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  1. i always use a multi rig for pop ups but i have heard of people using it with bottom baits, don't know if its as effective. i use a rig ring and tie the bait on with floss
  2. there are loads of great baits to choose from but i would monster tiger nut from dynamite
  3. i would go with either 2.75 or 3lb, depends on the rod
  4. i have various different types of baits i use from dynamites monster tiger nut to sticky's vortex because i will normally buy the bait i can get a good deal on, i think that it doesn't matter what boilie it is because the carp will take any type of boilies when its hungry
  5. if u loosen the clutch enough then the rods woudnt even move when u had a fish
  6. save up for the new nash scope black ops rds bivvy
  7. the nash dwarf one I've heard is quite good
  8. i had the same problem last night with a massive hailstorm that lasted the whole night plus wind and rain whilst i was packing away my gear this morning
  9. i will generally have the rod tips in the water and rods low to the ground because if the rod tips are in the water the line is closer to the lake bed (i fish with tight lines) which also makes it easier to land fish because its less likey that the fish will swim into the line.
  10. 17lb common i had at gunton over the weekend
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