as stripping bits along the length of the hooklink can cause tangles?
  9. Yep thats the one ill try and post a pic later, im using nash fang x hooks size 7
  10. No i dont blob it. I tie i whipping knot on the shank then pass the hooklink through the eye off the hook then tie the knotless knot.
  11. Thanks charlie i will try that [emoji106]
  12. Hi guys, The water im fishing is very clear and although i have been catching using braided hooklinks i thought id try flurocarbon. A couple of weeks back i tied up a d rig using fox illusion in 12lb and i got a take pretty quick but i lost the fish as the hooklink snapped at the knotless knot. So i got some more fox illusion in 16lb and again i got a quick bite but lost the fish because the hooklink snapped at the knotless knot again. Is there another way to tie the d rig without using a knotless knot?
  13. I normally roll over and go to sleep [emoji6]
  14. When the carp have finished spawning do they rest for a while or do they get straight back on the feed.
  15. I lost a couple of bolts off my trakker chair, i emailed them and they sent me a few of each free of charge, hopefully daiwa will do the same for you.
  16. Decided to go with the nash cube ruckall so i can do away with my carryall and use this for my short sessions and overnighters.
  17. Best Nash titan brolly Shimano bigpit baitrunners Nash fang x and twister hooks Worst Delkin ev alarms Korda stows Fox bait needle Ultima flurocarbon coated mainline
  18. Looks like the army stuff is the way to go, the one ss mentioned is a bargain,
  19. Ive just been looking at the nash ruckall, looks good. Anyone use one?
  20. Im looking for a rucksack as i am going to start doing some short sessions after work and iwant to keep my gear down to a minimum. Can anyone recommend a decent rucksack?
  21. Ive been having the same problem with my bird eating all the food, told her if she gets fat shes gone.... Oh sorry wrong thread. [emoji6]
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